Days of our Lives Spoilers June 27-July 1: JJ Returns, Sarah Attacks Chanel & Lani’s Charged with First Degree Murder

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, June 27 to Friday, July 1.

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SoapsSpoilers has the Days of our Lives spoilers the next two weeks. First, take a look at the Days June 20-24 spoilers. Then check below for what’s coming up the week after, and then find the Days July 4-8 spoilers for more!

Victoria Konefal and Robert Scott Wilson exiting Days of our Lives.

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Watch this week’s Days of our Lives spoiler video promo. Sami gives EJ divorce papers. She tells him she and Lucas are getting married.

EJ squirms and later, Belle and EJ have sex. EJ lets Sami know that Belle’s more than just his lawyer. Sami is back and she learns that EJ’s been canoodling with her sister! Cue the catfight!

Monday, June 27

Sami interrupts a steamy moment between Belle and EJ.
Sami tells EJ she wants a divorce and she provides the papers for him to sign.

EJ’s shocked at Sami’s request.
Sami talks to Belle and EJ about Abigail’s death.

lucas worries killed abby days of our lives

Sami feels bad for Thomas and Charlotte.
Rafe wonders if Nicole is getting cold feet about their wedding.

Roman urges Eric to make his feelings known to Nicole before it’s too late.
Marlena and John comfort Chad over Abigail’s death.

Nicole and Rafe got married.

chad devastation over abby dead days of our lives

Tuesday, June 28

EJ and Belle push each other’s buttons.
EJ thinks Belle is only with him to get back at Shawn, while Belle wonders if that’s what he’s doing with her, only to get back at Sami.

Julie and Jan go toe-to-toe when Jan learns Ben and Ciara got a boat for having a baby. Jan asked where her boat is.

julie snarks at jan days

EJ and Belle admit they do have feelings for each other and jump into bed.
Lucas and Sami celebrate their engagement.
Sami’s surprised that Kate was so subdued when she heard the news that Lucas was marrying her.

ej belle sex days

Ben and Ciara receive a life-changing gift from Hope. A boat! It’s called Living in CIN
Orpheus delivers surprising news to Evan. George del Hoyo and Brock Kelly are back in their roles.

Orpheus talks to Evan about his other son. Not David, with Ben’s sister Jordan, but the one with Jan Spears!

evan has kid with jan days

Evan didn’t know he had a baby with Jan.
Ben and Ciara discuss doing what Bo and Hope and Belle and Shawn did. Sailing around the world with their baby.

ben ciara boat keys days

Wednesday, June 29

Belle wonders if she and EJ made a mistake.
Brady and Chloe walk in on a kiss between Jan and Shawn. Jan initiated it and Shawn pushed her away.

Chad and JJ (Deveraux, played by Casey Moss) share their grief over Abigail’s death.
Jack and Jennifer lean on each other during an emotionally difficult task.

jack jenn hug days

Evan is Jan’s baby daddy. They had sex while he worked at the prison.
Orpheus recalls Jan lying that Shawn was her baby daddy.

JJ returns to Salem and hugs Chad as they sob over Abigail’s death.
Jack and Jennifer go to see Chad and ask what he’d like Abigail to wear in her casket.
Chad breaks down with Jack and Jenn.

jan recalls orpheus days of our lives

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Thursday, June 30

As Lani awaits word on her fate, an old friend pays her a surprise visit.
Abe and Paulina go on the attack when Melinda tries to pull a fast one.

Doug helps Julie out with the twins.
Theo gives Chanel advice about her romantic woes.

Theo talks about him reuniting with Claire.
Julie and Doug sing to the twins.
Kristen turns herself in.

The charges for Lani are steep. First degree murder for Lani. Later, she winds up with involuntary manslaughter.
It’s Paulina versus Trask.

theo advice chanel days

Friday, June 31

Lani’s loved ones rally around her.
Julie is gut-punched by Eli’s unexpected news.

Lani is overwhelmed by Abe’s grand gesture.
Sarah pulls a knife on Chanel!

julie remembers snyder days

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