Steffy Fumes as Finn Drags Sheila Into the Cliff House to Try and End Things

Tuesday, September 5 recap of B&B: RJ and Hope discuss Liam and Thomas, Ridge asks Liam why he’s so concerned, and Finn corners Sheila.

Friday’s B&B recap: As Steffy and Finn reunited, Sheila headed to the cliff house, terrifying Steffy.

Steffy nearly hyperventilates after she spots Sheila walking by the cliff house window. Finn doesn’t see her and tries to get her to calm down.

steffy panicking about sheila

He storms outside to check. Sheila is on the patio and immediately tells him she needed to see him because she misses him. He calls in to his wife to say he has Sheila.

sheila tells finn she misses him

The doctor tells his mom she can’t be there and orders her to come with him. He leads her into the house as Steffy protests.

steffy shocked to see sheila

Finn declares they are putting and end to this right now. Sheila insists she is only there to see her son. It doesn’t matter how anyone feels about her, she will always be his mother.

finn tells steffy and sheila he's ending this

Sheila insists she doesn’t want to cause him trouble but she can’t stop thinking about their embrace and deep connection. She urges him to tell his wife all about it.

He looks over and his wife narrows her eyes. Sheila tells her they are a family and need to work this out. Steffy doesn’t want to hear this and orders her husband to tell his mom this will never happen.

steffy not happy to see sheila

Sheila reminds them that she saved Kelly and begs for the chance to prove that she can be a good and nurturing person if they give her a chance.

Steffy tells her husband not to listen and tell the monster he wants nothing to do with her. Sheila keeps begging her son to give her a chance and telling him that they are more alike than he realizes.

sheila talks to finn about connection

He squints as she goes on about how she was his first home and first love. Now they have the chance to be together again.

She turns and glares at Steffy.

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At Spencer Publications, Liam argues with Ridge about Steffy returning to the cliff house. He’s worried something bad will happen.

liam worries about steffy

Ridge wonders why he keeps telling him this when he’s already alarmed. Liam keeps insisting this is about safety but Forrester wonders how much it’s really about his situation with Hope.

liam admits to ridge he loves steffy

Liam admits that he loves Steffy and that’s why he’s concerned. Ridge tells him a story about how Steffy broke her arm when she tried to prove she could fly. This is all to show that she is determined to do things on her terms, regardless of how dangerous they are.

ridge asks liam why he's so concerned

“Steffy is Steffy and Sheila is Sheila and we know we know,” says Liam, who suggests that Sheila gets rid of any obstacle in her way.

At Forrester Creations, RJ admires Hope and Thomas’ latest designs and says they’ve outdone themselves. He suggests she show them to Eric so he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. He worries that hid grandpa is being reduced to a figure head.

hope and rj discuss eric

Hope says he’s not but companies do need to evolve and grow. “With you and Thomas leading the way?” he asks.

She insists that Eric is not being forgotten and wonders if he’s really concerned about the Thomas situation. He asks if she’s really done with Liam and admits that Brooke told him she gave him another chance at the marriage.

rj trying to understand something

Hope explains that she felt like they reconnected at Beth’s party but he shot her down. This baffles Junior. “Have you met Liam Spencer?” she asks. He may love her but can’t forgive her and can’t stop leading her on.

Turning away, she strokes a water bottle and thinks about telling Thomas how she doesn’t love him but wants him.

hope thinking about thomas

She snaps out of it as RJ tells her how unfair Liam has been and assures her she will get through this. She knows that.

He’s sure that she can handle everything as long as she finds someone who complements her and will support her. He’s sure they know who that is.

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