B&B Recap: Bill is Startled by Poppy’s Presence, and Zende Accuses Ridge of Playing Favorites

Monday, Nov 20: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Bill can’t place where he’s seen Poppy before, and Zende is incensed that he has been looked over continuously and accuses Ridge of hiring RJ over him because he’s his son.

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In the Forrester Creations CEO office, Zende learns from Ridge that the Hope for the Future line is being benched. He tells Ridge he understands that but why is he being benched in favor of RJ?

He believes he’s proven himself and he’s been passed over. Ridge claims it had something to do with the industry. “I am your sister’s son,” he says and it feels like he’s willing to push aside every member of the family as long as Ridge’s kids get to shine.

RJ has no design experience. Ridge stops Zende and lets him know that he didn’t pick RJ. His father did. 

rj confronts ridge about nepotism B&B recaps

In the design office, Luna tells RJ that meeting “the” Steffy Forrester was amazing. She was down to earth. RJ thinks she liked Luna who made a great first impression. He’s impressed with her, too.

They make out. She tells him in-laws are historically problematic. RJ thinks she had an advantage.

His sister saw how important Luna is to him. She smiles.

He’s become important to her. He invites her to lunch but she’s off to see her mom.

Luna had a fun childhood and appreciated how free-spirited her mother is. She dashes off.

rj kisses girlfriend luna before she goes to lunch B&B recaps

Sheila finds a new patron at a table at Il Giardino behind his menu.

He lowers it to reveal it’s Bill. He’s there to put her on notice. She’s to stay away from “us,” especially Steffy and Finn.

Sheila assumes he has better things to do than warn her off.

He’s concerned about Kelly and doesn’t want her mixed up in Sheila’s “twisted brain.”

bill taunts sheila at il giardino B&B recap soapsspoilers

Sheila swears she’s not scheming. She reminds him she saved Kelly’s life.

Bill scoffs at that. “You probably lured her into the ocean with some candy.” He thinks Sheila paid the judge off.

She smiles. Bill knows all about that.

sheila tries to keep cool around Bill



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Poppy turns up and Bill furrows his brow as he watches her. She asks Dollar Bill why he’s really there. “Did you miss me?” Bill says, “Like food poisoning.”

She thinks he’s jealous of Deacon and taunts him.

When Luna turns up with a hug for her mama, Bill’s eyes are on them, and his brow furrows once again. He’s distracted by them and doesn’t listen as Sheila talks.

She looks over at Luna and Poppy and assumes he’s just enjoying the view of beautiful women.

He ignores her and tells her to leave town.

sheila and bill with poppy behind them

At their table, Poppy asks why Luna seems so happy.

Does it have to do with that handsome man at work? She says yes and talks up the dinner with Finn and Steffy.

They discuss her upbringing and Luna calls RJ lucky for having a different upbringing. Not that she didn’t love hers. Bill stares at the women, obviously curious.

poppy and luna dine together

Poppy and Luna touch base on Li driving her away when Bill approaches the table.

He couldn’t help but notice her.

She seems familiar to him. “Do we know each other?”

bill asks if poppy knows him

Poppy looks down at her plate and purses her lips.

poppy pretends not knowing bill

Back at Forrester, RJ eavesdrops on Zende’s argument with Ridge and pokes his head in and admits it’s true. His granddad asked for his help designing.

Zende gets in RJ’s face and says he’s a designer at this company, not RJ.

Ridge doesn’t think that his father meant anything by asking RJ to work with him.

rj eavesdrops and stops zende from accusing ridge of playing favorites

Ridge yells that he should respect Eric’s decision but Zende says this isn’t about respect.

RJ hasn’t even wanted to be a part of fashion! Zende goes on about RJ being the “the golden child,” and the only son of Brooke and Ridge Forrester.

The more he talks, the more upset RJ looks.

rj upset about zende words

Ridge reminds Zende this is a family business but Zende goes on.

RJ never wanted to be a designer. He wanted to be an influencer.

“Being influential!” Isn’t that what he wanted? To jet set around the world?

RJ tries to get a word in but Zende feels lost in the shuffle.

zende tells ridge off

It’s not his fault that his mom isn’t there to lobby for him the way Ridge does for Zende.

He has to stick up for himself and he intends to. He stomps out.

RJ thinks they should tell Zende about Grandfather.

Ridge refuses and RJ looks at the designs and breaks down in tears.

He’s not ready for Eric to die. Ridge hugs him.

ridge and rj talk about zende being offended



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