Eddie Jumps Off the Deep End, Drew Tells Michael and Carly to Drop the SEC Question, and Sonny Tells Ava She’s Been Played by Austin

Wednesday, Nov 8, 2023: Today on General Hospital, Lois tells Ned to find the siren, Maxie and BLQ make up, and Tracy leaves to settle Luke’s affairs.

Tuesday’s GH recap: Anna struggled with her guilt, Charlotte pulled through surgery, and Dante told Sam his suspicions.

BLQ arrives at the Crimson office, startled to see Sasha there. Maxie makes it clear BLQ isn’t welcome.

sasha and maxie at crimson

BLQ makes it clear she’s not planning to come back. She and Maxie bicker about Tracy until Sasha points out it’s pointless.

sasha and blq chat

Sasha tells them they clearly miss each other and reminds them of how important friendship is.

It makes her sad to see them toss away a friendship they need. The ladies cave and admit they miss each other.

sasha pushes blq and maxie back together

BLQ asks after Georgie and the shooting. Maxie says her daughter is in shock and at grief counseling with Spinelli.

They hold hands.

blq worries about georgie

After BLQ takes off, Sasha tells Maxie how well she’s handling the situation with her daughter.

Suddenly, Maxie gets a call and enthusiastically agrees to a photographer. She immediately has second thoughts but Sasha tells her to go for it.

maxie is interested

Sasha wonders if she doesn’t think she’s up to it. Maxie reminds her she’s been through a hideous ordeal and she doesn’t want to throw her into the deep end.

Sasha needs to test herself and asks for her trust. Maxie thanks her and then runs off to start pulling things together.

Yuri takes Tracy’s bags out of the Quartermaine estate as Olivia arrives.

yuri takes out tracy's bags

Distracted Tracy says she has to take care of something she should have dealt with a while ago.

Olivia says she’ll miss Lois’ going away party. Tracy will miss seeing the back of her… but she has to go to Ameterdam.

Bobbie is going to help her sort out Luke’s affairs.

olivia tells tracy lois leaving

Olivia says the house will be quiet after she and Lois go, Tracy hopes she will take the time to knock Eddie out of his fantasy.

olivia and tracy argue about ned

It’s depressing to have Eddie lolling around all day. He needs to talk to someone.

Liv reminds her of how in his element he was at his concert. They need to let this unfold naturally.

Tracy doesn’t think they can wait for message from the Cheshire Cat and urges her not to trust Lois.

tracy warns olivia about lois

Olivia refuses to listen and runs off.

BLQ arrives. Her grannie tells her she’s going out of town. BLQ is snarky until Tracy tells her why.

blq rolls eyes at tracy

While Tracy is gone, she suggests that BLQ reconsider her offer. BLQ remains insistent on focussing on music.

Lois watches Eddie trying to come up with lyrics for his song.

She tells him he’s obsessed, moping around and playing the song over and over.

lois watches ned

He can’t take a break and needs to finish it.

She recalls when he had to come up with a B-side and it was a hit. She points out he doesn’t seem crazy about recalling anything else about Eddie.

lois reminds ned of his past

Lois pushes him to ditch the song and move on but he insists he has to follow through.

She asks him to figure out where he wants to go.

lois uses logic on ned

Throwing his lyric sheet in the fire, she tells him to write with what he knows. He’s afraid he’ll never find the character in the song.

She tells him to find the siren’s voice and follow it. He needs to dive in, take a leap of faith.

lois asks ned if he's curious

Inspired by this, Eddie runs off to the boat house.

ned put on spot

Lois calls her mom and complains about how nothing changes with the Quartermaines.

Olivia shows up and they laugh about Gloria. Lois tells her that Eddie is lost in the song but she thinks his old self is struggling to come out.

olivia interrupts lois

She suggests that giving him space was the right idea.

Liv worries that someone could be slipping into that space.

liv asks if lois is slipping in

Lois says she’s not slipping into anything with her husband.

She’s just there to set something straight.

Liv accuses her of sounding like Tracy.

Lois thinks Eddie needs a friendly space because he’s spinning out about his stupid song.

lois grabbing liv

She urges her to go and see him in the boathouse.

Lois walks out and tells BLQ not to turn down Tracy’s offer.

Tracy is impressed that someone whose brain has been damaged by nail polish fumes gets it.

lois joins tracy blq

Tracy and Lois start insult each other until Yuri arrives to declare the car is ready. BLQ gives her a hug and Tracy exits.

blq tracy lois argue

At the boathouse, Eddie continues trying to sing his song.

ned at boat house

Thinking of Lois telling him to take a leap of faith, he kicks off his shoes and jumps in the water.

ned jumps

Olivia comes down and spots his shoes.

She calls for him but there’s no response.

olivia looks for ned

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At Aurora, Michael is making business calls when Carly and Drew surprise him.

drew carly surprise michael

They talk about Scout and pancakes.

Michael thinks it’s great to have him back.

Drew kept going in Pentonville because he knew Carly was fighting for him. Now they have time to make up for.

carly and michael listen to drew

She’s determined to find out who turned them in and why.

He’s sure it was Eddie. She points out he still has no memory.

carly tells drew she wants to know who

He doesn’t see any point in adding to his troubles then.

drew and carly talk who turned them in

Michael hints it might not have been Eddie.

They are confused.

He suggests Drew could have just been collateral damage.

michael asks who did it

Drew repeats they should leave it alone and move on.

Carly caves and hugs him while staring over at Michael.

Chase catches up with Austin at General Hospital to ask about Mason.

The cop asks why his cousin would abduct Ava.

chase asks austin about mason

Austin claims ignorance.

He only tolerates his cousin out of family loyalty.

The doctor tells him if he has any more questions, he needs to go through his lawyer.

austin asked about mason

Chase drops by Mason’s room with some questions.

Austin watches them through the window.

chase questions mason again

Mason tells the cop to get the DA so they can cut a deal.

He won’t say anything until then. Chase walks off.

Austin bursts in and demands to know what he told the cop.

Mason is waiting for a deal.

mason in hospital

The doctor suggests he turn on Cyrus but Mason won’t.

Chase returns and watches them through the window.

chase sees mason with austin

Ava arrives at the penthouse, asking Sonny if there is news about Nikolas.

He tells her she’s in bed with the enemy and doesn’t even know it.

sonny annoyed with ava

She assumes he’s talking about Austin and insists they aren’t romantically involved.

He accuses her of being blind to the doctor’s role in her abduction.

sonny asks ava about austin

Ava says Mason was following orders from his boss.

He explains that Cyrus is his boss.

sonny tells ava that cyrus is austin's boss

She’s sure Austin has been protecting her and admits he hasn’t said anything about being in Renault’s pocket.

Sonny is sure his first loyalty is to his boss.

Ava tells him about all that happened with Mason, Austin, and Nikolas’ body.

But if Nikolas is alive, Mason has been lying the whole time.

She flashes back to the doctor telling her that he had no idea the prince was alive.

She guesses he was lying too.

Sonny reminds her she’s smarter than this. It’s time to admit she’s been played.

ava realizes she was played

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