Y&R Recap: Chance Resigns, Tucker & Audra Make Out and Summer is Clear on her Feelings For Chance

Fri Dec 1: Today on Young and Restless, Devon refuses to pretend with Tucker, Billy makes it clear he doubts Kyle, and Chance and Sharon discuss the future.

Thursday’s recap: Billy suspected Kyle is Tucker’s secret weapon, Summer caught Kyle and Diane scheming.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Dec 1. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Kyle returns to the Abbott estate, thinking of the vague orders that Tucker gave him.

kyle flashback

He enters and finds Billy and Jack working in the front room. Jack walks off to take a call and Billy grills his nephew on where he was.

They bicker about this and Billy complains about him being late on his first day.

billy wonders where kyle was

Kyle assumes he still doubts him and suspects he’s gunning for his job. He claims he just came to his senses about the COO job.

Billy claims he’s good at reading people and his guts are telling him something is not right.

billy has questions for kyle

He suggests his nephew re-think his priorities.

Kyle tells him he’s all wrong and his insecurity is showing. He looks like an impostor.

kyle says billy looks insecure

Summer pops up and Kyle snaps when she asks where he was.

summer asks why kyle so upset

As Billy takes a call, Kyle complains he’s having family drama with his uncle.

His uncle is convinced he’s scheming. She asks if he’s wrong and knows how much he hates Billy’s position in the company.

kyle complains about billy

He insists that he’s going along with things for the best of the family and admits he has regrets about being out at Marchetti.

She admits her regrets go back further. If they’d stayed in Italy, would they still be together and happy?

summer asks kyle if they would still be together

He tries not to think about what could have been. She doesn’t think about it either. It’s just occurring to her.

Jack interrupts and calls his son off to work.

Before he goes, Kyle admits to Summer everything would have been different if they didn’t come back.

kyle admits it would have been different

Chelsea shows up with her sketches, eager to work. Summer suggests they not do it there.

Later, Jack tells his son how glad he is to have him back. Kyle reminds him this isn’t his first stint.

jack happy kyle back

Jack says it feels like he’s here to stay. His son says he’s down a rung or two this time.

jack kyle talk work

At Society, Devon tells Abby and Ashley he doesn’t want to play games with Tucker.

ashley abby devon talk tucker

Ashley isn’t asking him to pretend, but she thought that if he reconnected with him, he might back off.

He doesn’t want to forgive his father or pretend he does. Abby urges him to try but he doesn’t have this skill.

abby listening

Ashley understands and takes off.

Abby tells him what a good man he is…but she’s starting to think they need to fight fire with fire where Tucker is concerned.

He appreciates the thought but doubts his father is stupid enough to buy a sudden change of heart.

abby tells devon to fight

They argue about how to deal with this. She gets where he’s coming from but she’s still concerned about what his father is planning.

If Tucker pulls something off, it will affect him and Dominic.

She knows he wants to take the high road but they may need to get dirty.

abby says she'll do what it takes

He gets worried that she wants to go head-to-head with Tucker.

She suggests he put him on the board at Chancellor-Winters to show his dad she’s in this fight.

abby tells devon put her on board

Chance walks into Crimson Lights and Sharon tells him he looks great. he feels good as new and notices she has some pep in her step.

sharon asks chance brainstorm

She tells him the launch for Kirsten Inc. is coming soon. He’s surprised she’s keeping the name so she suggests he help her brainstorm.

The cop announces he’s made a decision about this future.

Sitting, he says he’s leaving law enforcement. She’s happy to hear that, especially after his shooting.

chance dropping out of law

His mother has wanted him to quit for years and he can’t keep putting her through this.

Getting shot again was a wake-up call.

She says everyone who cares for him knows what they signed up for but he makes the world a better place.

sharon glad chance change

He’ll tell his mom when she gets back, but he’s resigning today. It won’t be immediate, but he hopes they will spend more time together.

Sharon is happy to hear that and wonders if he’s thinking of going into the corporate world.

He can’t believe he’s been considering it. It’s like Katherine is calling him.

