GH Recap: Austin is Shot After Trying to Make a Deal for Immunity, and Spencer and Trina Have to Make a Choice About Their Future

Friday, Nov 17, 2023: Today on General Hospital, Nina tells Sonny about selling the hotel, Willow urges Michael to help Carly buy the Metro Court, and Jordan and Laura are skeptical about Cyrus.

Thursday’s GH recap: Molly broke down, hearing of the miscarriage, Ava lashed out at apologetic Austin, and Anna realized documents were missing.

Jordan stops by Laura’s office and they talk about work issues that came up while the mayor was gone.

jordan stops by laura's office

Laura asks if she’d like her position as deputy mayor to be permanent. She thanks her for all her hard work.

Jordan asks about her family and the mayor says it will take awhile for them to figure out what’s going on with Charlotte.

Jordan is reluctant to stay on in her position.

laura asks jordan to stay on

Cyrus shows up, asking if the mayor has a moment for her brother.

cyrus stops by laura's office

He announces he got work washing dishes at The Grill. He used to be a cook and the owner gives ex-cons employment.

cyrus has a new job

His sister congratulates him but adds she’s busy.

After he exits, Jordan says she doesn’t believe a word he said. Laura isn’t sure.

jordan tells laura she doesn't believe it

She thinks her brother may be old and tired but Jordan is sure that Cyrus only lives for power.

laura tells jordan cyrus may have changed

Jordan refuses to obsess over him and agrees to accept the position of deputy mayor. Laura is sure they will be able to do good things.

Felicia runs into Robert at General Hospital. They talk about Anna.

felicia bumps into robert

Neither of them have talked to her in person since the shooting. He feels like she’s hiding.

She suggests Anna could be worried about him prosecuting her. He’ll look bad if he doesn’t.

Felicia tells him Anna needs to find her own way to deal with what she did.

felicia chats with robert at gh

He hopes this has nothing to do with Valentin. He doesn’t trust him and always warned her this relationship would end in disaster.

robert checks in on felicia

Spencer arrives at the dorm and is amazed when Joss shows him how his gifts have crowded the room. The flowers can be smelled down the hall but Trina isn’t there to see them.

spencer and joss with flowers

He asks how mad Trina is. Joss says he may have ended the relationship by making an ultimatum.

He knows he lost his temper. She asks if he would rather be with Trina or his brother.

joss asks what spencer wants

Spencer doesn’t know. He loves Trina and never wants to hurt her or give her up… but she’s an adult and Ace is a baby.

He’s not convinced Esme can give Ace the support he’s going to need on her own. Isn’t what a baby needs more important?

spencer talks ace

She asks him to think about what that looks like. Will he go home to Esme and Ace every night? Would that be fair to anyone?

The longer he stays in a pseudo-family, the more it will hurt when it blows up. She doesn’t think that’s fair to anyone.

He refuses to bow out of his brother’s life. She accuses him of being childish. He can’t have everything he wants.

Trina bursts into the house as Marshall and Curtis discuss dinner. They wonder what’s wrong. She doesn’t want to talk.

marshall and curtis ready for dinner

They tell her to sit down so they can help iron it out.

She knows how they feel about Spencer so she will deal with it herself.

They offer to be neutral so she tells them about the ultimatum and complains about him blowing up her phone with texts.

Curtis urges her to talk to Spencer. But first she needs to figure out what she wants.

curtis and marshall offer to be neutral

She makes it clear she doesn’t want to break up with Spencer but doesn’t want him sharing a home with Esme and Ace.

Curtis can’t blame Spencer for wanting to play a role in his brother’s life.

marshall asks trina what she wants

That sets Trina off and she starts railing about Esme. She’s reached her limit at being patient.

trina at the end of her tether

Marshall starts talking about cornbread and Irene, his first love. He thought she would be his only love until he met Epiphany.

They asks if Spencer is the only boy she’s loved. She admits that she fell for Cam earlier but that was different and Spencer is the real deal.

trina listens to curtis

She thought he would be her future but she might be wrong.

They discuss primary relationships vs family. Is Spencer her first priority?

marshall and curtis have advice for trina

She doesn’t like the sound of that and feels like her education and career should be her first priority.

They are proud of her for pursuing her dreams but Curtis asks who she texts first and last every day.

She admits that’s Spencer. He asks if it’s the same for him.

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Willow and Michael drop by Kelly’s to see Carly. She informs them that Nina offered to sell back half of the Metro Court.

michael and willow visit carly

He flashes back to threatening Nina and ordering her to do this. He acts surprised.

She recaps Nina making the offer and Willow says it’s the perfect way to heal their family.

carly smirks at michael

Willow complains about how everything that happened to Carly and Drew was wrong. With her hotel back, the scale will be balanced.

Carly doesn’t know how to pay for it. Willow tells her husband that’s where he comes in.

Michael would be happy to help but his mom turns him down but he wants to do this for her.

michael offers mom money

Carly thanks them for caring. She appreciates Nina’s offer but she can’t accept it. It won’t feel like her hotel if she doesn’t get it back on her own.

Sonny drops by the Metro Court and asks Nina why she’s decided to sell her half of the hotel back to Carly.

nina and sonny talk mc

She reminds him he urged her to let go of it. He says that was months ago and the hotel is doing great.

He wonders why she’s rocking the boat. Nina’s trying to make friends rather than enemies.

nina and sonny talk family

The mobster couldn’t agree more. She says they need to leave the past in the past.

When she insists this is a business transaction and has nothing to do with him, he tells her she can’t be that naïve.

sonny tells nina it could affect family

He says he’s involved. They are all tied for life.

She asks if he advised Carly to take her offer. He hopes she does because that would mean they can stop rehashing the past. But he thinks she likes being at Kelly’s.

sonny tells nina it affects them all

Sonny appreciates her being the bigger person and trying to make peace.

Dante goes to the PCPD to see Dante. “I’m here to give you what you want,” the doctor announces.

autsin wants anonymity

He asks for anonymity. The cop can’t give him that but maybe they can give him some leniency.

dante can't make promises

Turing off the recorder, Austin says he will give them the name of Mason’s boss if he can have a deal that guarantees him he won’t be prosecuted. If his boss finds out he’s there, he’s a dead man.

dante won't make deal with austin

The cop says they need some kind of evidence. Austin can do that.

If he does, the detective will try to get him a deal.

Austin knows he doesn’t like him but thanks him for giving him the chance to do the right thing.

austin goes to cops

After the doctor leaves, Robert arrives and Dante informs him that Austin came looking for a deal.

dante tells robert about austin offer

The doctor went to get some evidence and will hand it over if they give him immunity.

He thinks they should make a deal and Robert says they couldn’t make a case against him anyway.

dante tells robert they should make a deal

Austin arrives at the cabin. Someone is there. “What are you doing?” he asks.

austin surprised

There are two gunshots.

Someone walks out, leaving Austin bloody on the floor.

austin shot

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