Nicole Strangles Xander, and Kate’s Caught Faking her Blindness

In the Monday, June 14, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, EJ wants to heal his marriage with Sami, Kate tells Jake she forgives him, and Chad tries to make things more comfortable for Kate. In case you missed out, on last Wednesday’s Days episode, before tennis took over for two days, EJ returned to Salem!

Brady arrives at the hospital to see Chloe with purple tulips. He knows her better than anyone and this is her favourite flower. Behind him, Philip turns up with the same flowers. She’s happy to have them both and Brady snipes that Philip’s is too ostentatious. Brady wants Chloe to come to stay with him at the townhouse but Philip argues that the security isn’t any good. “My dad’s an ISA agent,” Brady retorts. Philip reminds Brady that the mansion has good security. She can have her own suite, her own wing, and Victor won’t even notice she’s there. Chloe realizes Philip has a good point. Chloe can’t move in with Brady, after she told him her feelings for him. He just got out of a relationship. “We both need some time and space to heal.” Brady agrees. In her room, Kate is upset that her door is open and she wants to read her tablet. She reads it anyway and learns Kristen got away. She starts talking to herself when Jake turns up. He asks what’s with the tablet. She says Lucas brought it by and wants her to listen to a podcast on being blind. Jake says he’ll help her navigate her way, calling her strong. He tells her that he and Gabi went to bed when she was missing. He explains that Kristen looked like her and acted like her when she dumped him. Still, he told Ben that something was off. He tries to explain but Kate stops him and tells him she understands completely and forgives him. He’s been there for her at her side since he learned the truth. She knows he wouldn’t have given Gabi a second look if Kristen hadn’t have tricked him. Kate reveals she acts tough but it’s an act right now. She drums up some tears and reveals she’s terrified and couldn’t have gotten through the past few days if not for him. Jake looks gobsmacked. He asks if the blindness is temporary. Kate says Dr. Snyder feels it may be permanent. Jake’s so sorry. They embrace.

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At the mansion, Chad tries to procure some audiobooks for Kate on a call. Gabi arrives and gloats to Chad about being back with Jake. Chad’s annoyed that she doesn’t care that it’ll hurt Kate. Gabi snorts. If it were Kate, she’d do the same thing.

Sami is astounded when EJ shows up at the townhouse. Sami’s nervous. He laughs. It’s the first time he’s seen her rendered speechless. Lucas tells EJ he looks well. EJ repeats the same to Lucas. He looks at Lucas as he says it was time to come home after he learned “some swine” was trying to come between him and his wife. Charlie, not Lucas! EJ asks how Allie’s doing. Sami says she’s fine as is the baby. EJ’s surprised that they could put aside their differences for Allie’s sake. EJ tells EJ he knows they haven’t always got along but he owes him a debt of gratitude. Lucas didn’t mind. Allie is his daughter. Why wasn’t EJ there for Sami? Lucas calls Sami delicate and can’t believe he didn’t show up when Sami was accused of murder. He goes and EJ talks of the sacrifices she made to care for him and his needs. In return, he was petulant and distant. Sami tries to counter that he had so many surgeries. She cries. The last few years have been hard but not that bad. EJ still felt hopelessly lost even when he realized they were together but her stubbornness meant that she tried to get through to him, even when he ordered her to leave him alone. He wants to heal their marriage if she thinks they still have one. She waited a long time to hear him say that. They kiss and he asks what happened between her and Lucas. She looks upset and EJ shares that he knows Xander tried to kill her. Sami’s shocked. EJ says he spent a lot of time with Xander. “He’s a thug, but he doesn’t have the makings of a killer. He also wasn’t terribly bright. I knew you’d get the best of him.” EJ says to leave Xander to him.

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Nicole is irritated to find Xander Basic Black. He’s there to work. She tells him to get his feet off the desk, so he does, but tells her to take some time and smell the roses. He wiggles the rose on his lapel and grins. Nicole smirks. She reminds him that Brady and Chloe hate him, which is why he can’t work there. Xander asks Yolanda, the assistant, to get Sami DiMera on the line. Nicole cancels that and Xander continues to taunt her. He points out that she needs the help but Nicole doesn’t think there’s any need or room for him. She acts as though she’s going to kiss him and then straighten his tie and then starts to pull too tight and spins him around and chokes him. She turns him to the door just as Brady walks in.

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Back at the mansion, Jake tells Chad that he wants to be with Gabi, but he can’t turn his back on Kate. She’s so tough, usually. Chad thinks Jake is going to have to do right by Kate. Later, Jake arrives to his bedroom and kisses Gabi. Once everyone’s gone, EJ returns and drinks to his father. “It’s good to be back.”

Back at the hospital, Lucas tells Kate that EJ’s home and looks good. Later, Chad arrives to Kate putting on make-up and telling herself that Jake is not going to be with Gabi. “Not on my watch.” She looks at him. The jig is up!

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Lucas returns to the townhouse and Sami reveals she’s packing to go home to Italy with EJ. “This is goodbye, Lucas.”

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