Y&R Recap: After Shoving Seth Into Traffic, Jordan Dons a New Disguise, While Nikki Learns Seth’s Dead

Tue March 5, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Nikki keeps a secret from Victor, Amanda meets with Mamie and Jordan assumes a new identity after she murders Seth.

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(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on March 5. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Devon finds Nate in Billy’s office, dropping off a file.

They discuss the music festival idea and how the timing is great but agree Billy said no to it because Devon said yes.

nate hastings on Y&R recaps

They’re surprised Billy wants Chance looped into executive decisions while he’s gone.

Mamie walks in and calls Billy too full of himself.

She’s not keen on him shooting down good ideas and leaving work for no good reason.

devon likes nates' idea

Devon says Billy had personal issues and says it’s fine.

Mamie thinks it’s time to consider grooming Chance to be their ally.

Devon doesn’t want to use Chance as a backroom maneuver.

devon refuses to play dirty

Mamie says Billy and Jill have no problem doing so. Devon refuses.

He likes Chance and his ideas and tells his aunt that it’s not helping that she’s talking about taking sides.

Mamie thinks Billy’s scheming, always looking for more power.

nate sees aunt mamie Y&R recaps

Amanda waltzes in and tells the room she doesn’t think it’s fair to say Billy’s the only one with power on the mind.

Amanda introduces herself, glad to finally meet Mamie. They shake hands and Mamie thinks Jill sent her there to spy.

amanda thinks mamie wants a power play

The women share a chuckle and Amanda says it’s not just anyone who can take on Jill Abbott. Mamie likes that and invites her for a drink.

amanda meets mamie

While the men cringe, visibly, Amanda says, “Yes, please!”

Besides, Mamie has a message she can pass on to her boss. A proposition. They leave and the guys continue to rehash Billy’s possible power-grabbing mission.

Nate comments that he’s not even in Genoa City, so it doesn’t seem as though it’s what he’s doing. Devon considers Mamie’s right about one thing, Chance could be a good ally.

Nate thinks Devon might enjoy the adrenaline hit a lot.

devon and nate at CW o ffice

First, it was with Lily, then him and now Billy. “Three different battles and you’re the constant.”

There’s a pattern. Devon says he was trying to protect the company at each go.

nate hastings at work

He reminds his cousin that the first threat was from Nate.

Nate doesn’t want to start a fight.

He thinks they should let Billy self-destruct. They should worry most about Aunt Mamie.

Nate asks his cousin if it bothers him that she didn’t even discuss the proposition with them. 

devon curious about the proposition

Nina hugs Chance at the Athletic Club, enjoying seeing her son in a suit.

She’s relieved he’s no longer a cop.

The only injury he’ll risk is a paper cut.

chance likes his new job

He says the work is exciting at times but seems down.

Nina pushes. She asks if he regrets quitting the force.

Chance admits C-suite players can be “just as slippery as criminals.”

Nina jokingly asks for names but he only says he’s caught between Billy and Devon.

chance with mother nina athletic club Y&R

He fills her in on the powerplay and says Billy’s mentoring him.

He’s been great until he pitched his music festival idea and when Billy saw Devon liked it, he dismissed the idea.

Nina thinks it must have stung.

nina jokes with son to quit CW

Chance says no, he just doesn’t want to be a pawn between them. Then he left town and wants him to report back to him.

“I feel like I’m working undercover again,” Chance says, furrowing his brow.

chance won't quit

He’s not sure how to play this.

Wanting her son’s happiness, Nina says he doesn’t need to stay at the job.

He knows he can leave…or stay and turn things to his advantage.

nina Y&R

He can prove he’s above all this. Nina doesn’t like the sound of this. 

Mamie and Amanda stroll in and Nina greets them.

Mamie’s looking forward to seeing what Chance can do with his future at Chancellor-WInters.

She tells Nina he must be proud since Chance is brilliant and handsome.

The women take off to the bar while Chance tells his mom that those two meeting can’t be good.

Nina just opes there’s no conflict or drama for him, knowing how Jill can get when she’s in a fight. 

amanda wth mamie at the athletic club

At the bar, Amanda and Mamie discuss Mamie’s old grudge against Jill and then how Mamie wants a redivision of the company.

