GH Recap: Trina Feels she and Spencer are Doomed to Fail, Dante Interrogates Austin — & Finn and GH are Being Sued for Malpractice

Tuesday, Nov 14, 2023: Today on General Hospital, Sonny’s shocked that Nina offered to sell Carly back Metro Court, Finn’s upset to learn he’s being sued, Cyrus tells Mason to lie for Austin’s sake, and Dante is on to Austin.

Monday’s GH recap: Ned Remembers Trying to Expose Nina, Drew Wants to Take Over ELQ and Nina Offers to Sell Carly Back Metro Court.

Liz and Finn run into each other on the elevator. She tells him about the budget cuts she has to get through and hopes it’s not as bad as last year.

They get off on another floor where Portia calls Finn in on a consult with Dr Randall.

They head into her office and is told that GH and Finn are being sued for malpractice. The patient died and his wife is filing the suit. Dennis Muldoon is his name.

liz talks about paperwork gh recaps

They need all of his notes but he can practice with restrictions. He’ll need second opinions with potentially fatal cases.

He’ll be required to do weekly drug testing because of his past substance abuse.

Finn understands. They agree he should find a lawyer, immediately. He leaves, clearly upset.

The doctors hope that Finn’s able to get out of this unscathed. They need him.

terry worries about finn

At Sonny’s place, Sonny’s shocked when Carly tells him that Nina’s offering to sell her half of Metro Court.

She claimed she was busy and Sonny agrees they’ve got a lot going on.

Carly’s suspicious and plans on finding out what’s up with Nina. Sonny brushes it off.

She probably wants to spend more time with Wiley.

carly surprised sonny didn't know nina wants to sell metro court gh recaps

Carly asks if Crimson’s losing money. He doesn’t know but money’s not an issue for Nina. If Carly accepted the offer, where would she get the money?

She’s not sure she wants both Metro Court and Kelly’s and admits Kelly’s is a better fit. That surprises Sonny.

Her mom is still in Amsterdam and is relying on her.

Sonny offers money to buy back Metro Court and she refuses before the words are out of his mouth. 

At his new place, Valentin tells Nina that Laura’s on the way.

Charlotte thinks Anna shot her intentionally.

Nina’s stunned and denies that. Laura appears and Valentin assures that Nina knows everything.

valentin tells nina about charlotte's accusations gh recaps

Laura says she spoke with Charlotte and even more suspects Victor who visited Charlotte at school several times and had really long conversations.

She seems obsessed with protecting Valentin from Anna.

Valentin wishes he hadn’t let her go to boarding school.

laura tells valentin that charlotte's been listening to victor

Laura tells him about the letter he wrote Charlotte and he dashes off to his daughter’s room to do a search.

He finds the Tarot cards and the letter from his father and takes them to Laura and Nina.

Laura reads it and they’re rocked that Charlotte was weaponized. “Sick bastard,” Nina snipes. Valentin thinks he found the perfect revenge. 

valentin reads victor's letter to charlotte

Spencer drops by to see Esme at work.

She thinks anything they discuss can take place at home. He smilies.

She thinks of Laura’s as home. She covers.

He doesn’t understand why she’d elect to be on her own when she has the three of them.

Esme says they can all still care for Ace but she and her son need to get away from Spencer.

Spencer’s face falls. She tells him that eventually he is going to want to commit to someone and he can’t do that if he commits to her and Ace.

spencer asks why esme pushimg him away gh recaps

He seems to think he can and that they don’t need to be in a romantic relationship for him to commit to her and Ace.

Spencer doesn’t like that so she sarcastically tells him to get a house for the four of them.

Her, Ace, him and Trina. See how Trina likes that. Spencer accuses her of only wanting to move on with another guy and she says it’s true. She has a right to move on. She storms off and he calls someone for help. 

esme tells spencer not to committ to them.

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Trina wanders into the gallery to tell Ava about the big fight with Spencer, how he gave her an ultimatum and she walked out.

It was about his relationship with Esme and Ace. Ava’s proud Trina spoke out.

She’s been a saint not to have railed on him before.

Ava is sure Spencer wants to be certain that Ace isn’t short-changed the way he was, being Nikolas’ son and since his father’s nowhere to be found, it makes sense why he’s doubling down.

ava learns about the big fight gh recap

Trina tells her about Esme wanting to move out on her own and how happy Trina was. Spencer wasn’t happy to hear that.

He told her not to make him choose between Ace and Esme and her or she wouldn’t like the choice.

Trina feels they’re doomed to fail and asks what to do.

Ava laughs that Trina’s asking her of all people.

trina upset break up spencer

Spencer calls and she ignores him, not wanting to argue or give in to his ultimatum.

She loves him though so Ava suggests she talk to him the way she talked to her today and then listen to him and be respectful of his feelings.

Trina hugs her friend, thankful.

trina hugs ava gh recaps

Back at GH, Dante visits Austin in his office to discuss Mason. Austin says they’re not close but he likes to delude himself.

Dante mentions him treating people that Mason requested in the ER. Austin claims he doesn’t know what that means.

Friends and coworkers, maybe when they commit crimes. “That would make you an accessory after the fact.”

austin with dante

He says there is footage and sworn affidavits that swear they saw him with Mason and his friends and it’s going to be easier to prove he worked with Mason in the attempted kidnapping of Ava Jerome.

“No, I’m the one who saved her,” Austin says. He claims not to know whose idea it was for Mason to kidnap Ava and Dante asks if he did it.

“No,” Austin says so Dante tells him to come up with the name of the person responsible and maybe he can save himself.

dante warns austin to come clean

Mason tries to get out of his restraints in his room before Cyrus is let in.

He wants to show Mason the path to his redemption.

Mason thinks listing his crimes would take a while but that’s not what Cyrus means.

cyrus talks redemption gh recaps

He wants him to lie that he worked alone.

When Austin balks, Cyrus threatens him and then reminds him that the last time he visited him, he reminded him that he’ll feel more pain than he ever does if he crosses him. Mason goes pale.

Cyrus calls Austin a respected doctor and they need his services from time to time.

Mason resents “college boy” but Cyrus says he’ll get what he wants when the time comes.

Meanwhile, Mason will lead a comfortable life in Pentonville and could leave early as long as he does what he’s told. 


cyrus gets in mason's face gh recaps

Liz finds Finn by the hub and he tells her about the malpractice suit. They believe he’s negligent for not diagnosing his cancer in time.

He had a tapeworm and traveled extensively in third-world countries. The anomalies were consistent with tapeworm.

He sent him home with treatment and further testing and he felt great so didn’t come in for two months.

Finn expanded the scope of treatment and then found the cancer. “He didn’t see it coming. Neither of us did.”

It was too late to start treatment and he didn’t leave the hospital again. Liz supports him and offers to help clear his name. He feels lucky to have her.

finn malpractice suit general hospital recaps

Austin picks up a note for himself at the hub that reads, “Don’t be foolish. It can be deadly.”

He looks up and sees Cyrus winking at him.

cyrus threatens austin with a note on general hospital soapsspoilers


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