Ben Sets Fire to His Divorce Papers After Receiving Advice From Rafe About Letting Ciara Go

In the Thursday, June 17, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Rafe tells Ben to respect Ciara’s wishes, Belle and Shawn have a romantic evening, and Paulina learns her daughter is sexually fluid. In case you missed out, on Wednesday’s Days of our Lives episode, Belle pulled the plug on Jan!

At Julie’s Place, Bonnie turns on Justin. “Why didn’t you tell me that they’d rather poke out all three of their eyes than have dinner with me?” Steve says he shouldn’t have accepted this dinner date. He was going to try to put aside what she did to his sister but when she showed up dressed like her, he lost it. “It reminded me of the hell you put her through and it made me miss her more.” Bonnie cries and tells Justin not to follow when she runs. Justin’s upset and goes off. Steve worries Justin won’t forgive him. Kayla suggests he put his grief and anger aside. If Bonnie makes him happy, who are they to judge? Outside, Justin finds Bonnie sobbing. He calls her his family. He says the first time he met Adrienne, she was on a bench crying. Bon Bon worries she’s a copycat now. Justin says she’s not and he doesn’t want her to be Adrienne. Just herself. He tells her he loves her. She’s shocked and at a loss for words. She’s overcome and tells him she loves him, too. They kiss.

bonnie yells steve days of our lives

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Tripp shows up at Rafe’s to tell his mama he’s back from a test at the hospital and has homemade cannolis for her. He tells her about Allie kissing Chanel and then about kissing Allie and how she pulled away when she flashed to Charlie raping her. Ava feels guilty. She’ll probably never recover. Tripp thinks she’ll never forget but feels she’ll recover. Ava discusses how Rafe’s return from work is the best part of her day.

tripp ava talk allie chanel days of our lives

At the pub, Paulina’s shocked that Chanel kissed Allie. “I’m very disappointed in you. Why didn’t you just tell me you’re gay.” Allie looks like she wants to crawl under a rock. Chanel says, “Mama I’m not a lesbian.” Paulina’s confused as to why she was “swapping spit with this one.” Roman appears and hears the news. Roman offers chowder and takes it all in. Paulina worries Roman’s shocked but Allie points out that her big brother is gay and Roman’s fine with it. Roman offers to bring more chowdah. Paulina learns that Chanel doesn’t see herself as bisexual. She’s “fluid.” She’s not into labels. Paulina jokes, “Your closet full of designer clothes says otherwise.” Paulina’s not used to people signing their emails with pronouns. Paulina learns that Allie’s Marlena’s grandbaby and is thrilled. Paulina asks Allie’s pronouns and learns that they’re she and her. Chanel’s grateful to her mama for understanding. She reminds her mama that she suggested she didn’t mix business with pleasure. Paulina flashes to saying the opposite to Abe and Abe starts to laugh. “Really? She said that?” He and Paulina share a moment and he takes her home.

Paulina and allie days of our lives

From home, Claire leaves a message for Ben to see how he’s doing before she sweeps the floor. She tells her parents that Ben is upset about the divorce papers that Ciara sent. They know that she’s close with Ben but he needs to find a way to move on without Ciara alone. She should concentrate on herself right now. Claire thinks she’s fine. They tell her Jan’s not going to hurt her anymore.

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Rafe bangs on the door of the cabin and says, “Police!” Ben lets him in and he learns Cloe’s fine and Jan will never hurt anyone again. Ben asks why he’s there. He got a call about suspicious activity. Ben says it’s just him. He was clearing his head. Rafe says that was yesterday. “Why are you still here, man?” Ben admits, “Because of Ciara.” Ben tells Rafe about seeing Jordan. Since Rafe used to date Jordan, he admits he sees her too. Ben says it’s not the same, so Rafe urges him to talk to Marlena. He will but is thinking about the divorce papers Ciara sent. The cabin is where it all started for them and this may be where it all ends. Rafe knows divorce is hard. He threw his first copy away when he got his. Finally, he realized that if he loved her, he needed to accept that he needed to let her go. Rafe’s not telling him to do that. But if Ciara wants a divorce, “I don’t know that you have a choice.” He knows how stubborn Ciara is. Even if she gets her memory back, there are no guarantees that things will return to normal. Ben nods. They hug.

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Rafe returns home from the cabin while Ava’s with Tripp and she beams. Tripp goes home to practice suturing on chicken breast and Rafe and Ava drink some wine. Later, Rafe says the best part of his day is seeing her when he comes home. She giggles and they head to bed for sex.

Ben hears something at the cabin door and is frightened. Claire lets herself in. Rafe told her dad that Ben was still up there. She asks how he is. He should ask her that. She’s fine. Ben sets fire to the divorce papers.

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At home, Belle and Shawn get close. They’re alone. They profess their love and make out.

ben shawn kissing home days of our lives

In the square, Allie cringes that her grandpa knows that she kissed Chanel. Chanel’s sorry. Chanel says that if people think they’re together, she doesn’t mind. Meanwhile, outside Paulina’s room, number 227, Paulina and Abe discuss how loving she and Chanel were together. Abe caresses her face and gives her a kiss. She lets him inside for “a nightcap.” Outside, Tripp runs into Chanel and Allie and he accepts a bag of treats from the pub and looks disconcerted when the two women take off to their respective homes.

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