Irate, Victoria Confronts Victor, Adam Admits He’s His Own Worst Enemy and Audra Lies to Nikki About Dumping Kyle

Tuesday, September 5, Y&R day ahead recap: Adam wants Sharon’s help with his family, Victoria’s not pleased her dad made decisions without her input, and Audra wants a secret affair with Kyle.

Monday’s Y&R day ahead: Heather Eavesdrops as Phyllis Asks if Daniel Has Feelings For His Ex, Devon Invites Mariah to Move in and Lily Issues a Warning

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for September 5, 2023 episode airs in the USA on September 6. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the ranch, Nikki is getting used to the thought of running Newman Media.

Victor knows she’ll do well.

She thinks it means she’s as much of an enemy to Adam now as he and Nicholas are.

nikki and victor at the ranch

Not that she’s afraid of him. She fills her husband in on Audra and their discussion about her sleeping with Kyle. Victor sighs heavily and learns Summer knows.

Victor thinks she’s better off without him. He’s an Abbott. “Like father like son.”

Victor calls Audra a valuable asset but not if she upsets his granddaughter.

The Black Knight won’t have it.

sharon gossips about audra sleeping with kyle

Sharon drops by Adam’s condo and he starts to rant about being ousted tonight.

She knows it was a blow and despite what happened, she’s concerned for him. He’s surprised.

sharon worries about adam

She was frustrated but knows how much his dad’s opinion means to him.

Adam blames himself, letting hubris send him off a cliff of his own making.

He’s in a freefall and unsure what to make of it.

Adam insists she can’t save him this time so why try? She’s the eternal optimist.

He knows he blew it and betrayed her trust.

She calls him blinded by his pursuit of Newman Media.

sharon mocks adam for being sorry for himself

He knows and he’s lost it all. She thinks there’s time to turn things around but he’s not sure.

He’s comfortable on the messed up track and thinks it’s his destiny.

Sharon tells him to stop the martyr syndrome postering.

He scoffs that Nick tells her everything. She ignores that and wants to help but won’t coddle.

sharon says adam plays martyr too much

“Okay, fine. I am my own worst enemy and I feed into it. Sometimes.”


Adam says, “More often than not.” He wants her help. “I hate this self-loathing part of myself.”

He needs to change. He considers working at a low level at Newman Enterprises. He’ll even sort mail.

sharon talks about helping adam with work

That makes Sharon practically roll her eyes.

Adam talks about all his losses recently, like Connor, Sally, Ava… Isn’t it enough?

He wants Sharon’s help. She supports his change but won’t get in the middle.

She’s busy with her own thing. She, on the other hand, refuses to give up Kirsten International.

Again, Adam asks for her help and she finally says she’ll talk to Nick but this better be on the level.

Adam asks for her faith. She goes and he gets a drink in him and with a half smile on his face, he sighs. 

adam admits he's his own worst enemy

Nick finds Victoria back from her business trip.

She says Nate told her that Dad reconstructed the company without telling her. He nods.

She’s furious that she wasn’t in the know and is about to confront him but wants Nick’s take on it all, much to his surprise.

nick with victoria when she is back from trip

He reminds her she forced a leave of absence on him.

Now she wants his opinion? Victoria asks when he’s going to move on from that.

Her intentions were good, she claims. He doesn’t see it.

She reminds him their dad made it permanent and now made another shift. Nick sighs in agreeance.

nick doesn't want to leave the company

She wonders if Victor’s unstable. Nick disagrees.

She wants him back there but he needs time.

His hurt won’t get in the way of his work, but he still does not trust Nate.  

victoria wants her brother to stick around

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At the GCAC bar, Audra tells Kyle that Nikki’s not sure she’ll take over for Newman Media, though it wouldn’t surprise her if she accepted the role.

audra and kyle have drinks

It means she’s demoted to COO. He asks if he’s out of a job and hopes not.

They chuckle and Audra reveals Nikki knows about them and demanded she stop seeing him or she’d lose her job.

This irritates Kyle but Audra can’t blame her for protecting her granddaughter.

kyle wonders if audra's life would be easier without him

Kyle offers to step away but she wants her cake and to eat it too. They agree to pull off a secret affair.

Victoria goes to the ranch and calls out Victor. “How could you?!” He tells her it’s not personal.

She complains she wasn’t consulted and works well with her mama.

After a bit, Victoria calms down. He did the right thing.

Victor takes no pleasure in kicking Adam to the curb.

Victoria knows but says he doesn’t care about the family nor does he deserve their name.

victoria has heard the news

Victor says she’ll do well at Newman Media. Is Victoria trying to deny her that?

She’s not but just wanted a say. “I own the damned company. I make whatever decision I want to make,” he states.

She agrees to let Nicholas return but she’s not sure if he will either way.

victor sad about dumping adam at newman

At Crimson Lights, Nicholas tells Sally about the shift in power at Newman Media and SNA.

He’s the new Co-CEO at Newman. Sally can imagine how angry Victoria is.

Sally feels bad that Adam was ousted.

nick fills sally in on new set up at newman

It’s enough he lost Ava. Nicholas says his brother brought it on himself.

Sally nods once but seems concerned. Nick says there will be consequences for Adam, finally.

They talk about her new venture.

He understands she doesn’t want his help with it and she is sorry she was harsh.

nick tells sally about adam being ousted from newman

They agree it’s good to have boundaries.

He talks about his family again and says this power dynamic usually makes him run.

Sally thinks it might have been right to leave the company.

He should follow his instincts, not what his father commands. Nick’s grateful for her input and they kiss.

sally thinks nick should follow his instincts concerning work


Later, Audra calls Nikki from her room at the Athletic Club to tell her she dumped Kyle.

audra lies to Nikki

Audra wants to see her. Nikki says she’s downstairs now.

Kyle knocks and Audra tells Nikki they can meet in a half hour before she disconnects and pulls Kyle into a passionate kiss.

kyle and audra secret affair

After sex, Audra has to go. Kyle was worried about her plan to hide their relationship but now he’s into it.

They kiss and she toddles off to get ready.

audra and kyle secret sex

Downstairs at the lounge, Audra talks about dumping Kyle and then lobbies to keep Kyle at Newman Media.

Nikki’s glad she listened to her and agrees, Kyle’s an exceptional man.

audra lies to nikki about kyle and her

She will talk to Victor. Audra is looking forward to learning everything from Nikki who hopes they’ll have a good working relationship.

As long as she’s not underhanded about anything.

Audra looks behind Nikki at Kyle, leaving the club.

kyle slyly leaves audra's place

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