Jack, Kyle, and Summer Are Aghast Catching Diane Choking Phyllis, and Nina Lashes Out at Abby Over Breaking Chance’s Heart

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Jill is happy that Devon and Lily have made peace, Chelsea has a panic attack thanks to Leanna, and Sharon tells Adam she doesn’t need to be set up with Chance. In the previous episode, Leanna saw Phyllis manipulate Diane into going upstairs, Devon agreed to drop the lawsuit, and Elena reconsidered calling JT.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for March 27, 2023 episode airs in the USA March 28. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the gala, Jill is impressed to see Lily and Devon talking. She wasn’t expecting that.

jill shocked devon and lily made up young and restless spoiler recaps

He explains that he decided to pay attention to his sister and do what his dad would do. Family is too important to both of them.

He’s no longer fighting the merger and dropping the suit.

Jill is relieved and thinks they need some special bubbly to celebrate.

Devon tells her to hold off. The lawsuit may have been dropped but that doesn’t resolve everything. There is still a lot to figure out.

devon and jill gala young and restless spoiler recaps

Devon says the most important thing is having his sister in his life. He would walk away from the company to protect that.

The siblings look at Neil’s photo and laugh as they think about how he would react to all this. Family always wins with him.

Nate and Elena watch his cousins looking happy. He doesn’t know what happened but they toast to having something else to celebrate. If they can amends, anything is possible.

nate at the gala

She watches him and says that everyone thinks he’s casual but she can see his mind is working overtime. He’s smiling to see that his cousins are back on track.

Now he can concentrate on other things, like her. He keeps thinking about how she looks and how much he wants to get her home. First, he asks her up to dance.

As they do, she’s surprised by how smooth he is.

Sharon asks Adam how things went with Victoria and his father. He said it was better than expected.

sharon and nick at gala Y&R recaps

He’s been enjoying watching his sister driving herself crazy. They toast to their friendship.

He starts to tease her about Chance and suggests they should get together. She knows he’s handsome but they are just friends.

Adam thinks she deserves to be happy. “I’m happy,” she insists. She’s had enough drama and chaos for a lifetime.

sharon chair dancing at gala

They chat about the babies coming into their lives. She suggests the key to happiness in focusing on what you have.

Christine is surprised when Nina shows up. She says they couldn’t celebrate the town without her.

nina and christine catch up hug young and restless spoiler recaps

They sit at the bar and chat about Chance. He’s on some stakeout but might show up later. Nina asks where Paul is.

Christine explains he’s in Portugal. Things are awkward.

Traci sits down with Nina, who is glaring at Abby laughing across the room. Nina stars venting about what Abby did to Chance. She realizes her son might have skipped the gala to avoid her.

nina with traci at gala Y&R

“I think I’ve got some things to say to her,” Nina says. Traci isn’t sure that’s wise.

Nina stalks over. Abby starts to worry and Nina asks to speak to her alone.

nina approaches abby about chance broken heart Y&R

Nina didn’t think it could be true that Abby would hurt Chance the way she did, especially given everything that he went through.

Abby tries to say it wasn’t the way she thinks it was. Nina will never be able to forgive her.

nina upset chance broken hearted

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Y&R Opinions

Y&R comings and goings

Sally and Nick come in after getting a view from the rooftop.

They joke about his dancing abilities and then hit the dance floor. Nikki glares at them.

sally and nick gala young and restless spoiler recaps

Sitting at a table, Esther tells Victor and Nikki what a great night this has been.

Mrs. C. would have loved it.

Nikki can imagine her in an incredible gown.

esther and nikki with victor gala Y&R recaps

They all miss Katherine and toast to her.

Billy and Chelsea tell Jack what a great gala it is and she adds it must be an exciting new era at Jabot now that Billy is going back.

Jack is distracted and steps away.

chelsea uncomfortable. young and restless spoiler recaps

Billy asks Chelsea if she’s okay. She says this beats staying home and watching old movies.

Daniel and Summer worry about what’s going on with their mom. He heads off to find her.

Jack shows up and tells Kyle and Summer that he may have seen Stark.

They suggest he let security take care of that. He wishes he knew where Diane was.

Kyle goes looking for his mom. Leanna Love tells him she saw her heading upstairs after a little chat with Phyllis.

leanna love assures kyle she's a bad girl Y&R recaps

When she asks how it’s been to have his dead mother back, he guesses she likes to look for trouble.

Leanna swans over to Billy and Chelsea and asks them to carve out a few minutes for her so they can talk.

Chelsea practically has a panic attack.


Leanna chases her around and starts differing into her love affairs.

Chloe rushes over and smuggles her friend away. Billy tells Leanna to find someone else to annoy.

He follows the ladies out and Chloe lectures him for letting Leanna badger Chelsea.

After Chloe steps off, Billy apologizes. Chelsea sobs and runs out.

Billy follows her and helps her focus and calm down. He offers to take her home.

She doesn’t want to ruin his night but if she’s going, so is he.

eeyore chelsea

Chloe corners her mom as she is bragging to Jill about her grandchildren.

chloe saves Jill from esther's boring story

Jill drifts over to Christian and Nina, who vents about Abby and her unacceptable behavior.

That makes them all chuckle a little.

They remind her about when she seduced Phillip.

Nina admits it’s the same thing but she claims she’s grown personally.

jill mocks Nina for being a bad girl once upon a time

They toast to the bumps that led them all here.

On her way out, Jill thanks Victor for his money and tells him Devon is dropping the lawsuit.

That’s happening sooner than he thought.

Adam watches them talking from across the room and then sadly glances over at Nick caressing Sally’s stomach. He drinks.

adam watches nick and sally

Devon tracks down Abby and tells her about his long talk with his sister. He’s decided to stop the lawsuit. She thinks that’s incredible.

They kiss and hug.

Kyle and Summer continue to worry. He’s not sure where his mom is. She worries that her mom has disappeared too.

They fill Jack in and then the three of them rush upstairs.

Lily fills drunk Daniel in on the lawsuit ending. He guesses she had a good day. She thinks his dancing with her will make it even better.

When Diane gets to the suite to see Kyle, she discovers he’s not there. Phyllis stops her from leaving.

Jenkins accuses her of being the problem. She’s been trying to unmask her but only made herself look bad.

diane and phyllis fighting at GCAC suite Y&R recaps

Diane heads for the door so Phyllis pushes her onto the couch.

“Should I take off my diamonds and heels so we can have a good old-fashioned catfight?” Diane asks.

phyllis shoves diane Y&R recaps

Phyllis says she’s not worth it. Catty Diane says she needs to get downstairs because handsome Jack is making an announcement that will change their lives.

The redhead refuses to let her leave and starts lecturing her for being a criminal.

None of this bothers Diane, which only infuriates Phyllis more.

Phyllis yells at diane why aren't you dead still! Y&R

“Why are you not dead?!” she bellows. She accuses Diane of taking everything that is hers. She doesn’t buy her reformed act and is sure she’s terrified of being exposed.


This makes Diane laugh in her face. Phyllis thinks she should be terrified of her.

“You poor, delusional woman,” Diane says. Her enemy is sure she will betray everyone who cares about her again and they will realize what a psychotic loser she is.

Diane thinks she’s an evil bitch and tells her that she can only elevate herself by dragging everyone else down.

She’s an embarrassment to her family and has no friends.


When Diane tries to leave, Phyllis grabs her. Diane slaps her across the face. “Bring it!” Phyllis shouts.

As they fight, Diane grabs her by the throat and declares she should strangle her to death.

Jack, Kyle, and Summer arrive and are shocked.



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