GH Spoilers Jan 29 – Feb 2: Esme Attacks Spencer and Trina, Tracy Makes a Deal and a Surprise Guest Appears at Laura’s

General Hospital spoilers from Monday, Jan 29 to Friday, Feb 2, 2024.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week?

Diane’s announcement stuns the courtroom, Lois confronts Olivia, and Drew and Michael face the end of their partnership.

In the weekly spoiler video, Anna wonders what game Brennan is playing, Ava and Sonny are shot at on the island, and Finn’s case takes a surprising turn.

Get your GH spoilers two weeks ahead! GH spoilers Jan 22 – 26.

General Hospital Spoilers Monday, Jan 29:

In Monday’s GH recap, Esme stalks Spencer and Trina in Paris

Spencer and Trina enjoy a romantic dinner in Paris.

Esme follows Spencer.

Dante and Chase look for Esme.

Maggie hasn’t seen Esme.

Alexis has news for Laura. Esme bought a trip to Paris.

Curtis has his first PT session.

Curtis is discouraged.

Finn wrestles with an idea regarding his case.

curtis tries to walk

General Hospital Spoilers Tuesday, Jan 30:

In Tuesday’s GH recap, Trina’ shocked to see Esme while Spencer makes his own shocking discovery.

Diane’s announcement stuns the courtroom.

Curtis and Portia make an urgent decision about Trina being in Paris with Esme there.

Spencer makes a discovery on the boat.

Jordan and Anna question John Brennan in  prison.

Dex alerts Sonny and Ava about a threat.

portia and curtis talk walk

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General Hospital Spoilers Wednesday, Jan 31:

In General Hospital’s recap for Wednesday, Carly reassures her new staff at Crimson that everything will be fine with her at the help and their jobs. Spencer and Esme go overboard.

Lois confronts Olivia.

Carly reassures her new staff.

Tracy has reservations.

Ava is frightened after the shooting.

Spencer and Trina find themselves in a precarious situation. (Today is Spencer’s (Nicholas Chavez) last airdate while he’s temporarily away working on a movie.)

ava warns sonny dangerous

General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, Feb 1:

Laura holds out hope that Spencer will be okay.

Joss, Carly and Felicia try to help Adam as he’s released from the hospital.

Drew and Michael face the end of their partnership.

Lois shares her ideas for Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding.

Tracy rises to the occasion.

blq complains to lois

General Hospital Spoilers Friday, Feb 2:

Joss is stunned.

Laura bonds with Sonny.  

Carly meets a new patron.

Anna and Jordan set up a meeting.

A surprise guest appears at Laura’s.

laura and sonny GH GH recaps

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