Days of Our Lives Spoilers November 28 – December 2: Marlena Lectures Kristen, Eric Takes a Drink, and Nicole Get Plastered Together

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Monday, November 28

Monday’s Days recap:  Gwen’s lie keeps Sarah’s questions at bay

Sarah demands to know if Xander kidnapped Susan and Bonnie.

Things get hot between Stephanie and Alex after a kiss.

Tony and Chad worry about EJ.

Ava confronts EJ.

There’s a shooting.

Ava disappears.

Tony and Chad find EJ.

Maggie gossips.

sarah with hot xander days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Tuesday, November 29

Tuesday’s Days recap: Jada tells Eric there is no baby

Nicole tells Chloe she’s worried about Jada having Eric’s love child.

Chloe is supportive to Nicole.

Eric gets some congratulations from Brady.

Brady and Eric talk up blended families.

Johnny has it out with his father.

Johnny learns Susan died.

Wendy interrupts a romantic moment between Gabi and Li.

Wendy reveals to Li that she knows what he did to Stefan.

jada says there is no baby days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers november 29, 2022

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Wednesday, November 30

Wednesday’s Days recap: Eric confronts Nicole about Jada’s abortion

Wendy confronts Li about Stefan’s brainwashing.

Wendy decides to keep quiet.

EJ pleads with Johnny to keep a secret.

Johnny decides to keep quiet about Stefan.

Stefan refuses to go to Gabi’s wedding.

Stefan and Gabi argue about her wedding plans with Li.

Eric gets some shocking news.

Eric’s pissed that Jada’s abortion happened after she talked to Nicole.

jada confesses abortion days of our lives soapsspoilers

Thursday, December 1

Thursday’s Days recap: Eric and Nicole seem to be over

Nicole and Eric have a brutal fight.

Eric doesn’t know what to do about Nicole at this point.

Jada gets some support from Kate.

Jada cries to Kate.

Sloan tears Chanel down.

Paulina calls Abe with a plot to save Chanel.

Chanel is released.

Paulina’s arrested.

kate hugs jada after her abortion days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

Friday, December 2

Friday’s Days recap: John and Marlena catch Kristen in Brady’s arms

Eric drinks.

Kristen manipulates Brady.

Marlena and John are concerned that Kristen is manipulating Brady once again.

Leo is startled when Sonny offers him some help.

EJ and Nicole get wasted together.

Eric catches EJ and Nicole in a compromising position.

Chad tries not to show how jealous he is when he hears about how well things are going between Stephanie and Alex.

Alex catches Steph in Chad’s arms.

rachel with john and marlena at town square days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

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