Nikki Orders Kyle to Stay Away from Audra, and Nate Busts Audra in a Lie

Wednesday, September 6, Y&R day ahead recap: Jack tells Diane she may have to step in for Billy, Billy asks Abby for support, and Audra assures Nate she’s done with Kyle.

Monday’s Y&R day ahead: Irate, Victoria confronted Victor, Adam admitted he’s his own worst enemy, and Audra lied to Nikki about dumping Kyle.

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for September 6, 2023 episode airs in the USA on September 7. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)


At the Abbott estate, Jack is happy to hear from Ashley and suggests she order the fish in Paris.

He gets off the line and tells Diane that his sister and Tucker are on their honeymoon and their plans to start a business are on hold.

jack tells diane about his sister's honeymoon

He’s sure that the war is over and things will work out. Diane is skeptical and urges him to keep his guard up.

Jack loves how protective she is but thinks this war is over. Unfortunately, there’s another on the horizon.

jack tells diane there's a new war brewing

He’s worried about his brother. Recruiting him was a mistake and now Billy is paranoid.

He seems to want to run Jabot.

Jack assures his wife he has absolute faith in her and needs her by his side if things with his brother go the way he suspects they will.

If Billy keeps being combative, he might have to let him go and she will need to step up.

jack tells diane about his worried about billy

Diane doubts that will happen and if it does, Kyle should be the one to step in.

diane thinks billy paranoid

Billy stops by the Chancellor’s house to see Dominic, who isn’t there.

Abby assumes he’s really there to ask about her mom and explains that she and Tucker are happy on their honeymoon.

billy tells abby he's worried about diane

Billy wishes them all the best and hopes his siblings are on solid ground again.

But he can’t stop worrying about Diane. He’s sure she will be a danger for Jabot.

He tells her about the post-nuptial and how vague it was about her place at Jabot.

He’s started to craft a bylaw to keep her off the board. All he needs is a majority vote.

billy tells abby his concerns about diane

Abby warns him that he could be starting another war.

Billy insists he supports his brother but the company needs a steady hand before Diane starts gunning for his position.

Abby admits that her feelings for Diane have softened, especially since she saved her mom’s life.

That’s news to him but he doesn’t think this proves anything.

He sounds just like her mom did weeks ago and doesn’t want to deal with this again.

abby thinks billy is starting a fight

He keeps insisting this is just about protecting the company.

She tells him he’ll have to count her out of this.

abby tells billy things are good

Kyle joins Nikki at the ranch. She immediately demands to know what the hell he is doing with his life.

She knows all about his affair or “whatever you’re calling it” with Audra and assumes he’s deflecting from his pain.

nikki tells kyle to drop audra

She made it clear to Miss Charles that her ongoing position at Newman was contingent on her ending things with him.

He claims they are finished and flashes back to making out with her and agreeing to lie to Nikki about this.

Nikki tells him he needs to find a way to make things work with his wife.

She needs him to explain how his marriage went wrong. He tells her how his wife chose her mom over everyone else and destroyed all the trust in the relationship.

kyle tells nikki his marriage can't be saved

He won’t change his mind about Summer, even if that means he loses his job.

She’s not going to force the issue, but if there is a hint of unprofessional behavior between him and Audra, they are both out.

She hasn’t decided what position to put him in yet.

His cold-heartedness should be useful for something but she worries that he may have the same self-destructive personality as Adam.

nikki asks kyle for an explaination

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Audra and Nate are having lunch at Society.

He points out she should be happy to only be demoted instead of unemployed.

She admits she had to do some tap dancing to keep Nikki happy.

nate tells audra she's lucky to have a job

He asks how much Nikki knows about her and Kyle outside the boardroom.

She says the boss knows it all but she wouldn’t risk her career over some fling.

He’s glad to hear that and hopes she’s putting all her energy into work.

Adam is probably planning revenge as they speak. She doesn’t see the big deal about him.

Nate urges her to hold onto her confidence and not risk losing it by playing around with Kyle.

nate asks audra about kyle

She flashes back to pillow talk with Kyle about staying discrete and then insists to Nate that Kyle is hardly a memory.

Audra changes the topic to Nick and whether he poses a threat.

Nate is sure that Victoria will always have his back. She doubts things will be as smooth as he wants to believe when Nick comes back.

audra explains kyle situation to nate

Standing up and buttoning his jacket, he warns her not to make him look bad thanks to Kyle.

Nikki arrives and asks how he could do that.

nate buttoning up

Audra covers and Kyle sends her a text, asking to meet.

She smiles and Nikki narrows her eyes.

Audra bustles off.

Abby bumps into Kyle in the park.

She assumes he’s in a lot of pain about his marriage ending.

abby asks kyle how he is

He’s tired of talking about this. It hurt but now he’s free.

It feels good and he likes it. He suggests she call him “Smiling Kyle.”

kyle tells abby he's great

She thinks this happy attitude is overrated but he claims he’s learned from his mistakes and takes off.

Billy walks into the Jabot office. They immediately start bickering.

Jack feels like he’s having deja vu only it’s his brother instead of Ashley.

He wants this resolved.

billy bickers with jack

So does Billy so he asks Diane to step out. Jack says his wife can stay but she goes.

Billy shuts the door and announces they need the board to put stipulations on what Diane can do.

billy asks diane to step out

His brother is offended but Billy thinks they need guidelines.

They don’t know anything about his wife’s business acumen and if it was anyone else, this is the bare minimum of what he would insist on.

Jack claims he trusts her with his heart and business.

Billy takes this as a sign he doesn’t trust him. His brother doesn’t know what’s changed with him.

billy and jack argue about diane at company

Insisting he’s only trying to protect the company, Billy stomps out.

In the hallway, Diane asks if she’s exchanged one enemy for another.

He claims he’s not her enemy; he just has an issue with her position at the company.

They both know how ambitious she is and he’s sure his brother will give in to whatever she demands.

diane asks billy if enemy

He’s the only person willing to do whatever it takes to protect the company.

billy warns diane

Audra goes to the park and sends Kyle a text, telling him she’s waiting for her lemonade. Nate lurks behind a pillar.

audra sends kyle a text

Billy bumps into Kyle in Crimson Lights. He senses something is going on but Billy is evasive.

He admits that he and Jack have some issues on the executive side.

billy and kyle in cl

Kyle guesses this has something to do with his mother and warns him not to mess with her.

kyle asks billy what's going on

After he walks off, Billy flashes back to arguing with his brother about Diane’s promotion.

He promised to have his brother’s back.

Then he thinks of telling Lily how little he trusts Diane and how determined he is to protect the company. She warned him not to make a power grab.

Back at Jabot, Jack gets a call from Abby, who warns him that she thinks Kyle is headed down a troubled path.

jack gets a call from abby warning him about kyle

Kyle meets Audra in the park.

She reminds him of how risky this is.

They talk about his meeting with Nikki.

He’s staying on at Newman but has no position yet. Audra assures him he’s not going anywhere.

audra and kyle flirt

She sucks on her straw and they agree to behave in public.

Jack calls and asks him to stop by the house as soon as possible.

kyle and audra talk job

After Kyle strides off, Nate comes out of hiding and tells Audra he had a feeling she was lying to him.

Even worse, she’s lying to Nikki.

That’s playing with fire.

nate tells audra she lied to him

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