Sonny Hurts Nina During His Manic Episode, While Valentin’s Suspicious That Chase is Bailey’s Father & Austin Remembers

SoapsSpoilers’ General Hospital recap for the Wednesday, January 26, 2022 episode. Today,  We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Sonny had a confrontation at the Savoy, trying to rent the place and Nina gave him an ultimatum.

At the hospital, Peter tells Britt she lost her edge. She counters that following in their father’s footsteps has worked well for him. “You’re king of the world,” she snaps. He’s getting released to Pentonville tomorrow.

Peter insists he needs treatment. “You  mean for your fabricated back pain?” He asks about Maxie. Britt says she wants nothing to do with him. He chants his usual bit about how he and Maxie are bonded by their baby forever and she takes off.

kids cabin general hospital abc

By the hub, Victor brings Maxie’s ultrasound to a nurse and asks her to check on who it belongs to. The nurse brings up the information and is called away by a patient. She leaves the files open so Victor takes it upon himself to go behind the desk.

Joss, Cam, Trina, Esme and Spencer arrive at the cabin in the mountains. They check out their surroundings inside and out and invites Cam and Joss to take the master bedroom since it’s so big. Joss rolls her eyes. Everyone wants to go skiing, which bothers Esme.

spence esme general hospital abc

He admits Trina’s enthusiasm was contagious and Esme snipes, “Like the plague.” Trina asks what she said and Esme covers. “That’s just great.”

Later, Cam and Joss kiss and talk about being together intimately tonight. She wants her first time to be with him. They grin happily and agree tonight’s the night. After a while, everyone dresses for the slopes. They return later and talk about their night to come as Cam prepares to make a fire. When they’re alone, Spence offers cam condoms, which he refuses. He’s set up.

Esme brings hot toddies to everyone while Spencer and Trina have a passionate conversation. Esme  looks from the Tramadol she bought to Trina.

cam joss kiss general hospital

Nina gets her coat on and heads to the door at Carly’s to look for Sonny. He opens the door and says he was outside, shovelling a path outside. He wants to run an electric cord to the kids’ play house so they can play in the winter. Nina notices his hands are red and bruised. He brushes her off.

He feels great. She asks when he ate last but he’s not hungry. He wants to get a contractor to build a tiny house for the kids. Nina implores him to eat. He tells her he put up with her last night because she stayed out of his way.

He thinks she should go and tosses his tablet down and goes. Nina calls Britt and shares that she thinks Sonny’s off his meds. She asks for help. Britt says not to engage but get him to acknowledge he’s having an episode. She urges Nina to call his family and Carly. Nina says he refuses to let her. If she feels threatened, she should call one of his minions and get out of there.

They disconnect and Nina goes to Sonny again. He explains he’s going to buy everything he needs to make the tree house warm. Nina asks for more information about Bipolar. He’s frustrated but agrees to tell her what it’s like. He tells her it’s like thoughts zipping around in your head, like a nightmare you can’t wake up from. “You’re exhausted and  you can’t go to sleep.” He insists that isn’t what’s happening now.

She grabs him and he tells her not to. He snatches her wrist and gets a vice grip around it. Nina whispers, “Sonny. You’re hurting me.” She’s almost in tears. He lets go, with an apology. He didn’t mean to hurt her. She admits she’s afraid for him. He says he’s feeling tired. He sits down. She offers to get his meds and when he says he doesn’t have them, she suggests he call his doctor. He holds his head in his hands and she pulls him into an embrace.

sonny in nina's face general hospital abc soapsspoilers

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In the woods at Pautauk, Felicia, Anna and Austin help Maxie recreate the night Louise was born. She sits on a blanket and talks about how afraid she was until Austin found her and helped deliver Louise. They recount what happened that night and how relieved they were when the baby finally cried since she was so quiet.

Austin recalls that she didn’t want the police or ambulance there. She recalls the nurse attacking Austin but he just can’t remember. As Maxie recounts more memories, Austin realizes someone else was there. He flashes to hearing Maxie tell Brook Lynn to take the baby, but he can’t make complete sense of it. He keeps having audio flashbacks and finally realizes Maxie is who he heard. “Maxie, who were you talking to?” He asks.

maxie pautauk general hospital abc

Valentin finds Chase with Bailey at Charlie’s Place. He learns that she’s started on solid food and likes bananas. Valentin thanks him and takes off to sit with Martin, who tells him he’s still legally responsible for the baby. Valentin’s pissed and goes to Chase to ask why he hasn’t legally changed the birth certificate for the child.

Chase thinks Brook Lynn has started the process but that it hasn’t gone through yet. Valentin doesn’t like how cavalier he’s acting. Chase reassures him. Valentin goes back to Martin to ask how complicated it is to change the birth certificate. Martin calls it easy. Chase has to provide proof that Bailey is his. Valentin wonders if there is no proof that Chase is Bailey’s father.

Valentin isn’t sure Chase is Bailey’s father. He wonders if the whole thing is a fabrication and Chase knows about it. He calls Brook Lynn a proven liar. He wonders why Chase would go along with the lie.

valentin louise general hospital abc

Carly runs into Ava at yoga. She’s not thrilled. Ava asks how things are going. Carly’s just trying to practice self care. Ava is supportive. She’ll take Avery if she’d like. Carly thinks it’s fine but she’s there mornings and nights so the kids haven’t noticed she’s gone.

Ava learns Avery had a sleep over with Bobbie when Brook Lynn wanders in. Ava becomes edgy. “If Avery needs a change, she can stay with me.” She yells that Carly’s not her mother. Carly isn’t trying to take her place. She and Bobbie both love Avery. Brook Lynn tries to get the women to take deep breaths but they continue to argue about the sleepover.

Carly clarifies that Bobbie needed the distraction. Ava apologizes. She doesn’t want her kid stuck in any drama. Carly reminds her of her own drama with Nikolas. Carly takes offence and reminds her that if things don’t work out with her and Sonny, there’s someone else to take her place. Brook Lynn intervenes and defends Carly and Sonny. Ava takes off and Brook Lynn asks if everything is alright. Carly assures that things are fine. She makes light of the separation.

Outside, Ava calls Avery to talk about her sleep over and to let her know she can call her whenever she wants to. She professes her love and disconnects.

ava yoga general hospital abc

Back at GH, Britt catches Victor before he can find out that Louise is Bailey. He admits he was looking for information on a patient. She starts in on him about the deal he got with the WGA. He’s glad she isn’t  displaying Huntington’s diseases symptoms and Britt’s face falls. She tells him to stay away from her and her mother.

victor caught general hospital

Nina brings Sonny to the hospital to see Britt. He’s not happy and tries to get Nina to leave. She just wants to ensure he’s alright. He asks how her wrist is. She smiles. It’s fine. He feels bad and thanks her for caring. She goes and Britt promises not to tell anyone that Sonny needed more meds. Meanwhile, Victor gets a call and then stops by Peter’s room. He learns Peter’s going back to prison tomorrow.

Victor tells him he’s there to hold up his end of the bargain since he received an interesting call.

sonny manic feel bad general hospital

Back at the yoga room, Carly tries to meditate when Nina appears. She almost walks away and then decides against it. She has something to say…