Ava Snatches Susan and Runs Her Car Off the Road, Xander Tries to Confess to Sarah & Justin Vows to Take Down the Clown Who Took Bonnie

Days of our Lives recap for Moniday, November 21, 2022.  

In today’s Days episode, EJ’s plan to rescue Susan goes terribly wrong, Bonnie tries to remember everything about Mr. Clown and Sarah has no clue what Xander has been up to.

In the last Days recap, Justin and Alex searched for Bonnie, Ava demanded more money from EJ, and Steve and Kayla donned disguises in their quest to find Tripp safe.

ej tony argue ava days of our lives recap soapsspoilers


Maggie stands at the fireplace of the Kiriakis living room, alone. Sarah walks in with a gift. She has to work and will miss Victor and Maggie’s anniversary party.

The gift is a steel photo frame for their 11th anniversary, but it’s empty. Maybe they could take a photo for it tonight, Sarah suggests.

Maggie looks less than pleased and Sarah assumes she hates the gift, but it’s not that. It’s Bonnie. She’s still missing and Maggie is terribly worried.

Maggie tells Sarah that Justin talked to Bonnie’s daughter Mimi, who has not seen her mother.

sarah steel gift days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

The last anyone saw her, Bonnie was going out to the garden shed.

Sarah reminds Maggie that Bonnie can be “a little scattered” and assures her mother that Bonnie will turn up.

Speaking of which, where is Xander, Sarah wants to know.

sarah talks maggie days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Justin and Alex burst into the garden shed and are shocked at what they see.

It’s Bonnie, still gagged and bound to the chair, but alive and conscious.

Justin wants to know who did this.

bonnie saved days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

“The evilest clown you’ve ever seen!” Bonnie tells him.

Justin seems to have trouble believing his wife, so Bonnie goes into details. She tells them how she went to the shed to get lanterns for Victor and Maggie’s party when she found Susan tied up there.

Justin still seems bewildered by the whole story. A clown that wants EJ to pay a ransom for Susan?

bonnie saved by husband days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Xander drives a car, still wearing the clown mask. Susan is in the backseat nattering on. She wants to know when Mr. Clown is going to let her go.

“What’s with all the questions,” disguised Xander asks in an American accent. “Aren’t you supposed to be psychic?”

Susan informs him that it doesn’t work like that and she’s not a sideshow fortune teller. In fact, she’s not happy with Mr. Clown’s attitude at all and thinks he’s just rude and boring.

xander susan drive days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Xander grumbles at her to sit back and enjoy the ride – in silence.

The quiet doesn’t last long before Susan begins ruminating on her expectations of what a clown car might look like.

“So how many clown friends can you cram in here, Mr. Clown,” she asks and Xander snaps. He bangs his head against the steering wheel.

Xander orders his captive to be silent but Susan’s not having it. She starts telling him

Elvis’ story. In fact, if he doesn’t start answering her questions, she’s going to start singing Elvis’s back catalog in chronological order.

Xander relents and tells her that it’s a rental car and he has no clown friends.

xander clown susan days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Now it’s Xander’s turn to ask a question. What’s with the silly yellow hat, Susan?

Susan informs her kidnapper that it’s her lucky hat and that she likes to be prepared for bad weather and other misfortunes.

Xander wonders if her hat is lucky given the circumstances, but Susan believes that as long as she has her hat, everything’s going to be alright.

Susan wants to know where they’re going since Xander lied about her being in “old stinky Victor’s old stinky garden shed.”

Xander admits that he’s even more ready for this to be over than Susan is. He answers her question about where they’re going.

“I’m taking you home,” he tells her.

susan silly hat days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

EJ is alone in the DiMera living room, looking at his phone. Tony enters and closes the doors behind him. Anna is upstairs resting. 

Tony tells his brother that he’s relieved that he’s come to an agreement with Ava.

EJ tell Tony that he has every intention of doing whatever Ava wants to make sure Susan comes home safely.

He’s spoken to his banker and secured the ransom money.

ej tony argue ava days of our lives recap soapsspoilers

“There’s just one more thing I need to do,” EJ says as he opens the safe and takes out a gun.

He tells Tony that Ava just texted him her location and he’s off to meet her. Tony questions whether bringing a gun is necessary.

EJ reminds him that more than one poor soul has met Ava unarmed and he’s not about to make that grave mistake.

ej safe gets gun days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

He thinks he’ll best Ava because she’s reckless and her moves are erratic. He tucks the gun into his back pant waist.

Tony wants to come along for backup, but Ava wants EJ alone. He promises Tony that the gun is a last resort.

EJ leaves the room.

ej gets gun days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Charlie and Ava are together in the DiMera crypt and he’s encouraging his mother to have Xander kill Susan to teach EJ a lesson.

Ava reminds Charlie that she made a deal with EJ for a $30 million ransom, but Charlie says this is not about the money.

