GH Recap: Olivia Swims to a Drowning Ned’s Rescue, Anna Faces Valentin, and Cody Joins Sasha for a Photoshoot

Thursday, Nov 9, 2023: Today on General Hospital, Charlotte wakes up in hospital, BLQ will miss Lois after learning she’s leaving, and Spencer fumes about Esme’s plans to move out.

Wednesday’s GH recap: Eddie jumped off the deep end, Drew told Michael and Carly to drop the SEC question, and Sonny told Ava she’s been played by Austin.

By the Quartermaine boathouse, Ned dives into the water. Olivia jogs over and spots his jacket and shoes.

olivia finds ned's jacket

She screams for him and then throws down her coat and dives in.

olivia in water

Ned swims, sticking his head above water and then diving down again.

ned swimming

He gets stuck on something and starts having flashbacks.

He spots Olivia swimming to him.

She struggles to get him loose.

olivia frees ned

In the house, Lois tells BLQ that she’s leaving town now that her daughter is fine. BLQ likes having her in her hair.

blq and lois in kitchen

Lois will always be there when she needs her. BLQ may not be in crisis but needs her.

This whole Eddie thing is weird. Her mom tells her that Eddie has been a huge part of their lives.

lois talks eddie

She tells her daughter stories and BLQ thinks her mom is amazing. Lois just likes to drive ahead.

She warns her daughter that the music business is dangerous but BLQ is confident that she has a chance to build something.

blq needs her mom

Her mom reminds her that Deception would be an easier road. BLQ says there are too many bad memories there.

Lois suggests she just hand the company back to her friends to stick it to Tracy.

BLQ says Chase suggested the same thing but she’s sure Tracy would make it impossible since she’s president of the board.

lois tells blq to take deception

Lois encourages her to do it from the inside. BLQ feels bad about doing this with what Tracy is going through but her mom says she’s a snake.

Lois decides to stick around a little longer to help her de-fang Tracy.

lois decides to stay

Salvador the photographer joins Maxie at the photo studio. He refuses to work with Sasha because she’s a druggie.

salvador and maxie on set

Maxie tries assuring him she won’t be a problem and Sasha won’t let him down.

He’d rather hear that from Sasha herself as she arrives.

sasha arrives at shoot

Maxie tells the photographer is all about renewal. They are waiting for an alpaca since the one the cast is sick.

maxie and salvador talk ideas

He starts taking photos of Sasha as she models on the little set.

sasha photographed

Cody arrives with an alpaca and watches with Maxie. He’s mesmerized.

When there’s a break, he takes the alpaca over to her. When she and Cody pet it, Salvador starts photographing the three of them.

cody sasha photographed with alpaca

Maxie is perplexed but Salvador thinks this is perfect and tells Sasha to teach the alpaca life.

sasha modeling

Maxie decides this is perfect.

maxie thinks this is perfect

Stella and Felicia get coffee and she orders her to tell her about why she’s so jittery.

felicia tells stella about shooting

Felicia explains her bestfriend shot a young girl and it’s her fault. She recaps what happened.

It was Felicia’s idea that Anna move into that apartment.

felicia tells stella about shooting

Stella assures her it’s none of her fault and her heart was in the right place.

She tells her to take tomorrow off but Felicia needs to keep busy.

stella tells felicia this isn't her fault

They chat about Curtis and how he will never dance again.

When Stella admits she’s staying away from London because of a man she met there. She recounts how they met and he took her all over the city. It was magical.

When he proposed, she turned him down because she couldn’t leave her family behind.

stella tells felicia about george

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At the Metro Court, Laura tells Nikolas that Charlotte was shot by Anna.

laura fills spencer in

She doesn’t have many details but Charlotte is supposed to make a full recovery.

spencer hears charlotte shot

They sit and she brings up his father. He tells her he doesn’t have it in him to forgive him. He’s channeling all his energy into Ace.

spencer and laura talk at mc

Esme rushes in with exciting news. She’s found the perfect place.

esme excited about apartment

He tells her to cancel seeing it because she’s not taking Ace anywhere. He’s appalled when Laura agrees to co-sign the lease if it’s safe.

Spencer thought her plans to move out were in the past. She reminds him she’s Ace’s mother and they are ready for this.

spencer rejects moving

She walks off.

Spencer wonders how his grandma could do this. Laura tells him that Esme is just creating a home for her son.

She reminds him that he can’t commit himself to Esme and it’s best that they make this change before Ace is older.

laura argues with spencer about ace

Spencer insists his brother needs to stay with him.

At the penthouse, Sonny stops Anna from running off to see Valentin, telling her that’s the last thing she should do.

sonny tells anna to wait

She can’t hide out there. He doubts this is the right time to face a father whose daughter she shot.

Dante shows up. Anna assumes she’s being arrested but he’s just there as a friend.

dante gets anna

He asks how she thinks Charlotte got in. Anna is adamant the door was locked. That’s why she pulled her gun.

When he mentions the key that was found in Charlotte’s bag, she says it’s the one Maxie gave her that went missing.

dante asks anna about keys

The cop adds she also had spray paint that matches that used on her door. Sonny says there’s a lot of paint in the world and it could just be for graffiti.

Anna thinks that her old enemy at the WSB could be using Charlotte to get to her. She runs off.

Sonny says none of this makes sense. Dante says the evidence points at Charlotte and she hasn’t been an angel.

dante thinks it's far-fetched

Charlotte wakes up in a hospital room. Valentin and Nina are there and he tells her how strong she is.

charlotte waking up

Charlotte is happy to see them together. Her stomach hurts. Nina gives her some ice chips.

nina and valentin at charlotte's side

Charlotte recalls getting shot by Anna. Nina tells her it was all a mistake.

Valentin asks his daughter why she changed her costume and went to Anna’s.

charlottte asks what anna told dad

Nina says they should let her rest but Charlotte thinks her father needs to know.

She claims she changed her costume because her papa doesn’t like tarot cards. She found Anna’s key and was just bringing it back.

She was about to leave a note when she was shot.

Valentin assures his daughter he will always love her no matter what. They leave her to rest.

valentin listens to charlotte

In the hall, he tells Nina his daughter is lying. She tells him to focus on her being alive right now.

valentin tells nina charlotte lied

After she leaves, Anna arrives.

anna faces valentin

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