Trina Dumps Spencer, Ned Remembers Everything, and Anna Slaps Valentin After He Confesses to Everything

Friday, Nov 10, 2023: Today on General Hospital, Blaze has dinner with Alexis and Kristina, Spencer vents about Esme taking Ace away, and Drew and Curtis catch up.

Thursday’s GH recap: Olivia swam to a drowning Ned’s rescue, Anna faced Valentin, and Cody joined Sasha for a photoshoot.

Ned is starting to drown when Olivia swims to him and tries to pull his foot loose from the net it’s stuck in.

olivia swims to ned

Eventually, she gets him free and pulls him to the surface.

She pulls him to shore and tries to revive him. As she gives him the kiss of life, he coughs up water.

olivia revives ned

Rolling over, he says she saved him. She would do anything for him.

He tells he’s not Eddie, he’s Ned.

ned remembers he's ned

“My Ned?” she asks. He explains his mind was rushing and then he was stuck and then she was there.

Ned says they’ve made. She’s found him. It was her in the song all along.

He may not be Eddie anymore but he can remember everything.

They roll around in the sand, kissing.

He takes her into the boat house to warm up. She wants to get him to a doctor but he just wants to be with her.

ned tells liv he remembers everything

Ned explains that things are fuzzy. He was on autopilot the whole time.

He starts listing facts so she knows he can remember. She’s been praying for him to come back.

“But you were willing to let Eddie stay,” he says.

olivia and ned reunited

She says he was fighting for him for every moment and insists she didn’t prefer Eddie.

He knows and loves her all the more for being so supportive.

They hug and he tells her he needed that space to escape from the complications in his life to a time when he was more free.

ned and olivia hug

She can understand all that and asks if he came back for Lois.

He says he only needed Lois to bully him into finding the siren. Liv is the one who pulled him back. Her voice is the only one that could bring him back.

ned tells liv she brought him back

As they head back to the house, he tells her that she saved his life.

She tells him they saved each other. That’s what love is.

ned and olivia head home

At the Metro Court, Alexis gets annoyed as she waits for Kristina. Blaze stops by her table and introduces her as a friend of Kristina.

blaze bumps into alexis

Alexis asks her to join her. As they gab, Kristina arrives.

Her mom suggests they all have dinner together.

kristina joins mom and blaze

The journalist almost immediately starts quizzing Blaze about abuse.

Blaze recounts all her troubles with Linc and they tell her that she was conditioned to accept his behavior.

alexis tells blaze she was conditioned

Kristina says all of this is catnip for her mom and Alexis starts suggesting a lawsuit. Kristina suggests a feature on sexual harassment in the music industry.

Blaze says what happened isn’t a secret and she wants to move forward. Kristine keeps pitching it as a chance for her to break the cycle for other people.

blaze in cycles

Alexis goes off to talk to someone and Kristina apologizes to Blaze for lecturing her about her own story.

Blaze finds her enthusiasm for justice infectious.

Curtis wheels in to meet with Drew. Curtis is sure it musty be nice to go to bed when he wants.

curtis and drew toast

Drew missed other things a lot more.

They apologize to each other for not being there for each other.

They toast to freedom and brotherhood.

drew and curtis toast to freedom

Curtis explains he’s learned that he can’t take anything for granted any more. The dynamics of his life are different.

curtis talks to drew about stuff

He tells Drew about Devon and his amazing outlook on life.

There are moments when he tries to be normal but then reality comes back at him.

Alexis joins them and they are all happy Drew is out thanks to her blackmailing a judge.

When the food is brought, she takes off. Curtis is glad just to hang out and they talk sports.

alexis leaves drew and curtis to eat

Alexis re-joins Blaze and Kristina. The singer agrees to do an interview. Kristina looks at her admiriningly.

kristina makes a pitch to blaze

Blaze leaves to make some calls and Alexis tells her daughter that Blaze clearly “likes” her.

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Joss, Dex, and Trina join Spencer in the hallway. His girlfriend notices something is wrong.

trina noitices spencer off

He tells her that, “Esme happened and this time she has my grandmother on her side.”

Joss and Dex step inside and Spencer explains Esme is moving out. “Finally!” Trina sighs.

That sets him off. He blows up at her, saying he’s worried about Ace.

trina happy esme moving out

Joss interrupts to demand to know what’s going on.

She brings them inside and lectures him for making noise.

dex joss and trina listen to spencer complain

He doesn’t care and is furious that Laura is supporting Esme and Trina is happy about it.

Trina thinks this will be healthy for him.

He thought she’d understand him losing a member of his family.

spencer losing his family

Dex understands this. It’s like getting a divorce.

dex gets spencer's position

Trina tells him Esme doesn’t have to share custody and reminds him he’s Ace’s brother.

She points out he can only be his father if he’s in a relationship with Esme.

He doesn’t love Esme but he loves his little brother. She says he can always be in his life.

Spencer refuses to abandon his brother. If she makes him choose between her and his brother, she won’t like the answer.

trina tells spencer what he will lose

“I’ll save you the trouble,” she says, stomping out.

Outside of Charlotte’s room at General Hospital, Anna tells Valentin there is something he needs to know. They walk off.

anna and valentin at gh

Laura arrives and Liz tells her that Charlotte’s vitals are good and she should make a full recovery.

They discuss how Jake has been handling this. Liz has never seen him so upset and confused.

laura asks about charlotte

The nurse can’t understand how Anna could have shot Charlotte either. This was obviously a terrible mistake.

liz is confused by what happened

Liz worries about the emotional scars this will leave on the children.

When Laura goes in to see her granddaughter, Charlotte starts to panic when she tells her that Valentin is alone with Anna.

laura visits charlotte

Laura assures her he’s not in any danger but she says Victor warned her about Anna being a double-agent. He told her that Anna was going to use her to trick her father.

Anna did a lot of bad things in the past and left Valentin to take the blame. She worried he could be sent to prison this time.

charlotte warns laura

Charlotte claims Anna shot her on purpose and wants to kill her papa. Laura promises it will all be okay.

Down the hall in the stairwell, Anna tells Valentin that this was all a terrible mistake. He understands and asks her not to do this to herself.

anna tries explaining herself to valentin

She asks how he knew to come to the apartment. He explains that the kids tipped him off on the direction she was headed.

Anna tells him about the stuff found in Charlotte’s bag. She’s figured out who is after her.

She’s sure it is Forsythe from the WSB.

Valentin says she doesn’t understand but she is sure it was Forsythe and he must be using Charlotte to get to her.

valentin tells anna she's not to blame

He tells her she’s wrong and admits his daughter has been stalking her for months and he’s been covering for her.

valentin tells anna she's wrong

He explains that he and Nina erased the surveillance of Charlotte going into her room.

Valentin thought that he was protecting his daughter after failing her so many times.

valentin confesses to anna

Livid Anna asks, “What about protecting me?”

anna thinks she had the right to know

He loves her but had to protect his daughter. He thought that moving her to a home and getting her to see Kevin would control this.

Losing it, she screams and slaps him.

anna slaps valentin

If he’d told her all of this, she never would have shot Charlotte.

Now she has to live with this and can never forgive him for it.

anna thinks she had the right to know

Anna rushes to Charlotte’s room. Laura won’t let her in, telling her that Charlotte is terrified of her and thinks she shot her on purpose.

laura bars anna's way

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