B&B Spoilers July 24 -28: It’s Sheila to the Rescue at the Beach, While Liam Puts on the Pressure

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, July 24 to Friday, July 28.

Sneak peek at B&B the week of July 24!

What’s happening this week on B&B?  

Deacon discusses Sheila’s future with Brooke and Eric.

Liam witnesses something shocking and hatches a plan.

Brooke confides in Ridge.

A long-term relationship comes to a sudden halt.

Steffy’s concerned about the future.

liam apologizes steffy

Monday, July 24

Monday’s B&B recap: Finn defends the judge’s decision to free Sheila

Mike connects with Sheila.

Mike hears that Sheila is being released.

Steffy tells Finn not to see Sheila.

Finn defends the judge’s decision.

Liam records Finn hugging Sheila.

Liam tells Wyatt he has to step in for Steffy and the kids.

Brooke and RJ are shocked Sheila is released. 

brooke and rj talk sheila trial

Tuesday, July 25

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Steffy makes demands of Finn

Steffy tells Finn not to contact Sheila.

Steffy reels.

Liam and Wyatt discuss that hug between Sheila and Finn.

Liam makes a vow.

Brooke tells Ridge about Hope having sex with his son.

Ridge is stunned to learn a shocking new development.

Hope and Thomas get closer.

Hope relays that divorce papers are signed.

hope glad to feel like thomas devoted

Wednesday, July 26

Wednesday’s B&B: Liam tattles on Finn

Wyatt thinks that Liam just wants Finn out of the way so he can have Steffy back.

Steffy imagines Sheila is at her house.

Hope tells Deacon about her divorce.

Deacon has a mystery package sent to him that turns out to be Sheila.

Sheila and Deacon reunite.

Liam takes matters into his own hands.

steffy worries sheila is there

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Thursday, July 27

Thursday’s B&B recap: Liam tells Steffy he loves her

Steffy struggles with Finn’s secret.

Steffy knows Finn has their back.

Liam tries to get Steffy to see Finn can’t be trusted.

Li sneers when it comes to discussing Sheila’s release.

Hope tells Ridge that Liam loves Steffy, not just her.

Deacon and Sheila reunite.

sheila and deacon laugh about her being free

Friday, July 28

Friday’s B&B: Kelly is caught in the ocean current

Finn takes Kelly (Sophia Paras) to the beach.

Finn’s mother Li (Naomi Matsuda) is back.

A day at the beach ends in disaster.

Kelly and Finn play at the beach.

Finn takes a call and moves away from Kelly who goes into the ocean.

Sheila watches Kelly almost drown.

Liam puts everything on the line.

Samantha Cutaran will be appearing as Nurse R. Rose.

kelly drowning

Coming up on B&B the week of July 31!

Finn is in unchartered territory.

The aftermath of Sheila’s trial causes a ripple effect for everyone.

sheila happy seeing finn

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