Young & Restless Comings & Goings — Brian Gaskill Out at Y&R

Who is leaving Y&R and who is returning in fall and winter 2024?

Soaps Spoilers has the scoop about which soap opera stars will be making an appearance on CBS’ The Young and the Restless and which are leaving in 2024.

Young and the Restless’ comings and goings.

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Y&R’s March Comings and Goings

Brian Gaskill makes a permanent exit on Y&R on Tuesday, March 5.

Gaskill joined The Young and the Restless in December 2023 as Seth Morgan.

He’s been involved in the Jordan (Colleen Zenk) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) storyline ever since. 

How does Seth exit? Find out in the day ahead recap

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brian gaskill exits Y&R as Seth as he is killed off Y&R comings and goings soapsspoilers

Judah Mackey is back!

Judah Mackey returns to The Young and the Restless as Connor Newman.

Fans can see him starting Monday, March 4.

He’ll be in scenes with Adam Newman (Mark Grossman), Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan), and Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson).

connor explains what he's afraid of

Y&R’s February Comings and Goings

Christel Kahlil

Christel Kahlil is on her way back to Y&R as Lily Winters.

Though there is no word on a first airdate, on February 13, she posted an Instagram story of herself, Bryton James (Devon Hamilton-Winters) and Eric Braeden (Victor Newman), “Back at it!”

Khalil gave birth to a baby boy last year with Sam Restagno, her fiance. 

christel khalil returns
Christel Khalil Instagram Story


Y&R’s January Comings and Goings

Coco Nation

A young actress named Coco Nation will be seen on the February 14th episode of Y&R. She’ll be in scenes with Haley Erin (Claire Grace), at Memorial. 

Mishael Morgan makes a comeback!

Mishael Morgan posted a short clip on Instagram, “Guess who’s popping in for a visit!!! #YR @youngandrestlesscbs.” 

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the actress who portrays Amanda Sinclair on Y&R. Almost a year ago, in March 2023, she was seen at the bicentennial party. She will be first seen the week of February 19. 

Since Y&R, Morgan has portrayed parts in Dress for Success, Christmas With a Kiss, Sworn Justice: Taken Before Christmas, and Most Dangerous Game. She has also appeared on Chicago Med as Dr. Petra Dupre. 

amanda returns to Y&R

Tricia Cast back to support Christine

Tricia Cast returns to Genoa City as Nina Webster on January 17, 2024. 

When Christine (Lauralee Bell) finds Danny (Michael Damian) not only in Phyllis’ (Michelle Stafford) arms and making out with her nemesis, she’s upset to say the least and needs a friend. She texts Nina to meet. 

Nina and Christine meet at Society, where Christine complains that though things with Danny were going really well, she caught him kissing Phyllis.

Nina has a hard time believing it.

She accuses Red of staging it but Christine’s more concerned about how hot the kiss was.

Determined not to get hurt again, she says she’s ending things. 

nina appaled

Cast’s last return was March 28, 2023 when Nina returned for the bicentennial party.

She had words with Abby at that point since she and Chance had just broken up.

Nina went mama bear on her ex-daughter-in-law for cheating on her son and said she’d never forgive her.

Nothing came of this. Nina’s been in Los Angeles or Australia ever since.

nina last seen in march

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