B&B Spoilers Sept 25 – 29: Sheila Doesn’t Respond to Deacon’s Proposal and Taylor Reminds Thomas of His Obsession

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, Sept 25 to Fri September 29.

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What’s coming up on B&B the week of September 25?

An eavesdropper hears a shocking secret being revealed.

RJ faces a dilemma about Eric.

Finn leans on Taylor.

More Krista Allen appearances on B&B

taylor and brooke talk wanting to keep their friendship

Monday, September 25

Monday’s early B&B recap: Finn calls Steffy

Sheila is grateful to Deacon.

Deacon tells Sheila they can’t be seen together.

Judge Scott (Michael Corbett) is back in scenes with Deacon, discussing their secret alliance as Sheila eavesdrops. 

Hope is impacted by Thomas’ deep devotion to her.

Thomas and Hope kiss. 

Li continues to tell Finn to cut Sheila from his life.

hope lets thomas make out with her

Tuesday, September 26

Tuesday’s early B&B recap: Eric’s collection is having a negative effect on Eric and Forrester financials

Finn demands that Liam stop interfering in his marriage.

Liam tells Finn to blame himself for Steffy leaving him.

Ridge is stunned to learn how Eric’s new line is going to impact Forrester.

Ridge learns that Eric’s new line is sucking up budget that should be used for other lines in the fiscal year.

Sheila can’t believe Deacon cares for her so much.

Eric’s mental health seems to suffer as does his physical health pushing this line.

rj and donna with upset eric

Wednesday, September 27

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Taylor reads Finn the riot act

Taylor counsels Finn about Steffy and his family.

RJ is torn between loyalties to both his grandpa Eric and to his father Ridge.

Donna tries to get RJ to stick to the plan with Eric.

Carter tells Ridge and Brooke that this is the budget they have to work with which now means they need to make cutbacks. 

Brooke suggests that they consult RJ to find out what’s happening with Eric.

Deacon and Sheila flirt.

Sheila says she’d do anything to be a part of Deacon, Finn and Hayes’ lives.

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Thursday, September 28

Thursday’s B&B recap: Taylor warns Finn

Brooke plans a naughty bath session with Ridge.

Ridge misses Steffy and texts her.

Taylor surprises Ridge and Brooke with her return to L.A.

Deacon decides to make a life-changing decision.

Deacon takes Sheila to Il Giardino after hours to have a romantic night.

ridge not happy his father won't put his design in his new collection

Friday, September 29

Friday’s Early B&B recap: Taylor explodes in anger

Taylor’s shocked to learn that Thomas and Hope are having sex and takes action.

Taylor barges in on Hope and Thomas.

Taylor talks to Thomas about his obsession.

Deacon proposes to Sheila.

thomas and ridge talk eric

What’s coming up for Bold and Beautiful week of October 2?

An impulsive and romantic proposal of marriage is made.

Taylor and Brooke get into a heated argument about Hope and Thomas.

Eric is forced to face his future.
eric won't stand back, wants to create a new line

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