Though Finn Orders Sheila Out of Their Lives, Steffy Tells Him She Can’t Do This Anymore, as Ridge Threatens to Make Deacon Pay

Wednesday, September 6 recap of B&B: Steffy loves Finn but she’s done, while Ridge begs for Deacon’s help in finding out what Sheila’s planning next.

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Steffy Fumes as Finn Drags Sheila Into the Cliff House to Try and End Things

At the cliff house, Steffy can’t believe Finn let Sheila in the house and orders him to tell her to get out.

Sheila demands her son not order Steffy to “drive your mother away.”

Finn looks exasperated. “You can’t be here,” he tells Sheila. She’s not wanted there.

finn the go between with steffy and sheila

Sheila didn’t know Steffy was there and only came to see him.

She reminds her bio son that Steffy walked out on him.

Finn argues that she left because of Sheila and reminds her she shot them.

finn tells his mother to get out

He’s grateful she saved Kelly’s life but he doesn’t want her anywhere near them, Kelly or Hayes.

Steffy sneers at Sheila, who asks him not to let Steffy poison him against her.

Steffy doesn’t want to hear it and tells her to go.

steffy sneers at sheila

Sheila insists Steffy’s weaponizing their relationship to justify walking out on him. Steffy reels.

Sheila reminds her son that he called her mom and thinks they have an unbreakable bond that nobody, not even Steffy can break.

She stares at the younger woman and tries to get into Steffy’s good graces, reminding her that they’re both mothers.

sheila tells steffy she can't come between her and finn

Finn tells Sheila that her following ends today. He won’t ask her again. “Leave.” She tries to talk and he talks over her and repeats himself. “Go.”

Sheila says Steffy doesn’t need to fear her. She loves Finn and Hayes and wants to be a part of their family.

She uses saving Kelly’s life but Finn says it won’t work. She loves Finn.

He says if that’s true, she needs to leave. “Go. Walk out that door and never come back.”

sheila won't listen to finn

He says to go and promise they won’t hear from her again.

She stares off at Steffy and then finally leaves.

Finn holds Steffy close and knows Sheila won’t return.

steffy can't do this anymore

Steffy doesn’t believe it.

She loves Finn but can’t do this anymore.

She looks at their family photos and cries.

steffy cries before leaving finn

At Il Giardino, Deacon flashes back to telling Sheila that Steffy’s the love of Finn’s life and to her threatening that Steffy won’t come between her and Finn.

deacon daydreams about sheila being insane

Ridge and Carter drop by and he rolls his eyes that he’s seeing them twice in one day. He asks if they want a romantic table for two.

Carter and Ridge shoot each other a look and Ridge says they’re not done with Deacon.

He offers to feed them and they accept so they can “talk about your psycho girlfriend,” Ridge says.

Carter tells him that Steffy moved back in with Finn and they’re worried about Sheila’s next move.

carter and ridge aren't done with deacon yet

What does Deacon know? When Deacon pretends he knows nothing, Ridge begs.

Father to father, if he knows anything to please let him know.

Deacon lies that he hasn’t been in contact with Sheila. Ridge warns that he better not find out he’s lying.

If anything happens to his kids or grandkids, he’ll make him pay.

ridge begs deacon


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B&B comings and goings

At Spencer Publications, Wyatt is shocked that Steffy moved back in with Finn.

liam tells wyatt steffy moved in with finn

He clutches at his head and squeaks out, “Why? What is she thinking?!”

What happened to Eric’s place being the safest place?

Liam knows she’s putting herself in Sheila’s line of fire and Liam can’t let that happen. 

wyatt squeaks that he doesn't get why steffy moved in with finn

Wyatt wonders if Liam’s mostly unhappy that Steffy’s moving in with her husband. 

“Bite me,” Liam says. Wyatt thinks Liam thought he had a chance to rekindle things with Steffy and he’s sore now that it’s off the table.

Liam opens and closes his mouth like a fish out of water. He claims his concern is about Steffy and the kids’ well-being.

“Thank you Captain Obvious,” Wyatt says. He’s concerned.

Liam admits he was hoping there was another chance for them but if she’s back with Finn, it’s likely not in the cards.

wyatt thinks liam's just sore because Steffy wants finn, not him


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