He’s not worried about figuring all of this out.

She suggests they celebrate his new life. He’d rather celebrate her.

chance wants to celebrate sharon

Chelsea and Summer walk in. That’s awkward. The commissioner announces he’s stepping down.

chelsea summer chance sharon

Summer is sure that feels good. He thanks her for being such a good friend.

chance tells summer resigning

She plays with her hair and he takes off.

Sharon stares at her.

summer smiles at chance

Summer and Chelsea go out to the patio, Summer looks at her work and says it’s a great improvement.

chelsea and summer on patio

She’s sorry Chloe had to drop out.

Chelsea knows she just wants the best for everyone.

chelsea summer talk work

Summer has had enough upheaval this year. Her divorce is in progress.

Chelsea is sure she wouldn’t trade in the beautiful memories…and there’s Harrison.

She’s been down the divorce road and you just have to focus on the wonderful things that could happen.

She starts quizzing her about her interest in Chance.

Reluctantly, Summer admits she likes him but he’s seeing Sharon.

She doesn’t want to interfere.

summer thinks about chance

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Tucker stops by Audra’s room at the GCAC and says he just saw her boyfriend.

tucker at audra's door

“Which one?” she asks. He means Kyle.

He’s concerned that Kyle has a lot of questions and assumes he’s gathering information and can’t be trusted.

She thinks he’s wrong, but he’s sure Kyle is after the Abbott’s “white whale” — him.

If he’s desperate for his daddy’s approval, he should be easy to manipulate.

Dumping his jacket and drinking some water, he asks her to tell him she’s not falling for this guy.

tucker asks if audra falling for kyle

She raises her eyebrows and slightly furrows her brow, insisting she’s not “smitten.” There’s no substance.

Her eyes are on the prize.

He’s glad to hear that.

Tucker thinks Kyle is “just a haircut.”

She worries his need for revenge is clouding his judgment.

tucker and audra talk kyle

“No ma’am. I’m seeing the world with extreme clarity,” he says.

She assures him he doesn’t need to worry about her. She’s like a cat and she hisses, saying she’ll always land on the side of success.

He notes how cold-blooded she is and smiles.

tucker tells audra they're complicated

If she plans to jump ship to be with Kyle, he thinks she’ll be out of luck.

She thinks he’s underestimating the Abbott.

McCall dismisses Kyle as a daddy’s boy and a mama’s boy.

It’s time for her to start trusting him again.

Audra says she never truly trusted him.

He admits it’s always been a balancing act between them.

audra and tucker argue about kyle

It’s been like loving and hating someone simultaneously.

She says she’s never felt either of those things for him.

He thinks they are more complicated than that.

They start making out.

tucker audra kiss

Tucker wanders downstairs and bumps into Ashley.

He says they’ll have to get used to bumping into each other.

tucker runs into ashley

She wonders why he’s being so hostile.

He reminds her the business press says he’s the “mercurial mogul.”

ashley questions tucker

She jokes he believes his own press and wonders what’s changed since he leaped at taking the company from her yesterday.

They sit at the bar and he tells her how much it hurt to love someone you can’t trust.

tucker and ashley at bar

Even after apologies, it feels like nothing has changed.

She explains that she talked to Devon about him and it didn’t go well.

She’s not giving up on reuniting him with his son.

ashley and tucker discuss paris Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

He thinks the rift is more business than personal.

She points out those things are never totally separate.

Tucker appreciates her intentions.

Back in her suite, Audra calls Kyle and orders him over to her suite immediately.

tucker ashley talk devon on Y&R

Next week on Y&R!

“Would you be willing to step away from jabot and come work with me at Chancellor-Winters?” Jill asks Billy.

Jill wants Billy at Chancellor winters Y&R recaps

“I don’t believe that this was a con on Claire’s part. She’s convinced that we’re her parents,” Cole tells Victor.

cole thinks claire is eve Y&R recaps on soapsspoilers

“It’s just not possible…is it?” Victoria asks.

victoria wonders if claire is eve

Nikki pours herself a shot of vodka.

nikki wants a drink Y&R

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