Sheila Visits Taylor and Urges Her to Forgive Both of Them, Brooke Finds Taylor Crying, and Then Sheila Threatens Katie

In the Wednesday, February 1, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Carter ups the security at Forrester, Taylor tells Ridge to stay out of town, and Deacon quizzes Brooke about the wonders of life without Ridge.

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Katie yelled at a sobbing Taylor who detailed the night she shot Bill, while Brooke and Hope teased and taunted Deacon.

In her office, Taylor talks to Ridge on the phone, convincing him not to come back because he’ll lose it with Bill and make things worse.

taylor gloats at sheila Bold and beautiful recaps today

She gets off the phone when Sheila shows up. She wanted to speak to the doctor since she realized they aren’t so different.

Taylor doesn’t appreciate that sentiment.

Sheila wants them all to live in peace and harmony. Taylor would like that too, but it will only happen when Sheila is behind bars.

After huffing and forcing a smile, Sheila reminds her she put a bullet in Bill. She just wants her to know that no one in the family needs to fear her.

sheila not happy with taylor Bold and beautiful recaps today

Taylor isn’t swallowing any of this. Sheila reminds her that she saved her life. The shrink flashes back to her pulling her back onto the roof.

Sheila repeats that she’s part of Finn’s life so she’s part of her life too.

Taylor regrets shooting Bill. Sheila knows how that feels but tells her she needs to forgive herself so she can forgive others.

This is too weird for the doctor and she tells her to stop what she’s doing. She will forgive herself but she will never forgive Sheila.

Sheila lets out a weird laugh and walks out. The shrink sits and sighs.

sheila says not to fear her Bold and beautiful recaps today

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At Forrester Creations, Carter and Charlie talk about making the building more secure. Charlie cracks a joke but Carter’s not in the mood to laugh.

charlie and carter at forrester creations Bold and beautiful recaps today

Katie walks in and reminds them of how serious this situation is.

Charlie tries making more jokes but they don’t appreciate it. After he putters off, Katie tells Carter she’s not okay.

She’s learned what Bill has on Steffy and Finn and it kept her up all night.

katie tells carter why she wasn't around last night Bold and beautiful recaps today

He knows it must be a huge secret. She trusts him but thinks it’s best he doesn’t know.

Katie adds that she went to see Bill to try and talk some sense into him. She thought she could see a glimmer of his old self. He implied he would end things with Sheila if she took him back.

Carter squints. He guesses Sheila’s hold over Bill isn’t as strong as they thought. He wonders if she could go back to him after all.

Katie says she will always care about him but she’s not the same person who married him and she deserves better.

He agrees with that.

She can’t even recognize Bill anymore. He used to make her feel safe but now he’s bringing danger to her door.

“Our door,” he says. Katie tells him he always makes her feel safe and lists all his great qualities. She worries she’s being too cheesy.

Carter kisses her and she thanks him for everything. He leaves her smiling.

carter pulls katie kiss Bold and beautiful recaps today

When Katie turns around, Sheila is standing there. She warns her to accept her relationship with Bill or else.

sheila visits katie Bold and beautiful recaps today

At Il Giardino, Brooke is blown away by Deacon’s ravioli. Knowing she and Hope are proud of him is something he’s dreamed of for a long time.

deacon surprised brooke bffs with taylor Bold and beautiful recaps today

He offers to test his new pizza on her and then asks her to tell him about how great her life is now that Ridge is out of it.

She tells him how proud she and Taylor are of themselves for being strong grandmas.

Brooke adds that she’s been surprised to find a new “dear friend” in Taylor.

brooke talks to deacon about her BFF taylor Bold and beautiful recaps today

“Hell froze over,” he jokes. She says it had to happen.

When he jests that he and Ridge could become BFFs next, she says Hell won’t freeze over twice.

She asks if he has a woman in his life. He thinks about Sheila. She can see from the look on his face that there is somebody.

brooke and deacon talk about his dating life Bold and beautiful recaps today

Brooke takes a pizza down to Taylor’s office.

“Sheila paid me a visit,” she announces. Brooke starts nodding. The doctor tells her Sheila wants everyone to get along.

Taylor wonders if she was right and they are more alike than she wants to admit. She shot a man.

“You weren’t yourself,” Brooke says, but sobbing Taylor thinks Sheila is right.

brooke tells taylor she wasn't herself for shooting bill Bold and beautiful recaps today

Brooke repeats that she is nothing like Sheila. She is kind, good, and smart and she can’t let Sheila weaponize her guilt.

Taylor doesn’t know how long she can take this. Brooke assures her they will beat Sheila and she will always be there for her.

The doctor sobs on her shoulder.

brooke and taylor snuggle Bold and beautiful recaps today

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