As Chanel’s Released From Jail, Paulina’s Arrested & Eric and Nicole Fight After She Confesses and Kate Comforts Jada

Days of our Lives recap for Thursday, December 1, 2022.  

In today’s Days episode, Eric and Nicole get into a massive fight, Paulina summons Abe with an idea that she hopes will save Chanel and gets herself arrested instead.

In the last Days recap, Eric was rocked by Jada confessing she had an abortion and went to confront Nicole, while Wendy and Johnny decided to keep the secret about Stefan’s conditioning. 

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Allie visits Chanel at SPD. They miss one another and Chanel feels as though she’ll never get out of there.

Shawn lets Sloan Peterson in and Allie wants her to go but Chanel wants to hear what she has to say.

he extends her hand. “Chanel Dupree, I’m your worst nightmare.”

Allie snaps at Sloan that Chanel didn’t murder Martha. She fell. Sloan likes Allie’s passion.

chanel worries to allie days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers december 1

Chanel is sorry for Sloan’s loss and she’d give anything to change what happened that day but she calls it more complicated than she thinks.

Sloan says she read her original statement where she confessed. It must be nice to have a mother who works that hard for you.

Sloan says her mom would have but Chanel took her away.

Chanel explains that he pursued her and didn’t seem to want to be in his marriage.

She was young. Sloan counters that she was an adult.

She yells not to play innocent and Allie tells her to stop it.

sloan visit chanel jail days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers december 1

Sloan likes Allie’s passion and thinks things would have been different had she known she liked girls back then.

Chanel snaps. She tells her to leave Allie out of it. She knows she shouldn’t have had the affair.

The fact is that her father had all the power in their relationship.

Sloan asks if she thought about what it felt like to her and her brother to watch her father slowly drink himself to death.

Chanel says nothing. Sloan says it’s because he was holding in that terrible secret. “I’m sorry,” Chanel says.

Sloan says that for someone who says they didn’t have power, she had enough to destroy her life.

At her office, Paulina barks at someone on a call that all appointments go through her assistant.

She says, “I don’t care if I don’t have an assistant. Figure it out!”

She disconnects as Abe walks in. She tells him she has had an epiphany about how to get Chanel out of jail.

He wants to help.

paulina needs assistant days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers december 1

“Fire Melinda Trask.” Abe says she can’t be serious but she is. Abe says theoretically he can. Paulina thinks Belle would be qualified.

“So you want me to rig her case by hiring her own lawyer to prosecute her.”

Paulina rears back. No. It sounds bad when he puts it that way.

Abe says he’d be impeached. They’d be in the cell right next to her.

Abe will fight for her daughter and so will Belle. If anyone can outfox Trask, it’s her.

abraham talks trust days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers


Belle finds Trask outside of the pub and yells that she’s holding her client unethically.

She’s not getting away with it. Melinda says the courts are busy but she’s been working hard with Scotland Yard on the prosecution.

Belle thinks she’s happy about getting to prosecute the governor’s daughter.

Melinda calls her a whiner and says her client deserves better.

melinda and belle talk about getting chanel out of jail days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Then she decides that no, she doesn’t. She tries to leave but Belle stops her.

She knows that Melinda sent the ruling to Judge Ellis on a Friday afternoon and he rubber-stamped her request just like she knew he would.

But Belle gives her paperwork.

She has to go in front of the court and justify her reasons for holding Chanel indefinitely.

Trask isn’t happy. Belle says Miss Dupree will get bail today.

She offers Melinda a ride to the courthouse.

belle yells at melinda for her unethically keeping chanel at SPD days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

Jada sits on her bed in her room above the pub, upset when Kate comes knocking.

She has a box of tea that’s worked on her for morning sickness. Jada says that’s kind but she ended her pregnancy.

She changed her mind. Kate understands. There’s no judgment.

She’s just surprised. What happened?

Jada says she’d have been alone most of the time with a full-time job.

kate gives jada tea at the pub days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

It’d have been too difficult. Kate asks if she’s okay. She isn’t going to cry over it or Eric.

She made a decision. They discuss Eric’s reaction.

Kate’s sorry she had to go through it alone.

Kate asks if she spoke with a friend about it first.

