As Anna Struggles with Her Guilt, Charlotte Pulls Through Surgery, and Dante Tells Sam His Suspicions

Tuesday, Nov 7, 2023: Today on General Hospital, Alexis and Gregory talk ethics, Sam and Drew discuss the kids, and Nina learns that Anna shot Charlotte.

Monday’s GH recap: Valentin discovered that Anna shot Charlotte as she was rushed to GH and Esme told Laura she’s moving out.

At Sonny’s penthouse, he finds Anna on the balcony. She keeps replaying shooting Charlotte. She can still hear the shot echoing.

sonny asks how anna is

After he makes her coffee, she asks why he with that as his legitimate business.

anna keeps thinking of shooting

He has a lot of contacts in South America.

Nina wanders in and asks if everything is alright. Anna shakes her head.

anna has bad news

She explains that she shot Charlotte by accident.

After Nina leaves, Anna tells Sonny about the shooting and how on edge she was. If she’d kept her bodyguard, this never would have happened.

He tells her not to blame herself.

anna tells sonny this is her fault

Sobbing, she says this is her fault.

She went in like it was a mission but shot without asking questions. It was like it was in slow motion and she was out of her body.

anna cries to sonny

He knows how she feels and reminds her he shot his own son point blank.

sonny tells anna about shooting dante

She’s sure that was awful. That’s when he learned Dante was his son and the shock was unbearable.

This is all a nightmare for her. She doesn’t know how to live with firing on an unarmed child.

anna can't forgive herself

He tells her that he prays for the strength to live with the things he’s done.

She’s a lapsed Anglican and hasn’t been in church in years. He assures her God always listens.

At General Hospital, Laura and Kevin are shocked when Valentin informs them that Anna shot Charlotte.

kevin and anna join valentin at gh

He doesn’t know what his daughter’s intentions were. He tried to intercept her but was too late.

Anna tried to explain what happened to him but he couldn’t hear her or understand.

valentin tells laura and kevin about shooting

He hasn’t been able to process anything. Laura urges him not to speculate.

valentin laura and kevin talk charlotte

Kevin and the mayor go off to look for information.

Valentin looks at Anna’s number on his phone.

Nina arrives and he runs over to embrace her. She won’t let him go through this alone.

valentin hugs nina

He blames himself for this. If he’d warned Anna this, wouldn’t have happened. He should have confronted his daughter too.

Nina tells him this isn’t his fault. They need to be positive and believe Charlotte will make it.

valentin weeps to nina

Kevin and Laura don’t find out much. He tells her that Charlotte’s physical recovery will be a lot easier than her emotional one.

kevin tells laura how hard recovery will be

She’ll never give up on her.

They go to Valentin and Nina and explain that Charlotte had a single shot in the abdomen.

Nina explains Anna is at the penthouse and in shock.

The surgeon comes out and Valentin asks if his daughter will make it.

valentin asks if charlotte will be okay

Nina calls Sonny to say Charlotte will make it. Anna is relieved.

sonny gets call about charlotte

Gregory arrives in Alexis’ office. She wants to talk journalistic ethics and asks if she’s obliged to report the shooting of a child.

gregory arrives at work

She doesn’t know the details but the people involved are her relatives.

She fills him in with what she knows and they wonder what Charlotte was doing in Anna’s apartment.

She says they need more facts before they can publish. He asks if she would say that if they weren’t relatives.

alexis debates publishing

She’s been struggling with that and thinks she has to publish while not naming names. He agrees.

The topic turns to his new doctor and the impossibility of putting a timeframe on how his ALS is progressing.

That means he needs to get a move on his bucket list. He asks if she’s still up for skydiving.

She asks him not to make her do that. He’ll let her off the hook.

gregory and alexis talk ethics

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At the PCPD, Jordan, Mac and Robert demand answers from Dante about the shooting.

dante cornered about anna

After the cop gives them his account, Robert and Jordan mull over what the legal consequences for Anna could be.

robert and dante talk legalities

They speculate on how this happened and how Charlotte got in.

Dante explains that Jake claimed Charlotte had a key she said was the key to getting everything she wanted.

dante faces questions

Robert has a good idea of who Anna was expecting to find in her apartment.

They ask him to elaborate. Robert has to be vague but explains Anna thought a former agent is stalking her.

robert shares what he knows

They thank the cop and send him out. The duty officer hands him CSI’s report on Charlotte’s backpack.

dante given file

Back in the interrogation room, Jordan points out that they all have connections to Anna and that could compromise the case.

jordan points out compromise

They may need to bring in an outside investigator.

Curtis is at the gym talking to Devon about how his friends have stuck by him when he pushed them away.

curtis talks optimism

Curtis wonders how he can always be so upbeat. His friend explains that he’s only seeing him after years of bitterness and resentment.

It took a lot of work to get beyond that.

curtis and friend at gym

Devon tells him they are in very different situations. It’s hard not to wallow but you have to focus on moving forward.

Curtis isn’t sure he knows how.

His friend tells him he needs to let his feelings out so his family can see who he is now.

devon gives drew advice

They discuss their families. Curtis decides to tell his wife the truth and start moving forward.

Sam is startled when Drew shows up on her doorstep. She can’t believe he’s out of prison.

anna welcomes drew back

They talk about the shooting and how guilty Danny felt about it. He’s just like his father, always wanting to save the world.

Rocco did not take the news about Charlotte well and Danny held back tears.

She’s already set up a therapist for them. Drew wants to help.

sam and drew talk shooting

They talk about his surprise release and the role Alexis played.

drew wants to help

Scout comes down and hugs her dad. he’s been thinking of her every day.

The plaque she gave him made him feel so much better and he will be at all her swim meets next year.

She offers him candy but her mom says it’s too early. Drew tells her to get dressed.

scout reunites with drew

After Drew and Scout go out, Dante arrives. He tells Sam how unbelievable the situation with Charlotte is.

dante returns to penthouse

She fills him in on how upset the kids are. They went to see friends.

None of this makes sense to him. He explains what they know.

dante can't understand

Dante explains that there was red spray paint in Charlotte’s backpack that matches the paint used on Anna’s door.

Scout and Drew go to see Alexis, who is shocked to see he’s free.

scout drew surprise alexis

She gives him a hug and he thanks her for the pivotal role she played in his release.

The smile he puts on her granddaughter’s face is all the thanks she needs.

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