Deacon Reunites With Sheila, Taylor Returns and Orders Finn to Step Up, RJ Urges Ridge to Let Eric Finish His Collection

Wed Sept 27 recap of B&B: Donna swears RJ to secrecy, Carter, Ridge and Brooke can’t understand the budgetary logic, and Taylor tells Finn to cut Sheila out.

Tuesday’s B&B recap: As Eric experienced burnout, Ridge’s frustration grew at hearing the financial drain Eric’s line is causing the company/

At the cliff house, Finn picks up a kid’s toy and thinks. He walks over to the family photos and flashes back to proposing to Steffy.

finn with toy

Taylor suddenly shows up, sniping that he may be the only person who doesn’t have to lock his door with Sheila on the loose.

She’s there to talk some sense into him.

taylor interrupts finn

Once she sits, he asks about the kids. He misses them so much.

She says they are okay but being separate from them is having an impact. He can make this right if he will take the necessary moves to make sure Sheila is not in his life again.

taylor reminds finn he needs to be done with sheila

That is the only way he can guarantee his wife will come home.

She can understand the loving connection between mother and child, but he has that with Li while Sheila tried to kill him and his wife.

He knows all that.

finn asks about the kids

Barking, Taylor tells him to step up and prove to his wife that it’s safe to come home to him.

taylor tells finn to step up

Finn insists that nothing can keep him apart from Steffy and recalls their previous reunions.

The shrink tells him to just get Sheila out of his life, no matter what it takes to make that happen.

taylor tells finn to do whatever it takes

At Deacon’s, he makes light of Sheila when she claims that what he’s given her has left her speechless. She’ll be grateful to him forever.

deacon is surprised sheila is speechless

He claims he was just helping out a friend.

She’s more than willing to pay him back for that and is eager to kick off her shoes.

sheila tells deacon she's passionate

Deacon starts making jokes about her nine toes and how “eccentric” she is. Sheila prefers “passionate” and “devoted.”

She’s passionate and devoted to being in her son’s life. Deacon notes the timing for that statement is inappropriate.

She’s also devoted to being in Deacon’s life. They smile.

deacon tells sheila she's eccentric

Sharpe tells her that everyone deserves to be loved. That means a lot to her.

She asks how he knows about the judge. He’s evasive. Being well-connected didn’t take him out of prison.

She’s sure it was hard for him to visit her behind bars.

They talk about how they have changed. Taking his hand, she says a big reason for why she’s changed is him.

sheila tells deacon he's changed her

He says she’s changed him too.

She’ll never forget the lengths he’s gone to to secure her freedom.

She knows they decided not to see each other any more and she doesn’t want him to risk his relationship with his family… but he’s a perfect example of how things can be if people see you have changed.

deacon listens to sheila

Sheila promises not to just stop by, but it was a lot of fun. They chuckle about that.

She thanks him again and says goodbye.

As she heads for the door, he stops her.

Maybe he’s crazy, but he’s been alone too long and doesn’t want to be alone anymore.

deacon tells sheila he doesn't want to be alone

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At Eric’s, he rests as Donna reminds RJ of all that’s resting on this collection. RJ would do anything to help him, but he thinks Ridge needs to know the truth.

rj tells donna they should talk to ridge

She points out Eric will feel betrayed. Walking away from him right now would hurt him.

She begs him to help him put out this final collection and not tell Ridge anything.

donna dn rj talk eric's condition

Donna admits that Eric is getting much worse. Even his piano playing is suffering.

RJ thinks that’s another reason the should come forward.\

rj thinks it's time to come clean

Donna insists that Eric needs to go out on top. Helping him is giving him drive and purpose instead of making him feel useless.

“Please don’t give up on your granddad,” she urges.

donna begs rj to stay silent

At Forrester Creations, Ridge says that none of this budgeting makes sense. They can’t take money out of a successfully line like HFTF to finance Eric’s line.

brooke and carter are perplexed

Ridge thinks his father should be relaxing and helping the next generation rather than doing this.

ridge is concerned about the budget

Carter says he’s talked to Eric but he’s not backing down. He says there will have to be cuts.

Brooke thinks that Ridge should talk to RJ. Maybe he can figure out what’s going on with Eric.

Before he can leave to work on the numbers, Brooke repeats that Ridge needs to talk to RJ and Carter repeats that Eric won’t back down.

He exits to do some number juggling and Brooke assures Ridge she’s sure all will work out for the best.

brooke tells ridge it will all work out

She tells him she’ll always be on his side. He likes that.

But Ridge wants to know why his father is doing this and why he’s put RJ in the middle.

ridge likes brooke's support

RJ arrives and announces he can explain that.

ridge asks rj what he knows

Ridge is glad he’s there and he’s happy he’s working with Eric, but if something else is going on, he needs to know.

rj and eric talk eric situation

Brooke urges her son to tell them and RJ flashes back to Donna begging him to stay quiet.

RJ asks his father to give Eric the support he needs and deserves.

This may be the most important collection of his life and he needs to do it.

rj tells his dad to just let eric do his collection

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