Days of our Lives Spoilers June 20-24: Sami Returns and Lucas Confesses, as EJ Threatens Clyde

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for NBC’s soap opera, Days of our Lives, from Monday, June 20 to Friday, June 24.

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Days spoilers two weeks ahead! If you haven’t already read, check out what’s coming up on DOOL June 27 – July 1:

June 20-24: Sarah has a concerning hallucination, and Olivia Price returns to Salem for her daughter’s wedding. Plus, Jan and Shawn choose a name for their son and Belle confides in Chloe. Meanwhile, EJ tries to get through to Sami, while Roman asks Eric about Nicole, John tries to be of comfort to Chad, and Allie makes an apology to Ben and Ciara for what she did as the devil.

olivia price back wedding days of our lives

Watch this week’s enticing Days of our Lives spoiler video promo. Abe and Paulina finally get their happily ever after – er, at least for now. It is a soap opera after all. They walk down the aisle on Juneteenth in a fall themed wedding after Paulina’s released on bail.

Meanwhile, Sami (Ali Sweeney) is back, after a long time away from the show and Lucas emotionally asks her to be his wife. But first, Lucas has something to confess. He has a hard time getting out the words (I was the one who had you kidnapped and then lied to you and told you EJ did it) and Sami lets Lucas know that she loves him no matter what.

Will these two still marry or part ways after Lucas spills the beans? Heck, will Lucas even spill at all? We’ll watch this week and find out.

Days of our Lives is the only soap opera to celebrate Juneteenth and we could not be prouder of them for being inclusive. Watch this YouTube video of James (Abe) and Jackee (Paulina) talk about when they first learned of Juneteenth, what the celebration is about.

Monday, June 20

Sarah attacks Nicole. She thinks she’s Kristen.
Xander talks Sarah down and they explain to Eric and Nicole what’s going on.
Sarah apologizes and Gwen is blamed.

Paulina and her loved ones celebrate when she’s released on bail.
Lani is full of guilt with visions of TR.
Ava demands answers from Gwen.

crazy ass sarah days


Tuesday, June 21

Abe and Paulina decide to marry in conjunction with the Juneteenth holiday.
Eric officiates at the wedding.

abe marries paulina days of our lives

Lani is pushed to the brink. She can’t stop seeing dead TR.
Theo (Cameron Johnson) and Olivia (Marla Gibbs) arrive for the wedding.

Julie tells Olivia how she admires her and Paulina.
Johnny films the wedding.

olivia back days of our lives

Chanel catches the bouquet.
Johnny offers his services to Chanel.

lani confesses tr shooting days of our lives

Wednesday, June 22

Abe and Paulina’s celebration is rocked by a stunning reveal.
Nicole and Eric share a close moment.

Julie has a plan to save the day.
Johnny and Allie bicker over Chanel.

chanel caught between johnny allie days of our lives

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Thursday, June 23

Sami returns to Salem and surprises Lucas.
Ciara is concerned as Jan and Shawn grow closer.

sami back crutches days

EJ offers Chad his support.
Chad has issues getting off the sofa, he misses his wife so much.

chad devastated sofa days

Charlotte and Thomas wait for their mommy but it’s Chloe who comes to the door.

Belle tells Chloe that she and EJ almost got it on.

Leo makes a deal with Clyde.
Leo sells Abigail’s jewels so that he isn’t tied to her murder.

Lucas admits to Brady that he fell off the wagon but he’s been to a meeting since and he’s sober.

Shawn is told by the warden to get Jan back to prison.
Jan cries over her baby who is a preemie and asks Shawn to let her stay in the hospital so she can nurse their baby.

abbys kids charlotte thomas days of our lives

Friday, June 24

Lamon Archey and Sal Stowers exit Days of our Lives as Eli and Lani.

Beyond Salem Season 2 Spoilers!

Shawn drives Belle straight into EJ’s arms.
Sami questions Lucas’s odd behavior when she finds his things all over the hotel room.
Bonnie and Nancy play pinochle with Maggie.

nancy plays cards maggie bonnie days of our lives

Chloe and Brady have a tense encounter with Leo.
Brady thinks Leo killed Abigail.
Leo feels bad for Abby’s family that she has been murdered.

Victor is disgusted that Jan Spears had Shawn’s baby. He doesn’t like that his grandson is mixed up with the woman who tried to murder him by throwing a toaster into his bathwater and almost electrocuting him.

Bonnie and Victor find common ground.
EJ threatens Clyde at the park.

clyde with ej in park days of our lives

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