Y&R Spoilers Nov 27 -Dec 1: Ashley’s Surprised With Tucker’s Demeanor, and Summer and Kyle Talk Regret

Monday, Nov 27 to Friday, Dec 1.

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Nikki sees Aunt Jordan and says, “You…did this to me.”

nikki with jordan Y&R recaps

Jordan says, “No, Nikki Newman. You did this to yourself.”

jordan tells nikki this is on her

Victor is with Nick and Victoria when he tells Aunt Jordan, “I’m through playing games with you.”

victor done with jordan

Aunt Jordan says, “This is no game.” Claire stares as Jordan continues.

“This is as serious as a heart attack which is what you will all be experiencing very soon, thanks to the poison that you just drank in your water bottles.

You don’t have long to live.” Nick’s eyes widen.

nick learns he's going to die

She tells them it’ll be her utmost pleasure to stand there and watch them die.

jordan thrilled to hurt newmans

Young and Restless Spoilers Monday, November 27:

In Monday’s explosive recap, Claire reveals she’s Victoria and Cole’s daughter.

Victor demands answers on Nikki’s whereabouts.

Jordan is forthcoming that she’s poisoned the Newmans.

Nikki receives a painful reminder of her past.

Jordan is Eve’s sister. 

Jordan and Claire reveal their motives.

victor wants jordan to tell him where nikki is

Young and Restless Spoilers Tuesday, November 28:

In Tuesday’s Y&R day ahead recap, Victoria and Cole don’t believe Claire is Eve and they think she and Jordan are lying.

Victor leads the Newmans into battle.

Nikki fights for her life against Aunt Jordan.

Nikki hallucinates.

Claire believes Cole and Victoria threw her away.

Cole and Victoria tell Claire she is lying.

Victor offers five million bucks so they’ll tell him where his wife is. Jordan isn’t interested in that. They’re out for blood.

Victor doesn’t believe Jordan or Claire are who they say they are. 

nikki stares at bottle on Y&R november spoilers

Young and Restless Spoilers  Wednesday, November 29:

In Wednesday’s Y&R recap, the antidote is given and Jordan escapes. 

Victor defends Nikki at all costs.

Jordan and Claire stand their ground.

Jordan’s locked in the bedroom.

Jordan escapes to the vent.

Claire gives them the antidote.

Nick’s able to call paramedics.

Nick talks to Billy and brushes him off.

Claire is arrested.

jordan in vent

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Young and Restless Spoilers Thursday, November 30:

In Thursday’s Y&R recap, Summer walks in on Diane and Kyle scheming.

Jack keeps Billy in line.

Billy suspects Kyle.

Kyle’s on his first day at work.

Summer and Kyle are awkward with one another.

Diane interferes in Kyle’s love life.

Summer tells Diane that Kyle made up his mind.

Abby questions Ashley’s feelings for Tucker.

Ashley recalls how violent Tucker was with her.

ashley cries with tucker in paris Y&R

Young and Restless Spoilers Friday, December 1:

In Friday’s Y&R recap, Summer and Kyle talk regrets while Chance decides to work for Jill. 

Summer and Kyle talk regrets. 

Kyle regrets working for Marchetti.

Summer regrets returning to Genoa City. If they didn’t, would they still be together? 

Audra and Tucker make out. 

Sharon helps Chance make an important decision.

Ashley tries to keep the peace.

Tucker acts weird with Ashley.

Audra questions Kyle’s loyalty.

Summer admits she likes Chance but he’s with Sharon. 

chance dropping out of law

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