Marlena Catches Sami and Lucas Making Out & Tony Urges EJ to Make a Permanent Move to Salem

In the Tuesday, June 15, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Gabi and Jake have sex, Tony and EJ get reacquainted, and Brady doesn’t want to hire Xander. In case you missed out, on Monday’s Days of our Lives episode, Chad caught Kate faking her blindness!

At the DiMera mansion in her room, Gabi kisses Jake hello, and asks how Kate took the news that they’re together. Jake admits it was harder than he thought. Even Gabi feels sorry for her. Jake admits he wussed out. Later, they have sex and Jake asks if she now believes he loves her. He wants to take time to let Kate down gently. Gabi doesn’t like it. Jake says, “If I leave her now, I’m just the bum everybody thinks I am.” Downstairs, EJ says, “Hello Fatha. It’s been a long time. As you always said, it’s good to be back.” Tony walks in. “EJ.” He grins wildly. The brothers embrace and wonder how long it’s been since they’ve seen each other. They drink to being alive and well. EJ shares that he’s there to take his wife back. Tony brings up the chaos at DiMera Enterprises, and then Jake. They smirk and look at Stefano’s portrait. “What was he thinking?” Tony asks. “He’s a garage mechanic.” You can put a $3000 suit on him but he’s a garage mechanic at heart. EJ thinks they can be useful but Tony argues, not when you’re running a company. He has no killer instinct. EJ cringes when he hears his name. EJ wonders if Shin is trying to take control and asks why Chad stepped away. Tony tells him about what happened between Chad and Abigail. EJ thinks Chad has a lot of groveling to do. He remembers his affair almost costing him his life. He admits he returned to Salem to show his wife she wouldn’t return to his coldness. The burns changed him or intensified the darker side of his personality and Samanther moved heaven and earth to help him. He took it out on her. When he saw her fire return when Allie was in trouble, EJ let himself see what he became. They debate who should take over. Tony thinks EJ should do it. Stay in Salem and be with family. Tony wants him back at DiMera so he can make lots of money and not have headaches. EJ goes and Tony later ponders how EJ acted. Tony thinks they’ll “once again have the EJ of the old, the one that we knew and loved.”

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ej and tony dimera mansion days

Chad walks in on Kate putting on make-up at the hospital and talking about how she won’t let Gabi and Jake be together on her watch. Chad smirks and asks what she’s doing. “Chad, is that you?” He asks if she heard his voice. She’s glad he’s there to help her with her makeup. He tells her it’s flawless. If she can’t see anything, “What’s with the mirror?” Is she faking? Kate looks at him and he starts to laugh. She admits it and reminds him he pretended to be dying to get Abigail back in his bed. “Ouch, pretending to be blind makes you mean!” He’s not judging. He asks why she wants someone like Jake anyway. She laughs. “I don’t. I want to punish him. And his little dog, too.” Kate shares how she blackmailed Dr. Snyder and asks if Chad will help her continue to fake her blindness. Jake doesn’t mind sticking it to Jake. He’s in. “I promise. I won’t say a word.”

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At the townhouse, Sami asks Lucas to forget what happened. She’s going back to Italy with EJ. Lucas tries to talk her out of it. EJ treats her like she’s his property. They yell at each other and Lucas asks where EJ was when she was in jail and she had a gun to her head. Sami yells that he has no right but Lucas says he held her when she cried over him. They made love. She says it was a mistake. He reminds her they did it again, and that EJ never touches her. Sami tells Lucas that EJ wants to change. She says she and Lucas are connected and those feelings will always be there. “I care about you, but this ends now.” They argue some more and rehash their conversation and finally, Lucas takes her in a passionate kiss, just as Marlena walks in and takes it all in. She apologizes and offers to leave but Sami says they were saying goodbye. Lucas leaves and Marlena asks if she’s leaving town. She’s leaving for Italy. Marlena nods. Sami lets her mom know EJ returned to Salem. He wants to work on their problems. Sami wants this as well. Marlena somehow thinks EJ is making demands and calls it an emotional ultimatum. Marlena asks if she agreed to go to Italy to get away from Lucas. To let things cool down. She asks what Kristen has on her and Lucas and why Lucas faked a brain tumor. When a knock comes to the door, Sami opens it to EJ, with a kiss. EJ and Marlena greet one another. EJ says they’re staying in Salem.

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At Basic Black, Brady walks in on Nicole choking Xander with his own tie. They make light of it when Brady asks what’s up. Brady asks her to get rid of “this con artist, this criminal.” Nicole thinks they should keep him around, causing Brady’s brain to hurt. Nicole says he has insider information on the competition. Brady reminds her of all the terrible things Xander has done. “What about Eric, Nicole. What will he think?” Xander smoothly says, “What will Eric think?” He goes and Brady thinks if she brings him into the office, it may be what brings Eric home. Nicole convinces him to do what she wants. Xander returns and Brady hires him. He takes off, telling Nicole to deal with him. Xander tries to charm Nicole about going from the boardroom to the bedroom and she punches him in the gut.

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