Y&R Recap: Devon Disowns Tucker and Ashley and Diane Beg Jack Not to Release the Exposé on Tucker

Mon Nov 20: Today on Young and Restless, Ashley says she’ll help Tucker win Devon back and Nina continues to beg her son to stop being a cop.

Friday’s recap: Claire Knocks Nikki Off the Wagon as Jordan Reveals Herself, and Jill and Lily Warn Devon About Tucker and Mamie

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Nov 20. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Chance hugs Jill at Crimson Lights and she says it’s irritating to find out her grandson has been in the hospital. “I took that bullet just to annoy you,” he jokes.

He thought being chief would get him out of the line of fire but justice will be served.

jill wants chance to work for her Y&R recaps

Nina’s grateful. She calls it a wake-up call. Chance tries to get her to can it but she admits CHance might quit the force. He hasn’t made a decision at all.

Jill hopes he does.

Then he can come and work in business with her at Chancellor-Winters. Nina finds that idea brilliant but he has no experience, he says.

nina and jill crimson lights Y&R


Both wearing grey, Diane wants to discuss Audra and Kyle going back to her as a mole but he lowers his voice and says he is torn. Keeping it from Dad feels wrong.

Jack turns up for coffee and Kyle apologizes for being a jerk. Jack calls it water under the bridge.

Kyle is considering his offer to become CEO of Jabot, which makes Jackie Boy beam.

Kyle needed time to self-reflect and says Mom helped him to see what was important.

He’s back at Jabot. The men embrace and everyone grins.

kyle hugs dad

Devon meets Tucker at the Athletic Club.

Tucker’s eating breakfast.

Deacon admits he learned about his father’s latest lie. He’s had enough. He talks about his connection to Mamie and the investments into CW.

devon confronts tucker Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Tucker continues to lie and Devon asks what he’s after. Tucker says, “Nothing.” He wants to be close to Devon and asks where he heard these lies.

He tries to blame Phyllis but Devon’s not having it.

He tells him to keep his hands off of Chancellor-WInters, him, and his family.

He’s done with him and takes off, running into Ashley on the way out. She asks if he’s okay and he kisses her cheek and goes.

tucker wants to be close to devon Y&R recaps soapsspoilers



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Ashley approaches her ex and asks what the hell he’s done now. Tucker fills her in and she’s surprised when he says Devon’s wrong that he’s not trying to get his hands on CW. She finds that amusing.

He wouldn’t tell her even if he was.

She doesn’t trust him. He’s a crappy romantic partner, a decent father and an excellent grandpa.

She’ll help him mend fences for them. He tries to negotiate but she says there will be no negotiation. He asks what she wants in return and she gets up to leave.

“There she goes,” he says, mocking that she’s taking off on him again. He tries to figure out what she wants. She only wants civility.

He accepts her offer and she stomps off. Once she’s gone, he gets a text from Audra that Kyle reached out.

Tucker tells her to reel him back in. 

ashley thinks tucker good grandfather


Devon runs to Society to talk to Abby about this mess. She sighs when he tells her about Tucker and Mamie’s connection.

She calls him a bastard.

“He’s using her financial firm to make investments, one of which was Chancellor-Winters.”

abby talks to devon about tucker Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Abby’s comforting and understanding.

Devon is done with him and needs to protect his company. Abby offers to talk to her mom to figure out what’s up.

He texts Jill and she exits Crimson Lights after telling Nina and Chance that Devon wants to meet with her and Lily.

abby pretty in pink Y&R recap

At Crimson Lights, Nina says she and Jill never see eye to eye but they do on this. Chance rolls his eyes as he talks about crunching numbers in business.

Nina talks up the new job and begs him to think about it. He will.

She turns on the tears, realizing he’s placating her. He’s grateful for her.

He makes a call and leaves a message to Jill to discuss the job, which makes Nina gush with happiness.

He’s only trying to get information. They embrace, happy that they can spend time together.

nina begs chance to change jobs

Devon trots over to Lily’s condo and tells her and Jill about his talk with Tucker.

Jill thought he’d spill but Lily doubted it and is sorry.

She doesn’t want to make light of it but is glad he’s seeing Tucker for who he is.

Maybe it’s a wake up call for Tucker. Jill doesn’t think so. Tucker is Tucker.

jill laughs at tucker

Devon has an idea to figure out what Tucker’s plans are. Jill calls it risky.

Later, Nate turns up and they tell him they’ve something to discuss with him. They bring up Tucker and Mamie’s connection and there is a question of her loyalty to the family.

She assures them she only did this for the family so Devon asks her what Tucker’s real agenda is.

If she can, they will consider bringing Nate back into CW.

mamie and nate at lily's

Ashley arrives at the mansion and learns Kyle’s coming back to Jabot. She claps and jokingly asks if that means he’s not going after Billy’s job anymore.

They laugh but stoic Jack tries to stop Ashley from talking.

Everyone else finds it funny and Kyle says he likes being a team member.

Ashley details her talk with Tucker after his showdown with Devon. Jack’s shocked that Mamie would go there but Ashley says she hates Jill that much.

Jack doesn’t want her to help Tucker get closer to his family but she thinks it’s good for them.

ashley claps

Jack hounds his sister but she’s heard it once and will do what she needs to do to ensure their relationship is stable. This is about a father and son, not her and Tucker.

They argue and he calls her a meddler. They rehash the same conversation at length.

Ashley and Diane want him to back off on releasing the expose article on Tucker. Jack and Ashley part ways and Diane tells her son how proud she is of him.

She leaves and Kyle texts Audra to meet.

ashley yells jack

Ashley visits Abby at Society.

They discuss how upset Devon is. She thinks their relationship is severed for good.

Ashley knows how inclusive Abby’s been with Tucker and asks her to help mend things for them.

Abby calls Devon a big boy. She can’t make his decisions for him.

ashley talks to abby about devon

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