Sally Tells Nick Adam Could be the Father, Jack Surprises Diane with Romance & Nate and Victoria Discuss Stealing Tucker’s Business Before Kissing

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Billy and Chelsea assure each other they aren’t dating, Nick reassures Sally about being a parent and they have sex. In the previous episode, Adam admitted he’s a slacker, , Jack confronted Kyle for colluding with Victor and Summer resented Victor interfering with Kyle and Jack.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for February 2, 2023 episode airs in the USA February 3. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Billy and Chelsea are shown to the “most romantic table in Society.” That makes things awkward for them.

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They assume the waitress assumed they are on a date. Chelsea asks him if this is a date.

He doesn’t answer. They debate which table is the most romantic. She asks again if this is a date.

He says if it was, she’d know. She’s sure it is too soon for either of them to date.

Billy assures her this is just two friends talking and they can split the check.

They read the menu. She keeps worrying their server will tell Abby they were on a date.

Early Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

He calls the waitress over and tells her they are not on a date.

After they eat, Chelsea and Billy talk about how he is “a lot.” They chat about his family and Jack and Diane’s reunion.

Billy believes in second chances. She’s grateful for that. They discuss dessert.

This dinner is exactly what she needed.

He walks her back to her apartment. She offers him tea and thinks he looks flustered.

billy after date with chelsea Y&R recaps

Billy is cautious about making her life difficult. She’s reassuring.

He tells her that hanging out with her has been good for him. Getting a glimpse into her soul has been a gift.

She’s not sure what tonight was but it was a good time and she doesn’t want to jeopardize their friendship.

She’s seen his soul too and knows who he is. It brings her a lot of comfort. She kisses his cheek.

chelsea kisses billy cheek Y&R early recap

Nick knocks on Sally’s door with some bananas and rice cakes. She opens up weeping and explains she’s just in baby mode.

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Nick thinks there must be more. As they sit down, she worries about baby stuff. This is her first moment of true fear. She’s a mess.

He says it’s normal to be scared of becoming a parent. It’s scary. He was a mess too but got through it and so will she. When the baby is born, everything will make sense.

There were bumps and mistakes, but it is natural.

She can believe that he became a good dad easily, but it’s different from her.

He had a mom and dad around growing up. She never did.

The idea of devastating a child makes her chest tighten up.

Adam arrives outside and eavesdrops as Sally goes on about how hard it is to lean on anyone. Sighing, Adam walks off.

young and the restless recaps soapsspoilers

Nick assures Sally he will be with her every step of the way and bring her all her snacks. That sounds amazing to her.

He has no answer about their future, but he’s solid as a parent.

Pacing, she tells him how concerned she is about how fast everything is going.

She needs to get things right. He says they will, but he’s not sure what they are talking about.

Early Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Sally says no baby could have a better father and that’s all that matters. They kiss and get in bed.

sally kissing nick grand phoenix suite Y&R recaps

As they relax in bed, she tells him how content she is and then worries.

“I have to tell you something. It’s about the baby,” she starts.

“Adam could be the father,” she admits.

Nick and sally sex bed Y&R recaps

Adam goes to the Phoenix and has a drink.

adam drinks again Y&R early recap

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In his office, Nate calls someone to get data. Victoria shows up and asks for his help. She hands him a bottle of booze. It was a gift she wanted to open for a special occasion.

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She thinks they need to step outside of the box. Once they sit down and start drinking, she tells him how nice it is to step out of the corporate structure.

After she pours them another drink, she tells him she wants to scoop up Omegasphere and take down Tucker. He’ll drink to that.

He loves how risky this is. Devon would never allow that.

young and the restless recaps soapsspoilers

They ponder what they can give Daniel to lure him away. She thinks it will take more than money. They can give him the autonomy that Chancellor-Winters would never allow.

He says that Audra is their secret weapon. She has the dirt they need on Tucker.

Victoria is glad he shared that and adds she and her father have been thinking of using Audra to take control of Tucker’s company.

Smiling, he tells her about how well they have to play this game. She likes that.

He likes that she likes that. She says people judge them but they have an idea of what it takes to make things happen.

He pours them another drink.

They kiss.

nate and vicky kissing his office newman media Y&R early recaps

She backs off and says he had some good ideas, the kind they need around there.

They both feel something great is going on. She suggests they finish this some other time.

“The drinking,” she adds, walking out.

Diane arrives at the Abbott estate and is greed by some smooth jazz and wine on ice.

Jack comes out in his tuxedo and the wind chimes play.

young and the restless recaps soapsspoilers

She doesn’t know how he pulled this together so quickly. He got some help from Mrs Martinez.

She’s not sure the family would want to walk in on this. He assures her they are alone and she can relax.

After he hands her a glass, she asks how she couldn’t fall for him again.

“To hell with the naysayers! To us!” they toast. He was going to do this on New Year’s but he’s glad he waited. He’s more enamoured with her than he was weeks ago.

She appreciates all this. A year ago she couldn’t have imagined this. The two of them finding each other again takes her breath away.

Jack thinks it’s been in the cards for a long time. Finding her again may be the fulfilment of a prophecy his mother made… or at least her jewellery predicted it.

He explains that his father bought Dina an antique necklace, the tear drop of love. She lost it after they broke up. He managed to track it down before she died. It was then split up among the children. His part became his cuff-links.

Early Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

There was a legend around the necklace that whoever was around it would find love.

He thought that would be family love, but it may have brought a beautiful, captivating woman into his life.

She kisses him and tells him how charming and handsome he is.

Jack suggests they take their fate into their own hands and decide where to go next.

Early Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

She’s not crazy about planning ahead. It’s hard for her to picture the future and just focus on how grateful she is to spend each day with him.

Jack thinks what they have is special and doesn’t want to waste it.

When she’s ready, he’d like to present her with a picture of what their life could be.

She asks what he sees. He’d like to travel with her around the world and be her escort to balls and fashion week.

Diane doesn’t need gowns and galas. She wants Christmas with the family and big dinners and Abbott breakfasts.

All the special moments she missed when she was away.

“I want this moment right here with you,” she tells. And a million moments more where she feels safe and worthy.

They kiss and hold each other.

jack kisses diane Y&R recaps

She reminds him there are people who want to make things difficult for them.

Jack says that doesn’t matter. They deserve this.

She’s not so sure but he knows the sacrifices she’s made. It didn’t work between them last time because they weren’t the people they needed to be.

By luck or fate, they are together again and he doesn’t want to waste a moment.

They kiss more.

Next week on Y&R:

“Let me guess…you have an opinion about me and Chelsea going out for dinner together,” says Billy. Adam does.

billy guesses adam doesn't like him hanging with Chelsea Y&R early recap

Victor tells Victoria about what he thinks that Adam could accomplish if he applied his business acumen to their company.

victor talks about bringing adam back to work Y&R early recap

“What is this about?” Kyle asks. “You’ve been lying to me,” Jack tells him.

“The paternity test is set for this afternoon,” Sally tells Chloe.

chloe talks about paternity testing Y&R early recap

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