Elena Saves Nate’s Life, and Victor and Phyllis Warns Summer Not to Trust Tara

This is the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Wednesday, June 16, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Thursday, June 17. In the previous episode, Tara and Kyle learn Ash is dying, and in today’s episode, Nate’s allergic reaction almost kills him, Nikki wants to double date, and Devon has a surprise for Abby.

Nikki approaches Ashland at Crimson Lights. He talks about his enjoyment of working with Victor and Adam. She admits her family excels in business, but she wants to discuss Victoria. Ashland thinks that their professional relationship is a testament to her parenting. Nikki gives him a warning about rebounding. He denies rebounding. They’re friends. Neither wants more. His time in Genoa City is finite. “Your daughter and I are enjoying our company while I’m around. Nikki wants a double date.

ash and nikki young and the restless

At her office, Victoria tells her dad her trip to New York was a great getaway. He accuses her of being coy. Why did she go with Ash? She shrugs him off. She’s enjoying getting to know him. Victor kind of respects the guy. “You made the guy sign a deal when he was in the midst of having a heart attack.” Victor says, “Oh that.” Victor’s worried about his daughter and wants to get drinks with the four of them. Victoria gets Nikki’s text invitation and realizes they hatched the scheme together. “Yes or no,” he says.

victoria with victor young and restless

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In Devon’s house, Abby tells Devon she was overcome with worry about Chance and when he called, he started shouting and the line went dead. He hasn’t called since. Devon tries to reassure her, but she’s gone to that dark place. She won’t cry. He tells her she can if she wants. He brings out a massive envelope from chance. “Give Abby this when you think she needs it most,” it reads in black marker. Chance sent it weeks ago. He told Devon that he’s counting the days down until their baby is born and to pass this down when he thinks Abby needs it most. She’s moved and opens it. It’s one of his old sweatshirts. There’s another note. “Wear this and feel me wrapped around you. There’s no place I’d rather be. Love Chance.” She breathes it in and snuggles it. She recalls wearing it when they ice-skated together. Devon and Abby dine and he gives her a mixed tape of sorts and she thanks him for everything.

abby in jeans young and restless

At Society, Moses and Nate talk about summer. Elena arrives and Nate invites her for crabcakes. He tells her Baltimore is known for them and lets Moses know about her job offer. She hasn’t decided to take it. They talk as they dine and then Nate starts to clear his throat and can’t breathe. Elena shouts at the kid to get an eppy pen. He has no idea what that is. She tells him it’s for allergies and he toddles off to the kitchen to get it. Later, Nate’s breathing. They need to get him to the hospital to be examined. Nate didn’t know he was allergic to crabcakes. Elena holds his hand and he thanks her for being there.

moses nate young and restless

Kyle drops off Summer so she and Phyllis can plan the wedding. They head into Summer’s room and talk having blues for the color, and a brandy signature drink. Phyllis asks if Tara and her kid have anything to do with the wedding being pushed up. Is she rushing into this marriage? Summer doesn’t think so. Phyllis warns her kid to watch Tara. Phyllis says Diane used Kyle to get Jack. And, “I may or may not have done the same thing.”  Meanwhile, Billy pokes his head up to give Kyle a warning about ChanceComm running a story about Locke’s divorce. Kyle doesn’t like it. Billy doesn’t want to hurt anyone but Kyle points out that a private situation made public does just that. Billy wishes he could prevent it. Kyle reminds him of what Johnny and Katie went through when he was accused of shooting Chance. He wants Billy to reconsider. Billy will “take it under advisement.” He asks how the wedding is going. It’s off the record. Kyle says Summer’s handling things better than he hoped. Billy wishes the best for him.

kyle upset billy young restless

Sally meets Tara in the park. Tara’s not sure why she came. Sally repeats that she wants to rid them of Summer and they need to work fast. Sally tells her about the job. Tara can’t make Kyle fall in love with her overnight. “He doesn’t look at me like that.” Sally says, “Yet.” Tara’s not sure she can trust “somebody so devious.”

tara sally summer park young restless

At Devon’s, Nate and Moses tell Devon about Nate’s attack. Elena’s quiet as they talk about her saving his life. Moses thought he was going to die. Nate takes Elena home and Moses is still reeling. He worries that he’s becoming a doctor and didn’t deal well in the situation with Nate. Devon tells him to cut himself some slack.

Victoria meets Ash at Grand Phoenix. He says Phyllis let him stay after all. Winning her over was preparation for tonight. “Do I look alright?” It’s been a while since he met the parents. Victoria’s apologetic. Her dad has disapproved of almost every man in her life. Ashland calls her mom a wild card. He thinks it’ll be a fun night. Victoria laughs and thanks him for going along with this. He asks her to keep his illness to herself. She agrees. Nikki and Victor arrive. Victor asks about the trip to New York.

victoria white suit young restless

At the Abbott home, Kyle tells Summer and Tara about Billy’s news. Tara says that Harrison asked to go to the park again with his dad. He goes, leaving the women together. Tara asks her to hang out. She’s amazed at how well Summer is dealing with the connection between Kyle and Harrison. It gives Tara peace of mind to know she wouldn’t interfere in that bond. “Right,” she says. Tara has a proposition for her.

At Crimson Lights, Nate tells Elena to do what is right for her but, “No. I don’t want you to take that job.” Nearby, Sally calls Eric and tells him now is the time to call Summer about the job in Milan. Eric will do so and congratulates her on working out her new life.

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