Young and Restless Spoilers November 21-25: Daniel and Phyllis Reunite, Devon Shoots Nate Down and Tessa and Mariah are Upset

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Read the Y&R spoilers from November 14-18 where Chelsea and Adam had differing views on what to tell Connor about her time away, Chelsea got a new apartment, and Adam and Nick were at each other’s throats.

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Ashley pushes Diane’s buttons, Sharon teaches a valuable lesson, Phyllis receives a pleasant surprise, and Victor takes matters into his own hands.

Monday, November 21

Monday’s Y&R recap: Adam proposes to Sally

Elena notices a shift in Nate’s priorities.
Noah tells the truth about Audra.
Daniel Romalotti returns to Genoa City. 
daniel romalotti back Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Tuesday, November 22

Tuesday’s Y&R recap: Adam insults Sally

Billy supports Chelsea with a difficult decision.

Adam goes to Sally and begs her to marry him, but in the process insults her.

Adam says Nick and Sally are using one another.

Ashley gets the upper hand.

Diane and Ashley go at it.

Nick retaliates against Adam.

Jack sides with Diane against Ashley.

jack asserts himself young and restless recaps soapsspoilers


Wednesday, November 23

Wednesday’s Y&R recap: Family and friends celebrate Thanksgiving

Victor and Nikki count their blessings.

Abby tells her dad and Nikki that she’s not spending Thanksgiving with her husband.

Devon and Tucker celebrate together.

Abbott family celebrates their Thanksgiving together.

Phyllis and Daniel (played by Michael Graziadei) share a warm reunion.

Daniel admits that Heather took a job in Portugal and took Lucy with her.

Diane’s presence causes tension at the Abbott’s Thanksgiving Dinner.
vicky and johnny young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

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Thursday, November 24

 Young and Restless will not be airing today due to the USA Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 25

Young and Restless will not be airing today due to the coverage of college football. SoapsSpoilers will have Monday’s episode recap posted by 4:15 today, as usual.

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