Y&R Spoilers Nov 20 – 24: The Show Airs a Rebroadcast Where Victor has a Strange Encounter with Eve Howard

Monday, Nov 13 to Friday, Nov 17.

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Coming up on Y&R the week of November 20!

This is a short week with only three days of soap! Here are the teasers taken from the promo.

“Come to work with me at Chancellor-Winters. Honey, I will teach you the ropes of the business world,” Jill tells Chance.

chance asked to join chancellor-winters

At Society, Abby welcomes the Baldwins back, glad that Michael managed to keep Gloria out of prison. From behind shades, Gloria waves her hand in Abby’s general direction as a hello.

gloria michael back

At the lake house, Nikki downs the other half of the bottle of vodka Aunt Jordan left for her.

nikki drinking


Young and Restless Spoilers Monday, November 20:

In Monday’s Y&R episode recap, Devon disowned Tucker

Jack prepares to retaliate against Tucker. 

Nina and Jill worry about Chance and work together in an attempt to get Chance to consider a career change.

Mamie is faced with a difficult decision.

jack wonders why billy in doubt

Young and Restless Spoilers Tuesday, November 21:

In Tuesday’s day ahead Y&R episode recap, Victor is told that Nikki had a seizure

Victor gets some disturbing news.

Kyle keeps Audra on her toes.

Claire sets another trap!

Cole goes looking for Nikki and Victoria.

Nikki starts plotting her escape from the lake house.

colleen zenk as aunt jordan on as the world turns Y&R recaps

Young and Restless Spoilers  Wednesday, November 22:

In Wednesday’s Y&R episode recap, Gloria reveals why she was imprisoned in Singapore and it’s a doozy of a story.

Lily and Devon prepare to make a major step in taking Nate back into the family fold.

Michael and Gloria return from overseas in time for Thanksgiving.

Gloria and Michael have some shocking news. 

Ashley strikes a deal with Tucker.

gloria michael back

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Young and Restless Spoilers Thursday, November 23:

Due to Thanksgiving in USA, a new Y&R will not be seen on Thursday, November 23.

In today’s Y&R episode recap, Victor has a strange encounter with Eve Howard.

Victor talks to eve about cole

Y&R airs a broadcast from 1993 that could go along with the current storyline since Eve Howard and Victor Newman share an interesting yet strange conversation. Could Eve Howard be Jordan?

Ryan’s tempted by Nina while on a break from Victoria.

Michael makes nefarious plans for Christine.

Traci and Lauren have a fight.

Lauren receives a puzzle piece that’s creepy.

Jack and Nikki are married with a baby on the way.

jack and nikki in love

Young and Restless Spoilers Friday, November 24:

Due to Black Friday, Y&R will not be airing today in USA, but in Canada, there will be a new episode.

We will recap the show and it will be available for viewing just after 4 PM EST today.

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