Jada says she talked with “the last person I’d call a friend.”

Nicole. Kate hopes she didn’t talk her into having an abortion.

Jada says no.

kate hopes nicole didn't talk jada into abortion days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

She told her what single motherhood was like and it had her reevaluating the pros and cons.

One day she’d love to be a mother but not like this. Kate supports her and Jada says she’s used to taking care of herself.

Kate can relate. They agree it’s nice having someone in your life.

Kate hopes they can remain friends. They both like each other.

Kate says she needs a friend in Salem PD. Jada laughs. She’s heard stories. “They are true, but don’t believe them,” Kate says.

They laugh. Jada starts to cry. Even though she did what she did for her, it still hurts.

Kate holds her while she cries.

kate hugs jada after her abortion days of our lives recap soapsspoilers



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At Basic Black, Eric asks if Nicole encouraged Jada to have an abortion. Nicole can’t believe he’s asking.

“Did you push her to terminate her pregnancy?” Nicole says, “Is that what that bitch told you?”

Nicole says it’s a lie. She wants to go see her but Eric says it’s too late. She had an abortion.

“The baby’s gone,” he says, tears in his eyes.

Nicole’s shocked. She didn’t even mention that she was considering it.

Abortion wasn’t even part of the conversation.

She asks if he tried talking her out of it but Jada already went through with it.

eric asks if nicole encouraged jada to abort days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

Nic was the last person who talked to her before she did it. He asks why she even spoke to her.

“This pregnancy is none of your damned business.” Nicole reminds him they’re together.

Can he imagine how she felt watching him tell his family he was planning on raising his baby together with Jada?

He says he told her but she already knew. Eric accuses her of spying but that’s not it.

She thought they looked like a couple who were reuniting. Eric says she could have asked.

She thought she was losing him so she asked Jada about her intentions.

She admits she talked to her about what it’s like being a single mother.

“You made it out to be a terrible fate?”

Eric says according to Jada, Nicole gave her a friendly reminder that she wasn’t going anywhere.

He knows she wasn’t innocent. “You got exactly what you want didn’t ya?”

eric thinks nicole got what she want jada an abortion days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

Nicole’s shocked he thinks that she went to talk Jada into ending her pregnancy.

Eric says actions have consequences.

She acts impulsively all the time. She asks if he’s talking about her sleeping with Xander.

He asks why she’s bringing him up. She doesn’t think he trusts her.

She says she’ll never be good enough for him.

He yells to stop with self-pity. She doesn’t feel that way.

If anything, she says she feels guilty.

She yells, that she was feeling threatened and hoping Jada wouldn’t keep the baby.

“There. I said it. Are you satisfied?”

nicole yells that she did not want jada to have the baby days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

He is because she’s honest. Eric wanted his baby to mean something to her.

Nicole thought that he was grateful Jada could give him a kid when she can’t. Eric can’t believe she thinks he’d say something so hurtful.

Nicole says a few minutes ago, he thought she talked Jada into an abortion.

He didn’t think that. Nicole says he didn’t think of her at all during this whole thing.

Eric says this isn’t about them not being able to have a baby together. It’s about what she did.

She broke trust and it can’t be undone. They can’t go back.

He has to find a way to live with Jada’s baby being gone and with Nicole’s role in it. They both tear up.

He doesn’t know where they go from here. He leaves.

eric leaves nicole days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

Belle arrives at SPD to see Chanel.

Shawn tells her she’s in the interrogation room with Sloan Peterson.

Belle doesn’t like that. Inside the room, Allie says that Sloan tried to get a big payday when she came to Salem.

Sloan thinks she’s owed restitution and revenge.

belle gets chanel out of jail days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

Shawn appears with Belle. Belle says she made bail. Chanel looks relieved.

Belle explains how she got it done when Abe and Paulina turn up. Paulina asks where to take the check.

Trask appears. “Not so fast.” Sloan grins to herself. Trask gives Shawn a paper.

Trask says Chanel gets bail but the cover-up that followed was masterminded by Paulina.

Shawn’s sorry to do this but he arrests Paulina for criminal conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

He cuffs her and reads her rights.

shawn arrests paulina for obstruction justice days of our lives recap soapsspoilers


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