Amanda says Jill would never agree to this.

Leadership would look weak. They’d lose public confidence.

mamie talks about chance and jill

Mamie suggests they do it privately, to ensure they’re working independently.

Amanda counters that it’d defeat the purpose of the merger.

Amanda asks what she’ll get out of it.

amanda pretty in pink

Mamie thinks her plan will put an end to doubts and issues.

Amanda understands the logic and respects it.

Still, Jill would never go for it. Later, Mamie’s gone and Amanda joins Nina and Chance.

They talk about how Mamie and Jill are too much alike which would make them besties or mortal enemies.

amanda with nina and chance

At the ranch, Nikki tells Cole, Victoria, Claire and Victor that Seth reaching out to her wasn’t as innocent as she thought. Jordan put him up to it.

She’s certain of it and has her phone number.

nikki with family at the ranch

Victor asks her to take them through her plan so he can be sure it’s not a trap.

She details how she met Seth at Crimson Lights and mentioned Isabell from an AA meeting, who Nikki’s never met.

They assume she wore a disguise. Victor doesn’t like his wife leaving the ranch, knowing that Jordan keeps changing her appearance.

Cole suggests they call the cops and get him to check out the bar Seth met her at. Victor goes to call his security and Victoria comforts her mom.

claire with nikki at the ranch

Cole’s outraged that she infiltrated Nikki’s AA group.

Claire thinks Nikki’s unnerved that she’s out of the hospital and living in Nikki’s home but Nikki denies it.

She’s family. Claire thinks she still must be furious and thinks pretending those feelings don’t exist isn’t healthy.

claire worries nikki doesn't want her at the ranch

Nikki’s still angry at Jordan and admits that she does have hard feelings but the more she sees Claire’s face, she sees Victoria and her strength.

Soon, she will stop thinking about Jordan when Claire comes into the room.

She’s pleased that she was released from the psych ward. Claire won’t make her regret it. Nikki calls this her home and they embrace. Victor returns.

Claire’s parents take her to her bedroom while Nikki wonders what’s keeping Seth. She is waiting on an update. Victor says they’ll continue with the plan of staging a photo shoot outside Victoria’s house. 

nikki hugs granddaughter

At the Empty Glass Lounge, Jordan dumps a drink in a nearby bus cart before Seth returns with another round, pretending she drank it all.

jordan sneers

She feigns not being able to believe Nikki doesn’t remember her and appears upset.

“She hates me that much. I’ve let her down that much,” she says.

seth watches jordan

She changed her mind. She wants to see her and asks Seth to set up a private meeting for them.

They agree when they meet, it’ll come flooding back to her.

Seth agrees, especially once they get her out of that cheap wig.

jordan faking being upset

Jordan sneers and Seth tells her to cut the crap.

He knows she’s the monster who kidnapped her and forced her to fall off the wagon.

Jordan denies it and thinks he’s had one too many.

seth drinks

Seth scoffs. He saw her throw her drink in the bus cart.

He’s not that drunk. She moves to leave and he grabs her arm.

He calls her despicable and says she’s not going anywhere. Jordan snaps that she needs air but he refuses to let her go.

She sits back down and admits she doesn’t know Nikki that well.

seth grabs at jordan

She’s not her bestie but she denies being Jordan.

Seth offers to take her to see Nikki now and they’ll see what’s what. They can even bring the cops with them. Jordan looks nervous.

They get up and Seth takes them outside, refusing to let Jordan out of his sight. She tells him to make the call.

jordan nervous

She’s looking forward to the reunion. When he turns his back on her to call Nikki, Jordan sees a car coming and shoves him into the traffic.

A horn blares and a horrible thud sound is heard as Seth is hit by the car.

seth with jordan empty glass outside

Jordan rushes back into the bar and yells for someone to call 911, that there’s been an awful accident.

“It was awful,” she yells, at a waiter, faking tears.

jordan shoves seth into an oncoming car

She claims she tried to stop him but he said he wanted it over.

He wanted it to stop.

“Then he looked me right in the eye and said, tell Nikki Newman I’m sorry.”

jordan fakes tears

She claims he walked in front of the car and killed himself in front of her.

The waiter runs outside and she composes herself and takes off into the washroom.

jordan pretends seth killed himself

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