B&B Recap: Li Thinks Luna’s a Gold Digger, Zende’s Out to Get RJ and Poppy Shoots $Bill Down

Tuesday, Nov 21: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, RJ tells Ridge he wants to honor Eric, Thomas and Hope try to calm Zende down, and Luna is impressed by Bill.

Monday’s Early B&B recap: Bill was startled by Poppy’s presence, and Zende accused Ridge of playing favorites.

In the office at Forrester Creations, RJ worries about what Zende said and his worries about being cut out. Ridge thinks it’s all about RJ being his kid.

rj worries about zende

RJ wonders if it would make a difference if Zende knew the truth about Eric. His father won’t allow that. They need to honor Eric’s wishes.

When he says they are a family and all will be fine, his son reminds him the family is about to lose its leader.

rj wants to tell zende

Ridge suspects his father asked RJ for help to make up for time they won’t have.

ridge and rj talk eric

RJ says it has been an incredible education. His father is sure he will carry that for the rest of his life.

RJ is determined to carry his legacy with honor and pride.

rj will carry on tradition

Thomas and Hope are making out in his office. He tells her she keeps getting sexier. She thinks he’s a little biased by love.

thomas telling hope she's sexy

He reminds her that she feels the same.

Things immediately turn dour when he spots the press release on Eric’s collection. Thomas is having highs and lows.

thomas down about eric

She knows it’s awful to think about Eric being gone.

Zende storms in and declares he’s upset about HFTF being put on ice while RJ learns to design.

zende vents to thomas and hope

He thinks they should be rewarded for bringing their line back from the dead, not penalized. He can’t understand why Eric is collaborating with RJ.

He’s sure this was all because of Ridge but Thomas says that’s not true. He’s sorry he’s feeling passed over but this was Eric’s choice.

None of this is making sense to Zende, who can’t shake the feeling that RJ has home court advantage as the son of Brooke and Ridge.

zende baffled

Hope and Thomas go to see Ridge and pitch for more money for HFTF. He rubs his eyes and reminds them the money earmarked for that has gone to Eric.

ridge thinking of money

They understand but tell him how upset their team is. Zende seems upset with RJ.

thomas hope ask ridge about budget

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Li shows up at Finn’s office. She’s not happy that he called her over to discuss her sister.

finn asks mom about poppy

She doesn’t see the point and says that her sister and Luna won’t be in town much longer. She’s dismayed to hear he let his cousin into his home.

li not happy to talk poppy

Finn assures her that he and Steffy are alert about agendas but Luna doesn’t seem to have any. He promised his cousin that he would do whatever he could to make Li get along with her sister.

finn tells lil luna at his house

His mom tells him that’s not happening in this lifetime.

li refuses to make up with sis

Li explains her sister is not who she seems. She’s not just some “scattered little hippy chick” and Luna doesn’t even know who her father is.

The reconciliation he wants will not happen.

finn gets shut down

He doesn’t understand what’s going on with her sister, but Luna seems sweet and he wants to get to know her better.

At Il Giardino, Bill approaches Luna and Poppy. He tells the latter that she seems very familiar.

bill says poppy familiar

Poppy is standoffish so Luna makes the introductions and he can’t shake the feeling he’s met her…maybe in San Francisco years ago?

Poppy repeats they don’t know each other.

poppy tells bill they've never met

Luna recognizes him from magazines and recalls his marriage to Brooke. She tells him about being an intern at Forrester and how amazing it is.

Poppy pulls a face and tells Bill that maybe he’ll remember her one day but right now she’s having a meal with her daughter.

poppy repeats she doesn't remember bill

Bill says it was nice to meet her again and walks off.

Luna babbles about what a big deal Bill is and shows her mom old pictures of him. Poppy continues saying she doesn’t know him.

luna gabs about bill

Luna gets called back to work.

Luna returns to Forrester Creations. As she kisses RJ in the office, Zende looks in and smirks.

zende sees rj luna

He interrupts and tells RJ his dad is looking for him. RJ exits.

When Zende saunters over to Luna, she asks if he needs something.

zende and luna chat

“You have no idea,” he says.

She plays down things with RJ and he suggests she keep the door locked. He tells her she’s a great intern and starts bragging about his career.

zende chats up luna

He’s sure she lives and breathes fashion just like him. She can only hope to be as good as him.

luna and zende talk fashion

Zende likes to be appreciated and tells her that RJ is not the only Forrester coming up around her.

zende gives luna eye

RJ goes down the hall to see his dad and asks why Zende is no longer chill. Ridge says he’s thrown a wrench into his career path.

ridge tells rj he's paranoid

That isn’t something RJ intended to do. Ridge thinks Zende just sees some guy with no experience taking a job that should have been his.

RJ suspects that Zende is out to get him. That sounds paranoid to Ridge, who suggests there’s nothing Zende can take from him.

rj thinks zende after him

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