EJ disrespected Ava and she needs to send him a message by taking the money and then killing Susan.

ava suffers days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

“30 million is a big payday, sure,” Charlie says. “But to destroy a man, to crush his soul. That is how you become somebody again.”

Charlie tells his mother that she could be the Ava Vitali she used to be. He tells her to put EJ in his place by putting Susan in this place – the crypt.

Ava tells Charlie that Susan is innocent and has done nothing wrong.

Charlie thinks that’s exactly why she should kill Susan. Besides, the woman is annoying as hell, he adds.

charlie ava at the crypt days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Outside the crypt, Mr. Clown is dragging Susan along the path, but she does not want to go into the place where the devil had control of her.

Xander pushes her through the door to the surprise of Ava. Susan is mistakenly excited to see her and tells her that Mr. Clown kidnapped her.

“Then he did exactly what I asked him to,” Ava tells a dejected Susan.

Susan is disappointed that her grandbaby Johnny stood up for Ava against his own daddy. Shame, shame on you, she admonishes Ava.

Ava assures her that she’ll survive and then orders her to go stand in the corner and amuse herself.

“Maybe you can summon up the spiritual world and talk the ear off of some dead DiMera,” Ava suggests.

Susan walks away and Ava confronts Xander.

susan points to xander clown days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Xander tells her that things got messy when he was waiting for word that Tripp had been rescued. Ava tells him that she just got word that Tripp was found.

Xander thinks now they can get the ransom money from EJ and offload “mommy motormouth.”

Ava tells him there’s been a change of plans. She’s going to meet EJ and get the money, while Xander stays in the crypt and kills Susan.

Xander says they had a deal – no one gets hurt.

susan shocked ava with clown days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Ava tells him that her goal has always been to hurt EJ for what he did to her. It’s become clear to her now that the best way to do that is by taking away someone he loves. 

Xander says that he did not sign up for murder. They were supposed to trade Susan for a vast sum of money.

Ava tells him that EJ will always have money and will always get more. They need to take away something that EJ can’t replace. He needs to pay in blood.

ava calls xander a moron days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

“Oh, I knew you had a screw loose,” Xander says. “But now, my God, you’ve totally lost it.”

Mr. Clown puts the American accent back on and tells Susan, “Come on Lucky Hat. I’m taking you home to your son.” 

xander outed by ava days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

But just then, Ava rips the mask off and reveals Xander’s face to a shocked Susan. She knows him.

Xander glares at Ava, asking why she did this. She responds that he brought Susan to the crypt and outed her, so she was just returning the favor.

Ava announces that she’s got to go and meet EJ at the airstrip, where she’ll get the money and tell him the “terrible news about his precious mom.”

She tells Susan that there’s a nice spot right between Stefano and Andre that could be her final resting place. Xander looks sick while Susan quakes.

Ava leaves the crypt.

Sarah examines Bonnie in the Kiriakis living room while Justin and Alex look on. Dr. Horton-Cook tells them that Bonnie is fine.

Maggie enters with a nice cup of chamomile tea to soothe Bonnie’s nerves.

“Oh, um, I think maybe a Long Island iced tea might work faster for me, though,” Bonnie says.

Alex exits to get his stepmother a more powerful drink.

bonnie examined by sarah days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Justin asks Bonnie if she can remember anything else about Mr. Clown. She says she’s more interested in drinking than talking. 

Can they just talk about this later, Bonnie asks.

“No, you can’t,” Rafe declares as he enters the room.

He says that the longer Bonnie waits to talk about what happened, the more likely she is to forget something that might save Susan’s life.

Bonnie tells him that her captor was wearing a clown mask and a blue business suit, like one of those that Alex looks so good in.

Sarah asks if Bonnie is implying that Alex is the kidnapper. Bonnie says she knows her sweet stepson would never hurt her. Justin assures Rafe that Alex was with him the whole time.

Bonnie says she’s really bad at describing people to the cops and reminds him that last time, she identified the wrong person. She’s shaking and doesn’t want to talk about her ordeal anymore.

Rafe agrees and tells Bonnie to call him if she remembers anything else and stands up to leave the room.

Bonnie stops him. She’s remembered something else.

Mr. Clown didn’t seem like a clown at all. He wasn’t very funny and was downright mean. If he worked in a circus, he’d be the strong man.

Alex has a look on his face like he’s thinking of something or someone. Sarah looks slightly nauseous.

rafe questions bonnie days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

In the crypt with Susan, Xander is pondering his gun.

Susan pleads with Mr. Xander Clown for her life. She promises that if he lets her live, she won’t tell a soul about his involvement.

Xander is conflicted. He doesn’t want to kill Susan, but he also doesn’t want Sarah to find out that he was involved in another criminal scheme.

“I have to do it for her,” Xander says and tells a frightened Susan to be quiet.

xander shows himself days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

He goes on to tell Susan how he promised Sarah that he’s a changed man and if she finds out what he’s done, she’ll never forgive him.

