In a Panic, Hope and Brooke Try Desperately to Stop Douglas From Exposing the Truth

In the Wednesday, January 26, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Katie quizzes Carter about what’s on his mind, Paris tries explaining her relationship to Grace, and Hope attempts to stop Douglas from explaining what he saw to Ridge. We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Grace was upset by Paris and Douglas tipped Ridge off about Brooke kissing Santa.

douglas tells adults brook kissed santa again bold beautiful

At the Cliffhouse, Douglas repeats to Ridge that he saw grandma kissing Santa on New Year’s. Steffy and Thomas are confused.

Ridge says he doesn’t want anyone kissing grandma but him. He remains confused and asks him to explain exactly what he saw.

brooke panics about douglas bold beautiful

At the cabin, Brooke freaks out to Liam and Hope that Ridge will manage to figure out that she was with Deacon after Douglas tells him what he saw.

Hope is sure no one will understand what the kid says. Liam certainly didn’t. Brooke wants them to get Douglas back before this goes too far. Hope calls Thomas and asks him to bring Douglas back immediately if possible.

thomas bring kid home bold beautiful cbs

At the Cliffhouse, Thomas tells Steffy and Ridge that Hope has some kind of conflict and he needs to bring his son back. Once they leave, Steffy says that was weird. Ridge is confused.

Back at the cabin, Brooke hopes Douglas didn’t have the chance to say anything. She just prays he didn’t see Deacon’s face.

Brooke still doesn’t understand anything that has happened. Hope assures her Douglas won’t have understood anything either.

Thomas and his son arrive. They tell him everything is okay and offer to reschedule his time with Douglas later. After he takes off, Hope tells him that they need to chat.

They sit at a table. As Douglas eats apples, they assure him he doesn’t have to worry or be upset. He tells them what he saw was kind of funny and told Steffy, Thomas, and Ridge what he saw.

Brooke nearly explodes but controls herself. Douglas explains that they all thought he was talking about the song but he insisted he wasn’t.

With some probing from Brooke, he adds that he didn’t mention anything about this happening on New Year’s Eve.

Brooke asks to speak to Douglas alone. Once they are, she tells him the holidays are over and it’s time to forget about grandma kissing anyone.

She asks him to leave that in the past so they can focus on the future. As she gives him a hug, she tells him all is forgotten as he remembers what he saw.

Thomas returns to the Cliffhouse. He admits there was no explanation for why he had to drive his son back. Something is going on but he didn’t ask. He just assumes it must have been something important.

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paris tells mom zende dating bold beautiful

At the Forrester Creations office, Grace tells Paris that she’s disturbed by what’s going on with her and Zende. “We have a modern relationship,” Paris says, and that means no pressure.

She’s not ready to get serious and Zende isn’t playing games. Paris isn’t against him dating models. Her mom still doesn’t understand.

Reluctantly, Paris explains Zende was going to propose but she stopped him so she could avoid rejecting him.

paris admission mom bold beautiful

This is all baffling to Grace, especially after her daughter went on and on about how he treats her like a queen. Paris claims she just wants her freedom and isn’t ready for a lifelong commitment.

katie busybody bold and beautiful

Katie drops by Carter’s penthouse. She says he looks like he was expecting someone else. She’s brought the latest numbers for them to go over and asks why he’s been so hard to find at the office.

He has a guarded look on his face and she wonders if there’s something he has to tell her. Carter smiles. Katie just wants to know he’s okay.

He turns the subject to Bill and she explains he’s been working overtime to get her back. She changes the topic back to him and guesses something is on his mind.

carter is fine insists katie bold beautiful

Carter admits that he’s been distracted but he can’t explain. Besides, it’s pointless because it probably won’t go anywhere.

He needs to be careful after what happened with Quinn. Although he assures Katie the woman he’s interested in isn’t married, she’s not exactly available. He doesn’t know where they stand.