B&B Spoilers Nov 20 – 24: Brooke and Ridge Reminisce About Their Great Love Story

Monday, Nov 20 to Friday, Nov 24.

B&B recaps are up just after 1 PM EST, daily.

What’s coming up on Bold and Beautiful the week of November 20?


Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Monday, November 20:

In Monday’s B&B episode, Bill seems to know Poppy and greets her.

Bill has an unexpected reaction during an argument with Sheila.

Bill tells Sheila to get out of town.

Zende confronts Ridge about his perceived nepotism with RJ.

RJ wants to tell Zende the truth about Eric but Ridge refuses.

zende tells ridge off

Bold & Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, November 21:

In Tuesday’s early Bold and Beautiful episode recap, Zende finds a way to get back at RJ for nepotism. 

Hope and Thomas make a request of Ridge about Hope for the Future.

RJ and Ridge disagree on what to do about Zende.

Zende is done playing Mr. Nice Guy.

Zende makes a bold move.

Zende’s going to use Luna to get back at RJ.

Finn snaps at Li for her nasty attitude toward Luna, who she sees as a gold digger.

Poppy turns Bill down.

finn tells lil luna at his house

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, November 22:

In a special episode, Ridge creates a romantic evening to give thanks to Brooke as they recall their great love story. 

brooke and ridge with the book

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Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, November 23:

A repeat episode of Bold and Beautiful airs where Deacon and Sheila fantasize how it’d be to be welcomed into the Forresters’ lives for Thanksgiving.

sheila fantasizes thanksgiving with forresters B&B recaps

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Friday, November 24:

Bold and the Beautiful is preempted today. It will return Monday.

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