Y&R Recap: As the Panicking Newmans Jet Off After Nikki, She Continues to Drink, and Cole Shows Up Looking for Her

Tues Nov 21: Today on Young and Restless, Kyle gets back in cahoots with Audra and Tucker, Jack doesn’t like his sister’s plan for Tucker, and Nikki can’t stop drinking.

Monday’s recap: Devon disowned Tucker and Ashley, and Diane begged Jack not to release the exposĂ© on Tucker.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Nov 21. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the GCAC, Audra admits she was hesitant to meet with Kyle today. He thinks they had too much to walk away from.

audra asks what kyle wants

She says she doesn’t need to be let down gently.

He claims he wants back in on her offer to go after Jabot. She’s not sure she can understand his about-face.

kyle wants back in

When she says Tucker isn’t convinced he has much follow-through, Kyle claims he does and has the evidence to prove it.

audra asks what kyle wants

Tucker joins them.

tucker joins audra and kyle

The three of them go to the jazz lounge and Kyle plays a recording of Ashley that shows she’s been manipulating Tucker.

kyle plays recording for tucker and audra

This isn’t news to him.

Kyle says this proves he’s willing to throw his aunt under the bus and Audra is impressed he’s such a sneak. Tucker chuckles.

tucker doubts kyle

Kyle says he plans to play the role of prodigal son and is sure his father believed his pitch.

kyle not wild about idea

Tucker is looking for any information he can use to ruin Jabot. Kyle reminds he wants to run the company one day.

tucker wants to ruin jabot

Audra says the company is too stable right now and they need to weaken it to get leverage.

Kyle says only someone on the inside can deliver what they need and he doesn’t trust either of them.

Tucker isn’t impressed by his freshman class psychological observations and asks if he’s in.

tucker tells kyle to go home

Kyle warns him not to play him and they shake on it. Tucker advises him to run back to his family and Audra offers to walk the Abbott out.

By the exit, Kyle accuses Audra of trying to manage him. She reminds him she needs this to succeed too.

audra and kyle talk plan

Once they gain control, they can build the company back better and stronger.

kyle and audra exit

She heads back to the club as Tucker sends Devon a text, asking if they can see each other over the holidays.

tucker sends text devon

After complaining about turkey, he asks her upstairs. She snaps, “No!”

audra mind in gutter

He tells her to get her mind out of the gutter. He’s talking about bourbon and a burger.

At the Abbot estate, Jack watches Diane fidget with the cheese plate. She wants everything to be perfect.

jack diane cheese

He reminds her it’s Thanksgiving and everyone is coming together. She reminds him that his sister nearly stabbed her with a fork last year.

Ashely wanders in as Jack suggests they reflect on how things have changed.

She eats some grapes and Diane says they are all on the same team now.

ashley wants to invite tucker

They talk about how Ashley managed to marry and leave Tucker, something she couldn’t have imagined a year ago.

Her brother is shocked when she wants to invite her husband to the dinner.

She wants to invite Devon along so they can make amends. It will be a way to get at Tucker while he’s vulnerable.

Jack thinks having that man in the house will ruin the holiday and forbids it.

jack wants a tucker-free day

He doubts Tucker or Devon would want to come. He wants a day just for family.

She says some things are more important than eating turkey and wanting to take a nap. Her brother wants to keep teh family traditions alive.

diane jack and ashley debate

His sister appreciates that and offers to meet with Tucker and Devon at the club instead.

Jack doesn’t want to argue and wonders why she’s so stubborn. She says it’s for the good of the family and will be fine.

jack doesn't want to fight

He asks her to be careful and goes off to check on things in the kitchen.

Diane tells Ashley she wants this to be their first Thanksgiving without animosity. She understands her plan, but urges her not to sacrifice the holiday to Tucker.

diane tells ashley plan has flaw

Having her there means a lot to her and Jack. They talk about family and the directions life can pull you in.

Diane thinks that’s why the holiday is so important. Ashley is impressed she really seems to mean this.

ashley and diane talk plan

Kyle arrives and says it smells delicious.

kyle tells his mom he's back

Once Ashley takes off, Kyle tells his mom about his meeting with Audra and Tucker. He’s back in.

Jack returns and tells them how important this holiday is. He doesn’t want Tucker invading it.

jack wants holiday to be good

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At Newman, Victoria calls her mom and leaves a message, saying she really needs her advice.

victoria on phone

As she looks at Nate on her phone, Claire steps off the elevator and bumps into her.

claire jumps into victoria

They go in to Victor and Claire claims that Nikki had a seizure and had to be taken to the hospital.

Victor calls for the jet to be prepped and they run off to get Nick.

victor calls for jet

The Newmans get to the GCAC, all fidgeting with their phones, eager for news. Victor gets a call saying the jet will be half an hour.

the newmans texting

Victoria is getting upset.
They quiz Claire, who claims that her aunt saw Nikki jerking furiously and then collapsing. That sounds like to could be related to MS to Victoria.

victoria nick quiz claire

Claire says there’s no hospital near the lake house and she’s not sure where they are.

claire explains there's no hospital

Victor asks her to call her aunt so they can get in touch with the medical team.
Claire calls her Aunt Jordan and puts Victor on the line with him.

claire gets jordan on the phone

Jordan pretends the cell service is awful and tells him that the doctors are tending to Nikki.
He asks her to tell the doctors that Nikki has MS. She says the doctors figured that out.
They gave her some epilepsy medication and it seems to be working. The hospital wants to keep her over night.

jordan on the phone

Victor says they will be there in a few hours. When he asks what hospital they are at, she claims the line is breaking up and hangs up.

jordan drops call

Victor fills in the kids and tells Claire they owe her aunt a great debt of gratitude.

victor fills in family

She’s sure Jordan doesn’t see it that way.
When they try to get Jordan back on the phone, Claire tells them how bad the service is.

claire says service bad

They march out.

At the lake house, Nikki puts the vodka down and starts drinking water. She hasn’t had this much vodka in her for a long, long time.

nikki with some water

She never wanted to feel this way again. “Claire! Why are you doing this to me?” she shouts.
Sitting on the bed, she stares at the vodka bottle and wonders why Claire is doing this to her. She knows her disease.

nikki stares at bottle

Taking another sip, she tells herself she needs to do this one minute at a time.
She tries covering the vodka with a cloche, then uncovers it. When she tries to dump it down the sink, she starts drinking it.

nikki trying to dump booze

After downing half a bottle, she drops it and climbs into bed, crying about what she’s done.

nikki drinking more

Later, she wakes up as the bathroom door opens.

nikki hears someone

Downstairs, Cole (J Eddie Peck) knocks on the front door.

It’s unlocked so he walks in, calling for Nikki and saying he got her text about Victoria.

cole walks in

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