Susan tells him that Sarah never needs to find out because Susan will keep her mouth shut.

Xander thinks that if he lets Susan go, Ava will out him as Mr. Clown.

“I’m so sorry,” he says as he aims the gun at Susan.

xander holds gun susan days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers




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EJ arrives at the deserted airstrip. Car headlights suddenly light up on him.

“That’s close enough, EJ,” Ava says as she approaches him.

EJ tells her he wants to see his mother before he forks over the ransom money. 

Ava counters that unless she gets an alert on her phone that the money has been wired to her account, she’ll tell her associate to put a bullet in Susan’s “brainless little head.”

ej menacing days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

EJ pulls his phone out and does the bank transfer. Ava’s phone beeps with the confirmation.

EJ wants Susan back now, but Ava cruelly tells him she’ll only be releasing his mother’s body.

She tells him that his dear old mommy is dead. 

Ava goes on to tell him that the look on his face is worth more than $30 million.

”If it’s true that my mother’s dead, then you’re next,” he says, pulls out his gun and points it at Ava.

Ava raises her hands and tells EJ to go ahead and kill her. But they both know she won. She beat him, she says.

EJ is ready to pull the trigger when Susan suddenly breathlessly runs into the scene, arms waving!

Susan assures her son that she is alive and tells him to put the gun down.

Bu then Ava grabs Susan and puts a gun to her head. Susan drops her lucky hat and Ava tells EJ to put his gun down.

Ava pulls Susan away and they get in the car and drive away from the airstrip.

susan held by ava days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Back at his motel room, Xander emerges from the bathroom shirtless and visibly upset.

He thought a shower would wash away some of the guilt, but he was wrong.

xander sexy shirtless days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Xander has a flashback of being in the crypt with Susan, who asked to say a prayer before dying. She rambled on about Sister Mary Moira and Xander cocked the gun.

Susan surprised him by praying for Xander’s soul and then told him she was ready to die.

Xander tried, but he couldn’t shoot Susan. He told her to go before he changed his mind.

Susan ran out of the crypt and the flashback ends.

susan pray days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Xander thinks she’s probably telling the whole world what he’s done right now.

Sarah bursts into the room and goes right into the kidnapping gossip. She gives all the details about Mr. Clown to a distressed Xander.

He interrupts her and says that he has something to tell her.

sarah with hot xander days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Alone in the DiMera living room, Tony looks at Stefano’s portrait.

“Well, here we are, Father, yet again,” Tony says. “Waiting for one of my brothers to return. Like father like son. Isn’t that right?”

tony talks stefano portrait days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Rafe suddenly enters and demands to know where EJ is.

Tony tells Rafe that EJ is at the airstrip to get Susan back. Rafe wants to know why they didn’t call him.

Tony reminds Rafe of his own personal experience with Ava and how the rules just don’t seem to apply when you’re dealing with Ava Vitali.

rafe and tony dimera mansion days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Alone in the Kiriakis living room, Justin and Bonnie snuggle on the couch. He’s happy that she’s safe. They kiss tenderly.

Bonnie gulps her Long Island iced tea and announces that her nerved are dulled.

Justin tells her that when he finds this clown, he’s going to be sorry he ever laid a finger on Bonnie.

Bonnie assures him that she’s fine but she’s afraid for Susan. Justin tells her that Rafe will find Susan.

Bonnie hopes he’s right.

justin cuddle bonnie days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers


Rafe arrives at the airstrip, but it’s deserted. He looks down to see Susan’s lucky yellow hat.

susan lucky hat days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Ava races her car to parts unknown. Susan is apoplectic because she’s lost her lucky hat. She wants to go back for it.

Ava tells Susan to keep her mouth shut or she’s going to lose her unlucky head, too.

EJ follows them in his own car. He declares that he will save his mother.

ava with susan car days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Charlie appears in Ava’s car and reminds her that EJ used to drive race cars, so it’s only a matter of time before he catches up to her.

In the following car, EJ talks to himself about dealing with Ava and sending her to hell.

Charlie asks Ava what the plan is. Is she going to drive all the way to Seattle?

charlie in car days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Susan asks Ava to keep her eyes on the road because it would be terrible if they go into an accident.

“Damn you, EJ!” Ava cries.

Charlie goes on to mock his mother for letting EJ get the upper hand. Vitalis don’t run!

ej driving days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Ava says she’s not scared, but her voice shakes. Susan is in the back seat praying.

Ava says she’s lost everything, but Charlie reminds her that she still has him, though she lost Steve, Rafe didn’t want her,  Jake died, and Tripp abandoned her. They can still be together like they always wanted. She can still win this.

“You can still hurt EJ,” Charlie tells Ava. “You know what you have to do.”

Ava makes a sharp turn and runs off the road.

ava gun in car days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers


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