Days of Our Lives Spoilers November 21 – 25: Marlena’s Doll Falls For No Reason, While EJ Thinks he Hears Susan

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Coming up: Rafe has a mixed Thanksgiving, Li has orders for Rolf Alex asks Stephanie out for a second date, and Marlena comforts EJ.

Monday, November 21

Monday’s Days recap: Ava drives her car off the road

Ava taunts EJ.

EJ thinks his mother is dead.
Susan appears and tells her son she’s not dead but Ava drives off with her.

Bonnie is rescued by Justin and Alex.

EJ and Ava’s fight goes in a stunning direction.

Xander has a horrible task to face.

Xander spares Susan’s life and prepares to reveal everything.

Rafe asks Bonnie about who kept her captive.

Bo, Hope, Megan, Ciara & Will return to Days

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Tuesday, November 22

Tuesday’s Days recap: Susan dies

Ava leaves EJ devastated.

Susan and Ava die in the fiery crash.

Xander prepares himself to confess to Sarah.

Xander lies.

Stefan and Chloe are invited by Gabi to her wedding.

Stefan and Chloe can’t figure out that Gabi’s trying to make Stefan jealous.

Li instructs Rolf on how to take care of Johnny and Wendy.

The tables are turned on Rolf.

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Bo, Hope, Megan, Ciara & Will return to Days

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Wednesday, November 23

Wednesday’s Days recap: Jada is keeping her baby

Jada opens up to Kate about her situation.

Eric has big news for Roman.

Things are awkward on Thanksgiving when Rafe and Nicole bump into each other.

Nicole bakes a pie for Rafe’s family.

Nicole apologizes.

Chanel is shocked Sloan is the client.

Jada and Eric hug as Nicole walks in and overhears that they’ll raise their baby together.

Abe and Allie surprise Chanel.

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Thursday, November 24

Thursday’s Days recap: Marlena and EJ remember Susan

Marlena gives EJ some comfort.

Alex asks Stephanie over for Thanksgiving.

Gabi and Li celebrate Thanksgiving with Rafe.

Rafe throws out the pie Nicole made.

Gabi laughs at what’s going on in Nicole’s life, thinking she deserves it.

Nicole loses it after eavesdropping on Jada and Eric.

Nicole thinks Eric’s going to dump her.

Jada worries that Nicole won’t like that she and Eric are raising their kid together.

EJ grieves and cries over his mother’s death.

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Friday, November 25

Friday’s Days recap: Jada tells Nicole off

Rafe discovers a distraught EJ.

Rafe and EJ drink.

Nicole tries to convince Jada not to have a baby with a man who wants someone else.

Nicole has it out with Jada about Eric.

Xander tells Gwen about what he’s done.

Marlena learns Eric’s about to be a dad.

Eric goes to Nicole to tell her they’re still on track to be together, even if he’s going to be a father.

Gwen proposes to keep Xander’s secret.

Sarah gets suspicious of Xander.

Sarah asks if Xander is the kidnapper.

After Nicole tells Jada it’ll be hard to be a single mom, Jada tells Rafe she’s not having the baby.

Marlena has a strange phenomena happen to her as EJ hears something in the woods.

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