Katie Vows Not to Lose Bill to Sheila, and is Rocked When Taylor Confesses to Shooting Bill and to His Blackmail

In the Monday, January 30, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Charlotte suggest a civil case against Sheila, Hope and Steffy talk Taylor out of confessing again, and Taylor still feels like she should be punished.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Katie apologized to Bill, who asked her to take him back, Hope knew taking Thomas back would be a mistake, and Charlie threatened Thomas.

At Bill’s, he asks Katie if she’s offering to be a family again if he sends Sheila back to prison. Anxious Sheila eavesdrops.

katie begs bill to dump sheilaa bold and the beautiful soapsspoilers recaps

Katie wants him to be part of her life and Will’s, but that doesn’t mean getting back together.

Sheila looks relieved and interrupts, offering Katie some leftover cake. She cuddles up to Bill and smirks at the Logan.

Katie tells her not to get comfortable because Bill will realize she’s using him.

Sheila says she doesn’t know what she’s feeling. Katie refuses to accept she feels anything like a normal person.

She lists Sheila’s recent crimes. Sheila is getting tired of defending herself. It’s still painful to know she shot her son.

Katie doesn’t know how Bill can even trust Sheila with himself let alone their son.

Sheila insists he’s safe with a woman who can stand next to him, something Katie could never do. She knows how scared Katie is of the sword and what it represents.

sheila defends herself bold and the beautiful soapsspoilers recaps

For the first time in their lives, she and Bill have found their true partners.

Katie tells Bill he can still make things right and undo what he’s done. She won’t give up and will fight to make him see reality. She doesn’t care how long it takes.

“I won’t lose you. I won’t lose the father of my son to Sheila Carter,” she vows.

Once Katie is gone, Bill and Sheila relax on the couch. She admits it hard to see him with his ex-wife. She can’t help but wonder about what would happen if she gave him another chance.

Bill explains he got caught up in the memories earlier. He misses the family they were trying to be but it wasn’t sustainable, not like their relationship.

Sheila came into his life when he needed her the most. She doesn’t need to question his commitment.

They kiss and she thanks him before reminding him of how Katie was always walking out on him.

sheila kisses bill bold and the beautiful soapsspoilers recaps

Sheila says everyone deserves to be fully accepted for who they are, even the two of them.

She knows that he hurts just like anyone else. Maybe if Katie knew that Taylor shot him, she would shut up.


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New B&B comings and goings

At Forrester Creations, Hope and Steffy fume about Bill putting them all in danger. Charlotte interrupts to tell Steffy that her interview with Eye On Fashion has been postponed.

charlotte the intern bold and the beautiful soapsspoilers recaps

Taylor shows up and the venting about the Sheila situation continues. Charlotte joins in and tells them her dad is a lawyer if they want a civil case against Sheila. When she says anyone who puts a bullet in another human should he in jail, Taylor gets twitchy.

taylor and charlotte the intern bold and the beautiful soapsspoilers recaps

Charlotte takes off and Steffy tries calming her mom down. Taylor wants to turn herself in to the police but they tell her that would be pointless.

The shrink is so mad at herself for that night she lost control. Because of that, Sheila is free. Steffy gives her a hug.

taylor wants to turn herself in bold and the beautiful soapsspoilers recaps

Steffy brings her mom to the cliff house and hopes she’s talked her out of turning herself in.

Taylor explains this isn’t just about Sheila going to prison. She’s still holding a terrible secret and never should have got away with shooting Bill in the back.

She can’t stop ruminating. Her daughter tells her to relax and repeats that Sheila will go to prison, not her.

steffy put on the spot bold and the beautiful soapsspoilers recaps

After Taylor goes off for a nap, Katie stomps in, irate about what’s happening.

She demands to know what Bill has on her right now.

katie makes demands on steffy bold and the beautiful soapsspoilers recaps

Steffy says it doesn’t matter. Katie won’t back down. She’s scared.

Steffy is scared for many reason. Katie is confused and needs an explanation. She lists all the people Sheila shot.

Steffy wants her in prison but it’s complicated. Katie demands to know what she’s being blackmailed with.

“It’s because of me,” Taylor says, walking in and explaining that she shot Bill.

taylor confesses she shot bill bold and the beautiful soapsspoilers recaps

Katie is dumbstruck.

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