GH Recap: The Surrogate Miscarries, Cody Joins Sasha as Spokesmodel on Heart & Home, and Sasha Admits Her Feelings for Him

Wednesday, Nov 15, 2023: Today on General Hospital, Diane vents about Robert to Alexis, Marshall and Curtis discuss meditation, and TJ opens up to Portia.

Tuesday’s GH recap: Trina felt she and Spencer were doomed to fail, Dante interrogated Austin, and Finn and GH are being sued for malpractice.

At the TV studio, Haven (played by Morgan Fairchild) welcomes Lucy, Maxie and Scott as they arrive. She starts grilling them about the mess at Deception and Lucy insists there are no issues.

haven talks to deception crew

Haven wonders if Sasha is off “powdering her nose.” That sets Lucy off, who reminds her that they asked her back.

They’ve brought their lawyer this time to make sure she’s not up to any shenanigans.

haven bickers with lucy

Scott reminds Haven of what happened last time and warns that he will slap a lawsuit on her if there’s a repeat.

scott warns haven to behave

She blames what happened last time on a producer who has been fired.

He repeats his warning and she tells them what happened was “just a glitch” and it won’t be repeated.

Lucy asks Maxie to get Sasha. There’s a bit of a hiccup.

Sasha eventually arrives and makes it clear she’s not there to be exploited. She promises to remain professional as long as Haven does.

sasha threatens to walk

Scott and Lucy step aside. He hopes there is a lawsuit and she hopes this goes off without a hitch.

Maxie slips off and calls Cody over. He arrives.

maxie calls cody over

She tells him they are re-launching The Deceptor. She drags him onto the set and announces he’s the new male face of Deception.

Everyone is shocked.

Haven laughs and reminds them that he threatened to drop his pants.

Maxie reminds her that The Deceptor is her best-seller and if they don’t sell it the way they want, they will take it elsewhere.

The broadcast starts and Sasha says that men are just as interested in the product.

sasha and cody on tv

After explaining Cody was a stuntman, they decide to put his skin to the test.

sasha applies deceptor to cody

Lucy is amazed by how great the chemistry between Sasha and Cody is. They laugh about all the money they will make.

When the broadcast ends, Haven reluctantly admits to gloating Lucy that it went well.

haven and lucy argue

The producer tells Cody how great he was.

A few feet away, Maxie tells Sasha how great that went. Sasha says she can’t work with Cody any more.

sasha tells maxie she has feelings for cody

She has feelings for him. He overhears this.

cody hears sasha has feelings for him

Austin meets with Cyrus in the stairwell, unable to understand why they are meeting at all.

austin not happy to see cyrus

He tells the doctor that Mason plans to take all the blame for Ava’s kidnapping. He’ll likely get 20 years.

Mason has sworn to Cyrus that he won’t expose Austin.

cyrus has tidings for austin

The doctor says he’s the victim here and he hopes Ava knows he did all he could to save her.

His attitude is disappointing Cyrus.

cyrus disappointed in austin

Renault reminds him that he has invested in him and wants a return on that. The doctor says he’s been paying him back for years.

He thought testifying for him ended it.

cyrus reminds austin he owes him

Cyrus tells him life is full of unexpected consequences. He doesn’t want his money; he wants his gratitude and loyalty.

If he can’t supply those, he can deal with Mason himself.

Cyrus reminds him that he’s the one keeping him out of prison. The doctor agrees to do whatever he wants.

austin agrees to do what cyrus says

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Marshall arrives at home and interrupts Curtis as he tries to meditate.

marshall sees curtis meditating

Curtis says he doesn’t know if it works yet. He’s struggling with calming his mind.

His father is happy he is sticking with it and Curtis says he sometimes achieves some focus.

curtis has been meditating

That sounds like taking a clarinet solo to his father, who starts scat singing, skee-bop-biddly-pop.

His son is amazed when he explains that he’s been meditating for years. He did it to keep the schizophrenia away but he’s grateful for what it’s brought into his life.

It has shown him how much of life is clutter and how great it can be to step back.

marshall on moment of clarity

He didn’t want to suggest this because he was being inundated with advice. He’s just glad he’s come to this on his own.

Marshall tells his son about a moment of clarity he had recalling his children. That’s what brought him back.

Curtis is so glad he’s back.

Alexis joins Diane at the Metro Court. She’s immediately distracted when she spots Molly joining Kristina across the room.

alexis and diane notice her children

Alexis is relieved her daughters are getting along, at least for the moment.

They talk about Diane’s problems with Robert. Every time they seem to get close, they get run off the road by his past.

diane in suspense

They talk about the situation with Anna. She can understand Robert wanting to support her but his concentration on another woman is still hurting her feelings.

diane and alexis talk robert

Hearing herself saying this, Diane says it’s an ironic conundrum. If Robert didn’t care so stubbornly, she wouldn’t be attracted to him.

The lawyer can see potential for a future with Scorpio. Anna is just a detour on the highway of love.

Robert calls Diane and Alexis heads out for work.

Molly and Kristina discuss contracts and paperwork. Molly thinks about when she will have her child.

kristina and molly have lunch

They chat about how much their lives will change and Molly admits she’s considering leaving her job at the DA’s office.

She’ll need a less demanding job so she can have time with the baby.

molly has news for kristina

Molly never wanted to be a mother until she learned she couldn’t have a baby and now it’s all she can think about.

Andrea tracks TJ down at General Hospital. She’s upset about the baby.

andrea and tj talk baby

“I lost the baby,” she explains. It was so sudden she didn’t have time to get to the ER.

Doctor confirmed that she miscarried.

andrea has bad news

He decides to tell Molly and tells her how sorry he is. They’ll wait until she recovers before they try again.

She tells him she can’t go through this again.

TJ goes to see Portia in her office.

tj tells portia about losing baby

He explains that the surrogate miscarried. It’s on him to tell Molly and he doesn’t know how to do that.

They had so much hope. They jumped on the first solution and he was so invested in his child.

tj doesn't know how to tell molly

She’s sure Molly will be devastated too but she’s sure they can get through it and tells him not to let the loss build a wall between them.

Later, Molly calls and says she needs to work late. He tells her she needs to meet him at home to talk.

tj makes a call

Portia goes home and Curtis tells her about how he and his dad are both into meditation.

portia thanks curtis

He senses everything isn’t okay so she tells him sometimes things happen that remind you of how lucky you are.

She tells him how grateful she is for their daughter and all the time they have together.

portia has news

They talk about coming back together as a family.

She’s realized how empty her life would be without her daughter in it. He’s grateful too.

curtis listens to portia

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