Days Spoilers Nov 6 – 10: Dimitri Crashes Into Nicole’s Car, and EJ’s on to Everett

Full list of spoilers Monday, Nov 6 to Friday, Nov 10, 2023.

Days of our Lives spoilers for the next two weeks — October 30 – Nov 3 spoilers.

What’s coming up on Days?

Melinda locates a baby for Sloan and Eric, Chad catches Stephanie with Everett, and Alex and Theresa scheme.

Have you seen the Days promo trailer for the rest of the season? We’ve broken it down and added a bit of commentary. It also includes a gallery of the cast from Day of Days!

Monday, Nov 6

Ava’s new job worries Harris.

Stefan discovers something that shocks him.

Li and Wendy fight.

Chad catches Stephanie with Everett.

Marlena, Roman and Brady celebrate.

Li is upset on days

Tuesday, Nov 7

Wendy is determined to get revenge.

Rafe wants answers from his sister.

EJ celebrates his wedding night.

Paulina has a sneaky move to make.

gabi and stefan before everertt comes along

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More Days spoilers into November

Wednesday, Nov 8

Days of Our Lives celebrates its 58th anniversary.

It’s John and Marlena’s wedding anniversary.

Maggie recalls her life with Victor.

The custody battle between Sarah and Xander gets more intense.

Alex and Theresa scheme.

maggie in the hospital with sarah

A little something extra!

John and Marlena were married six times (so far?). The last time was November 8, 2018. Here are those vows:

Marlena: I love you so much. You are my life. You are my love. You are my commandant. Every time you call me Doc it reminds me how much you understand the work that I do. I’ve been doing this a very long time. I’ve seen a lot of relationships. A lot of love stories. And the one thing that I never really clearly understood was what makes people fall in love with each other. I mean, love is mysterious, unpredictable. People fall in love and they do things. Sometimes good, sometimes bad they would never normally do. You see love doesn’t have any patterns. It doesn’t have any rules. It really is just a leap of faith. Maybe they call it that because we’re never sure somebody is going to be there to catch us and yet we leap. It is such a show of courage and bravery. I fall for you every single day. I know sometimes you make me a little crazy but there is no one else I would rather be crazy about and crazy with. So I vow to you today to be with you on this crazy adventure called love. For every day until I die.

John: She did it again. Sweetheart, you just stopped my heart when I saw you standing there at the aisle. And then you took my breath away when you started walking towards me. The final steps of this incredible journey that’s lead up til this moment we promise ourselves to each other. You know it just hit me again how lucky I am to have you in my life. It’s taken us too long to get back here and that’s been bothering me. I hope you know that you’re always on my mind and my heart is always here with you. No matter how far away I am the place I want to be is right here by your side. Sweetheart, I want you to know that sometimes I have been so damned wrapped up in my work that I cause you to believe I’m not thinking of you. Well, those days are over. From now on I am going to spend the rest of our lives telling you baby you’re stuck with me and you better get used to it. Because what we said before about love you can’t explain. It just is. And in this crazy world that we live in now we are so damned lucky to have found our one of a kind, crazy love. Personally I’d like to see the world settle down because God knows you and I have shared enough of that crazy but no matter what lies ahead of us I will always be mad about you. That’s a fact.

John and marlena kiss wedding Nov 8, 2018
NBC Universal Inc.

Thursday, Nov 9

Rafe shares news of Gabi’s fate.

Wendy’s is put to the test.

Dimitri has to deal with his guilt.

dimitri has to make a marriage work

Friday, Nov 10

In today’s episode of Days of our lives, Nicole, Dimitri and Leo wind up in a crash.

Days comings and goings have Martha Madison exiting the show. 

Jada turns her eyes on Leo and Dimitri. She wants to arrest them.

Stephanie sets some ground rules with Everett.

Chad wonders if he should get dirty.

ej is on to everett

Melinda locates a baby for Sloan and Eric.

ej and sloan getting baby boy

EJ assumes Stephanie and Chad resolved their issues. 

Everett is told that Steph loves Chad.

Everett needs Steph’s help. If he loses his job, he won’t be able to pay medical bills.

everett wants stephanie's help

Chad tells EJ about Everett’s story and he’s immediately suspicious. He thinks Everett’s trying to claim Stephanie and push Chad out. If Chad buys The Spectator he can fire him and he’ll have to leave Salem.

Roman tells Eric that it’s better he and Nicole are still friends. 

Eric runs into Nicole and shares the news that they’re getting a baby boy.

erci and nicole talk babies

Dimitri gets Jada’s gun and demands her keys. He wants to kill her but Leo convinces him to just knock her out.

jada worries she is dead

Leo gets a text from Rolf warning the “sub cannot remain submerged much longer.” They have to go. They race off in the car.

dimitri drives fast and hits nicole

Nicole gets in her car and EJ calls. She’s talking to him as and Dimitri loses control and smashes into her.

nicole car crash

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