Bold & Beautiful Spoilers Jan 30 – Feb 3: Sheila Gets in Katie’s Face, Carter and Katie Talk Falling in Love

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, January 30 to Friday, February 3.

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Find out what’s coming up on Bold and Beautiful 2 weeks ahead. 

First, B&B spoilers from January 23-27 have Deacon kissing Sheila and she pushed him away, Hope thought they should consider bringing Thomas back to Forrester after the HFTF line tanked.

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Catching Katie off-guard, Sheila levies a serious threat. 

Taylor confesses her crime to Brooke. 

Steffy and Finn find passion in the midst of chaos.

finn rubs steffy's feet Bold and Beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

Monday, January 30

Monday’s B&B recap: Taylor confesses to Katie

 Hope and Steffy try to dissuade Taylor from doing the right thing and turning herself in.

Taylor tells Katie the truth.

Sheila and Bill talk about her insecurities about Katie.

taylor groses outt seeing bill kiss sheila B&B recaps soapsspoilers

Tuesday, January 31

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Katie yells at a sobbing Taylor

Deacon is happy when Brooke and Hope visit his new pizza joint.

Brooke and Hope eat pizza and give Deacon so many tips until he realizes they’re playing him.

Deacon deflects when Brooke and Hope start talking about Sheila.

Taylor stuns Katie with her massive confession that she shot Bill.

deacon laughs at brooke and hope il giardino B&B recaps soapsspoilers

Wednesday, February 1

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Brooke finds Taylor crying

Deacon and Brooke express warm feelings for each other.

Carter’s shocked when Katie reveals information about Bill.

Sheila confronts Taylor about their past, their present and their future.

Taylor cries after Sheila visits.

Brooke tries to get Tay to forgive herself.

sheila happy Bold and Beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

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Thursday, February 2

Thursday’s B&B recap: Katie warns Sheila who taunts Katie

Katie and Sheila argue.

Sheila taunts Katie about her heart.

Taylor cries and Brooke comforts her.

Carter stops Sheila from threatening Katie.

Finn and Steffy have sex.

steffy and finn cuddle bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

Friday, February 3

Friday’s B&B recap: Sheila visits Deacon at work

Deacon covers his emotions when Sheila visits Il Giardino.

Separately, Brooke and Steffy vow to protect Taylor at all costs.

Brooke agrees to talk to Dollar bill B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

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