GH Recap: Molly Breaks Down, Hearing of the Miscarriage, Ava Lashes Out at Apologetic Austin, and Anna Realizes Documents Are Missing

Thursday, Nov 16, 2023: Today on General Hospital, Joss worries Adam could snap, Anna tells Sonny Charlotte has been targeting her, and Dante and Sam try to figure out what’s really happening with Charlotte.

Wednesday’s GH recap: The Surrogate miscarried, Cody joined Sasha as spokesmodel on Heart & Home, and Sasha admitted her feelings for him.

Austin shows up at the gallery since Ava hasn’t been responding to his texts. She says this is overdue.

ava and austin talk mason

They chat about Mason’s recovery and the likelihood he will plea rather than go to trial.

She wonders if he’ll give up his boss, Cyrus. He doesn’t know what the terms are.

Ava notes that he and his cousin have been working for Cyrus all along.

ava angry at austin

She screams about him for pressuring her into spying on Sonny and giving her sleepless nights over Nikolas.

He could have told her months ago who he was working for and that her husband was alive.

Why didn’t he?

ava agitated

The doctor claims he was only trying to protect her but she thinks he was manipulating her.

He insists he got close to her because he likes the feeling of being close to her.

His feelings for her are real and powerful.

austin won't make excuses

All he did, he did because he wanted to save her.

Many years ago, Cyrus went into business with his family in trucking. He paid for his medical school and that means that he owns him.

He explains that Cyrus forced him to help him get out of prison using Ava.

His feelings for her were leverage.

Ava doesn’t find this convincing and points out he had other options. She accuses him of just trying to save his own skin.

ava getting upset

He keeps saying he was only trying to help.

She says Dex, Dante, and Joss saved her while he’s a skulking coward.

Austin tells her he knows what will happen if Cyrus doesn’t get his way.

She hates him. He knows and he’s sorry he dragged her into all of this.

Ava orders him out.

ava listens to austin explaining

Adam corners Joss as she arrives at her dorm room.

He needs her help studying but she’s exhausted. He panics about his grades and begs for an hour.

adam corners joss

Dex pops up and tells him to back off.

Adam apologizes and Joss says everyone needs to calm down.

She suggests Adam find someone else to study with. He really needs her.

adam tells joss how she's helped

Joss assures him that he’s smart and can find someone else. Adam says she’s helped him in ways she doesn’t even know.

Upset, he walks off.

Dex and Joss go into her room. She feels bad. He wonders what the deal with that guy is.

Joss thinks his parents are the problem.

She thinks the pressure they put on him could break him.

joss tells dex adam could snap

He says everyone has different levels of stress to deal with.

She points out Adam doesn’t have military training like him and is stressed out all the time.

That explains a lot about him.

Dex admires how she always sticks up for people and is sure she can help Adam.

dex and joss talk adam

She complains about Spencer constantly calling her about Trina.

In his room, Adam calls his dad and tells him he has a great group of friends he studies with and he’s doing all he can.

adam calls dad

He promises he’s fine and not “doing that” anymore.

When he gets off the phone, he takes some pills.

adam takes pills

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Dante arrives at the penthouse where Sam has been planning renovations.

He has an update on Charlotte and doesn’t want the kids to hear.

dante has news for sam

He fills her in on Charlotte and she finds it hard to swallow.

They wonder if it is connected to Anna’s past at the WSB.

They recall the graffiti on the door and Anna walking free for her crimes while Valentin didn’t.

dante tell sam she could be onto something

They mull that over. He admits there’s no physical evidence Charlotte burned down the house and Anna is barring an investigation.

sam and dante talk case

Anna stops by Sonny’s office. After he makes her a drink, she suggests he step up security because the shooting at the Metro Court was clearly aimed at him.

anna visits sonny at office

She explains the person responsible for the break-in and the arson couldn’t have taken the shot.

He guesses she’s talking about Charlotte.

anna and sonny talk charlotte

Anna makes it clear the cops don’t suspect Charlotte and she wants to keep it that way. He understands.

Valentin got rid of evidence against his daughter and kept it a secret from her.

Because of that, she couldn’t imagine the intruder in her apartment was a child.

anna says valentin ruined things

She thinks his keeping quiet has destroyed their relationship. He’s focused on his daughter now as he should be.

Anna is upset that Charlotte thinks she tried to kill her on purpose.

She tells him about the guy she suspected was threatening her, Forsythe.

sonny listens to anna

When she leaves, he calls Brick and asks him to look into Forsythe.

Anna goes to her apartment.

She stares at the blood stain on the carpet and flashes back to shooting Charlotte.

anna goes home

Going through her trunk of files, she realizes something.

She calls Dante and asks him over.

anna calls dante

When the detective arrives, she tells him about the documents that she collected.

All the documents she had on one particular man are gone.

At the TV studio, Cody overhears Sasha telling Maxie that she can’t work with Cody because she has feelings for him.

Maxie says that’s no problem because he has feelings for her too.

cody eavesdrops on maxie and sasha

Cody immediately interrupts and then apologizes.

Maxie leaves them to work this out, telling them it would be a mistake to talk themselves out of something they are feeling.

cody interrupts sasha and ava

Cody admits Maxie is right. He does have feelings for her.

He explains how he began caring for her.

cody and sasha talk feelings

As he explains how his feelings for her have grown, she asks him to stop.

She appreciates all he’s done for her and what he said was sweet but she’s still in mourning.

She’s rushed past her grief before and that was a mistake she can’t make again.

She has to be a whole person before she can be with someone else.

sasha tells cody she can't make the same mistake

She makes it clear that a “no” for now and she won’t ask him to wait. He offers to wait anyway. If nothing happens, that’s okay too.

She’s given him hope that better things could come for him. But he won’t pick up the phone if Maxie calls with modeling work for him.

cody taken aback

Meanwhile, Haven tells Maxie that she wants Sasha and Cody to commit to more appearance.

They have a special chemistry and that can sell.

haven tells maxie about chemistry

Haven admits Sasha did well but wouldn’t have done half as well without the “hunky cowboy.”

haven calls cody a hunk

Maxie says Deception has big plans for Cody and Sasha.

Molly arrives at home and asks TJ what happened.

He explains Andre miscarried their baby last night.

molly hears about miscarriage

She sobs and he explains Andre couldn’t face her with this herself. They’re sorry and hug.

molly hugs tj

Her mom starts banging on the door. She left her tablet at the restaurant.

Molly opens the door and throws her arms around her.

They all sit on the couch and Alexis offers to get them anything they need.

Her daughter says they were almost at the ultrasound stage.

They thank Alexis for coming by and TJ explains he hasn’t told his family yet.

Alexis tells them to take their time.

alexis hugs molly

Her daughter asks her to inform her sisters because she doesn’t want to face it.

TJ will tell his mom himself. Alexis will tell everyone else.

Once she leaves, Molly starts erasing all the baby-related bookmarks on her tablet.

He explains that Andrea also told him that she can’t go through this again.

If they want a child, they will have to find another surrogate.

tj and molly talk surrogate

Alexis goes to Sam’s and tells her about the miscarriage.

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