Steffy Can’t Put Up With Finn’s Mother and Leaves Him, While Sheila Lies to Deacon About Steffy

Thursday, September 7 recap of B&B: Steffy thought she could handle Finn’s mother but decides to leave LA with her kids, Sheila tells Deacon that Steffy was screaming and hysterical and Wyatt continues to tell Liam he knows he is disappointed that Steffy’s reunited with Finn.

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Though Finn Orders Sheila Out of Their Lives, Steffy Tells Him She Can’t Do This Anymore, as Ridge Threatens to Make Deacon Pay

At the cliffhouse, Finn assures his wife that Sheila’s gone and won’t be a part of their lives.

Steffy doesn’t believe Sheila will ever let her go.

Steffy has a choice.

steffy leaves finn

She’s decided that though she loves him, she can’t put up with this.

Finn insists Sheila is gone but Steffy knows better.

steffy leaving finn

She needs to leave.

To protect the kids.

She’s going to take them and leave Los Angeles. She thought she could do this but she’s exhausted.

She’s leaving him. Finn says they can go together but she refuses. Sheila will come find him and there will be more threats.

finn cries over steffy

She’ll be terrified as to when she’ll show up again. Finn feels trapped. Because of him, his mother will be a danger to her.

She sobs that she’s sorry. She repeats she needs to leave. Today.

Finn clutches the back of his neck and cries. She will go overseas. Enroll Kelly in school.

finn in shock steffy leaving him

Maybe her mom can join her.

Finn will never stop fighting for her and eliminate Sheila from their lives.

Then they can come home.

finn and steffy say goodbye

At Spencer Publications, Wyatt complains about Steffy moving in with Finn.

Liam knows Sheila will always be a threat. 

They’re just waiting around for her to be put in jail. 

Again, Wyatt tells his brother he thinks he’s just disappointed that Steffy reunited with Finn.

finn complains about sheila

Liam just can’t believe Steffy would let Sheila into their lives.

He’s never wished for Steffy’s marriage to implode but it’s a matter of time. Liam’s not giving up on a life with Steffy.

They’ve a great love story and the feelings are there.

He would never let Sheila get near Steffy. 

liam lies to wyatt




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Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s maternity leave

At his apartment, Deacon practices using his nunchucks when Sheila returns in a mood.

deacon practices nunchucks

Things didn’t go well at Finn’s. Steffy was there.

Deacon tells her Steffy moved back.

Ridge and Carter just told him.

Sheila had no idea.

sheila upset

Deacon tells her that they’re worried she might do something to hurt Steffy and came to him.

Sheila calls this calculated. “She uses this to control Finn,” claiming Steffy’s poisoned Finn against her.

sheila lies about steffy

She tells her beau that Steffy was “screaming and hysterical,” and wouldn’t give her an inch.

Deacon asks if Sheila blames her after what happened. 

Sheila goes into her repeat pattern of saying she’s Finn’s mommy and saved Kelly’s life.

She hasn’t shown gratitude.

She thinks Steffy “made” Finn say those things to her.

sheila thinks steffy made finn hate her

You do give meaning to mother-in-law from hell. Sheila blows up, asking if he thinks this is funny.

He doesn’t but he sees Steffy’s side. Sheila thinks Steffy is still in love with Liam.

She knows it’ll break her son’s heart, but at least she’ll leave him and he can get support from her.

Deacon says there’s no reason to think Steffy isn’t committed to Finn. He calls this a fantasy.

deacon thinks sheila is fantasizing

He goes to shower and Sheila stays on that thread as Finn walks around the cliffhouse in a split scene, devastated that Steffy is gone.

He flashes back to the wonderful times they’ve had and won’t give up on them.

finn flashbacks to baby born

Steffy goes to see Liam at Spencer Publications and tells him he is right.

She reunited with Finn but Sheila came over.

She can’t do this anymore, she says and came to tell him she is leaving for Rome with her mother and the kids.

steffy tells liam she's leaving the country

She wants him to weigh in but asks him not to fight her on this.

He won’t and doesn’t blame her. He’ll feel better knowing they’re far from Sheila.

He’ll visit. She says fine and has to go to the airport. She cries and he calls her a good mom.

He will miss her and says he loves her and always will. They embrace, her in tears.

steffy hugs liam goodbye


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