Y&R Spoilers Sept 4 – 8: Victor Rescues Sharon, Adam tells Sally He’s Making Amends But Nick Doesn’t Trust Him

Full list of spoilers for Monday, September 4 to Friday, September 8.

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What’s coming up on Y&R the week of September 4?

Nikki threatens Kyle. She wants him to stop seeing Audra so he lies that they have, and Nikki wants him to fix his marriage to Summer. Kyle tells her that’s over. Nikki warns that he and Audra will be out on their ears if she finds out they’ve gone behind her back. 

Heather eavesdrops as Daniel explains to Phyllis that having Heather back in town has thrown him for a loop.

His mother guesses that old feelings could be coming back.


At the ranch, Nikki asks Kyle what the hell he is doing with his life.


Billy tells Diane that he is the only person who will do what they can to protect his family’s company.


Monday, September 4

Y&R is a repeat episode of the bicentennial gala.

jack and diane at gala

Tuesday, September 5

Tuesday’s Y&R day ahead: Phyllis tries to get Heather and Daniel to reconnect

Lilly reconnects with Billy.

Mariah makes an unexpected move.

Devon asks Mariah to move in with him.

Mariah moves into the Chancellor manse.

Phyllis plays matchmaker.

Heather is stunned by Phyllis.

Daniel asks his mother not to meddle.

Lily opens up to Billy about Daniel.

Lily issues Billy a warning about not staging a coup at Jabot.

Devon teaches Mariah to sign.

mariah signs letter R

Wednesday, September 6

Big news! Veronica Redd is back to Y&R as Mamie!

Y&R day ahead recap: Adam starts revenge

Victor teaches a painful lesson to Victoria.

Victoria’s angry with her father for changing the rules.

Adam asks for Sharon’s help with family but he’s lying.

Adam keeps up appearances with Sharon.

Sally gives advice to Nick.

Nick’s not sure he wants to work at Newman.

Audra lies to Nikki.

Kyle agrees to see Audra secretly.

Audra lobbies for Kyle’s job.

kyle and audra secret affair

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Thursday, September 7

Y&R day ahead: Phyllis tries to get Heather and Daniel to reconnect

Billy loses his cool.

Nate gives Audra unsolicited advice.

billy asks adam about tucker dirt

Friday, September 8

Friday’s Y&R day ahead: Sharon gets Kirsten back

Victor comes to Sharon’s rescue.

Sharon uses the help of Heather.

Jack and Diane worry about Kyle.

Kyle gives his parents an ultimatum.

Nick receives an intriguing offer.

Kyle’s parents worry about him.

Adam tells Sally he’s out to make amends.

Nick urges Sharon not to trust Adam.

sally and nick wonder if adam can change

Coming up the week of September 11!

Adam receives a wakeup call.

Victor makes a tough decision.

Sally makes a confession.

Ashley confides in Jack.

jack tells ashley he wants his sister back

Coming up further down the road.

Phyllis plays matchmaker. She also forms an alliance that leads to more harm than good. Someone from her past resurfaces when she needs a friend the most – Danny Romalotti.

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