Katie Yells at a Sobbing Taylor Who Details the Night She Shot Bill, While Brooke & Hope Tease and Taunt Deacon

In the Tuesday, January 31, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Deacon feigns ignorance of Sheila to Brooke and Hope, and Bill admits to Sheila he’s thinking about what could have been.

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Katie vowed not to lose Bill to Sheila, and was rocked when Taylor confessed to shooting Bill.

At the cliff house, Katie is in shock after she learns that Taylor is the reason Sheila is out. If Sheila goes to prison, she will go to prison for shooting Bill.

katie yells at taylor for shooting bill bold and the beautiful recaps today

“That was you? It was you!” gasps Katie.

Taylor doesn’t know what happened that night. She lost control.

She babbles about the human condition and the contrast between light and dark within. She let the rage overtake her and block out the light.

taylor tries to explain why she shot bill bold and the beautiful recaps today

Katie demands to know exactly what happened. What could have possessed her to pick up a gun and shoot Bill?

Steffy and Taylor stare at each other.

With a little more prompting from Katie, Taylor explains that she was consumed with rage. She went to confront Bill, not kill him.

Taylor remembers shooting bill bold and beautiful recap today

She recalls walking into Bill’s while Beethoven played and finding the golden gun while he was drinking on the terrace. All she could think about was the terrible thing he’d done. The lights went out and she pulled the trigger.

She bursts into tears. Steffy throws her arms around he. Katie shakes her head.

Taylor is sorry. She’s horrified by what she did. She wasn’t herself that night.

This is a lot for Katie to wrap her head around. Taylor doesn’t know what to say.

katie upset at taylor for shooting bill B&B recaps

Katie still doesn’t understand how Sheila got into Bill’s head and turned him against everyone. Steffy says they need to figure out how to stop Sheila once and for all.


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New B&B comings and goings

Bill and Sheila cuddle at the Stallion’s mansion. She used to be frenetic and didn’t know how “to be.” He’s taught her a new way to live.

bill distracted thoughts of katie B&B recaps soapsspoilers

Sheila can’t even begin to tell him for grateful she is for her second chance at life. She thinks of him asking Katie if they could reunite.

Noticing that he seems distracted, she asks what he’s thinking about. He doesn’t say anything. She urges him to put what Katie said out of his mind. He looks at her hair.

Standing up, he admits he’s been thinking about how things could have been different.

She reminds him of how the Logans and Forresters were always twisting and abandoning him. Taylor even shot him in cold blood.

Bill looks away as she goes on about how Taylor will have to live with this for the rest of her life.


Sheila goes on about how he was ambushed in his own living room. It’s chilling to think they might never have found each other.

She remembers how stunned she was to hear that “this incredible force of a man was taken down by a coward.”

Seeing how Taylor fell to the dark side made her realize that she’s not a monster; she’s just made mistakes like everyone else.

They kiss and snuggle.

sheila makes out with blubbering bill B&B recaps

Hope and Brooke stroll into Il Giardino and admire Deacon running the restaurant. They are so proud of him. His face lights up.

brooke and hope visit il giardino deacon's new place B&B recaps soapsspoilers

He starts talking about how authentic he wants the place to be and even plans to grow his own herbs on the roof.

Whipping out a pizza, he asks them to sample and give their feedback. They chew and tell him it could be thinner and more Italian with some smoked mozzarella.

Eventually, he realizes they are messing with him and they ask for second slices.

He pours fizzy water as Brooke vents about Sheila going free yet again. Deacon stares.

He claims he’s just tired and barely knows what’s going on since he’s been so busy.

Brooke and hope eat pizza B&B recaps soapsspoilers

“Of course! Why would you be thinking about Sheila?” Brooke shrugs. The ladies get back to venting about Bill shacking up with Sheila.

Hope thinks any man who would develop feelings for Sheila must be crazy. Deacon looks away awkwardly.

He starts re-cleaning glasses while the ladies go on about Sheila having no redeeming qualities and Bill going insane.

Brooke wonders who is using who and can’t understand any man loving Sheila. Deacon flashes back to dancing with Sheila.

brooke hope eat pizza with deacon B&B recaps soapsspoilers

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