Ned Remembers Trying to Expose Nina, Drew Wants to Take Over ELQ and Nina Offers to Sell Carly Back Metro Court

Monday, Nov 13, 2023: Today on General Hospital, Nina confront Martin, Lois and BLQ wonder how to transition Blaze’s style, and Anna tells Dante and Jordan Charlotte has been stalking her.

Friday’s GH recap: Trina dumped Spencer, Ned remembered everything, and Anna slapped Valentin after he confessed to everything.

Ned wakes up in bed with Olivia. She’s been watching him sleep and double-checks he’s still Ned.

ned and olivia in bed

They have sex and he says, “I’m back baby.”

He wishes he could spend all day in bed with her. They make out but both have mountains of work to do.

ned and olivia had sex

When she mentions the roof of the Metro Court, he flashes back to eavesdropping on Martin and Nina.

He tells Liv he remembered something important. It was Nina who got Martin to expose Carly and Drew to the SEC.

He confronted her and ran off to tell Tracy and Drew. That’s when he slipped.

ned tells olivia he remembers

Olivia tells him he can’t expose her. Sonny and Nina just got married and everyone is getting along.

She asks him to forget he remembered. Nina getting away with this would be better than warfare.

olivia suggests ned stay quiet

He wants to clear his name and refuses to drop this. But he will hold off for now.

At some point, he will clear his name and expose Nina.

In the kitchen, BLQ and Lois have coffee. BLQ asks her mom to help her strategize for Blaze. She wants to transition into other music styles.

blq and lois at breakfast

Lois is surprised that Blaze wants to go country. Yuri suggests they let her lean into that.

He’s been enjoying the country music and explains why songs about inanimate objects are so moving.

yuri talks about country music

They go through songs and BLQ is surprised there is one by Blaze about not being able to confess her love.

When Ned and Olivia come down, Yuri immediately realizes he’s no longer Eddie.

yuri notices ned is not eddie

Lois and BLQ hug him and he apologizes for all he put everyone through. He tells his daughter how proud he is of her.

ned apologizes to blq

They ask how he got better. Did Liv hit him with a lasagna?

He explains he had a near death experience. That’s when he realized the siren was Olivia. She dove in and saved him.

ned is back

At the gatehouse, Willow and Michael get Wiley ready for school. He wants to see Nina.

michael willow get wiley ready

They send him up to grab his stuff. She’s sure Michael hates this situation.

His opinion of Nina hasn’t changed but Wiley doesn’t need to see it. His wife hopes he can see her mother could change.

He says she’s wrong.

willow is sure michael hates this

She knows that Nina can be vindictive but she thinks she’s learned. Wiley returns and his mom takes him out.

willow and michael debate nina

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Nina stops by Kelly’s to grab some breakfast. They talk about Anna shooting Charlotte. She’s expected to have a full recovery.

nina and carly talk charlotte

Carly would like to help any way she can.

Drew arrives and asks Carly to have breakfast. He savors some coffee and asks what’s going on.

drew surprises carly

She can’t stop thinking about Charlotte. He wonders how Anna is handling this and if he should see her.

This all reminds him of how lucky they are.

carly and drew talk anna

Martin walks in, spots Nina, and marches out.

She chases him outside and asks why she shouldn’t have him disbarred for violating attorney-client privilege.

nina chases martin down

She accuses him of avoiding her for weeks and explains she heard the recording Michael made of him exposing her. He promised to protect her and she could lose everything.

He says she’s already lost and Michael already had a source at the SEC. Michael has painted a bullseye on her back.

nina confronts martin

She says Michael is blackmailing her. the lawyer urges her to call his bluff and throw herself on Carly and Drew’s mercy.

She’s worried about Willow. This could ruin things and that would destroy her.

nina tells martin she's being blackmailed

After he walks off, Carly comes out with her order and notices how spooked she looks.

Nina explains that what she and Martin were discussing concerns her. She says that she’s too busy to run the Metro Court.

carly hands nina bag

When she suggests they discuss her buying back her half of the hotel, Willow runs over and babbles about Wiley.

nina asks carly to buy back metro court

They fill her in on what they’re discussing and Willow says she’s sure Michael would be happy to help make this happen.

Drew stops by the Aurora office. He’s been impressed by how Michael has looked after the company.

drew returns to work

Drew wants them to take over ELQ. The gates are wide open while Ned thinks he’s Eddie.

This time there will be no insider trading and they will keep it all a secret.

drew wants to go after elq

At General Hospital, Liz tells Charlotte her father was there all night. She helps her walk down the hallway.

liz helps charlotte walk

Jake shows up with flowers.

jake srops by gh

They return to her room and Charlotte apologizes for ruining Halloween. She tells Jake that her grandfather was right about Anna.

charlotte and jake talk anna

Chase brings his father to the hospital for his check-up.

chase drops gregory off

Moments later, Gregory returns with a brace on his hand and assures his son it’s nothing.

With some prodding, he admits to his son that his doctor thinks he should be using a cane.

Chase doesn’t want to take away his independence but he does want to support him so he can’t keep shutting him out.

chase wants gregory to open up

His father admits he’s clinging to denial. Part of him can’t accept this is happening.

Gregory tells him how athletic he’s always been. He seems the same effortless physique in his son. It never occurred to him he would lose that.

His body has betrayed him. Soon, he won’t be able to walk.

gregory tells chase about losing fitness

Chase remembers how strong and brave he always thought his dad was. He was right. No one one comes close to him.

His father always made him feel that everything will be okay. “I got you, Dad,” he says.

chase tells dad he's got him

Dante and Jordan meet with Anna at the PCPD. She tells them what she will say is off the record.

anna meets with jordan and dante

They agree to that and Anna explains Charlotte has been stalking her for months.

anna at the pcpd

She tells them that Valentin found out about it and destroyed the evidence. He also thinks she’s the arsonist.

anna tells dante about valentin

The cop mulls over how easily Charlotte could have burned down the house.

Jordan points out that Charlotte certainly didn’t take a shot at Anna. That means Sonny was the target.

All this time, she has been pursued by a teenager.

anna stalked by teen

She doesn’t want Charlotte investigated or charged. She made a mistake trusting Valentin but needs to talk to Charlotte so she can understand.

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