B&B Spoilers Sept 4 – 8: Steffy Goes to Europe With Taylor and the Kids as RJ and Ridge Argue

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, September 4 to Friday, September 8.

What’s coming up on B&B the week of September 4?


Monday, September 4

CBS will air a repeat episode featuring Thomas and Hope’s fashion show.


hope in thomas' gown in rome

Tuesday, September 5

Big news! Jacqueline MacInnes Wood had her baby!

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Finn lets Steffy into their house

Sheila makes an unwanted appearance.

Steffy rails when Finn lets Sheila into their house.

When Sheila tries to escape, Finn chases her which angers Steffy.

Finn attempts to intervene as Sheila and Steffy battle.

R.J. quietly scopes out the situation at Forrester about Eric.

RJ doesn’t get why Liam doesn’t want Hope.

Liam admits he loves Steffy…to Ridge.

rj trying to understand something

Wednesday, September 6

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Steffy’s done with Finn

Deacon gets nervous when Ridge slings accusations.

Finn attempts to intervene as Steffy and Sheila battle.

Finn finally tells off Sheila.

Sheila tries to get on Steffy’s good side.

Steffy loves Finn but is done with this.

Wyatt blows up when he learns what Steffy did.

Wyatt has tough love for Liam.

Ridge tells Deacon off.

steffy can't do this anymore

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Thursday, September 7

Thursday’s GH recap: Steffy leaves LA

Liam makes a vow to Wyatt about Steffy.

Liam says goodbye to Steffy.

Steffy reaches her breaking point.

Steffy tells Finn she’s leaving him and going to Europe and her mother will come with her. 

Bold and Beautiful fall sweeps discuss where Steffy goes.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood leaves B&B on maternity leave today.

steffy hugs liam goodbye

Friday, September 8

RJ and Ridge argue over Eric’s place at Forrester.

ridge confronts thomas about hope

B&B teasers the week of September 11!

Eric issues a warning to Ridge through Brooke.

There’s a new young woman coming.

Carter and Katie have a disagreement on something important.

RJ is genuinely interested in design.

carter fills brooke and ridge in

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